Any visit to the beautiful country of Vietnam would not be complete without a visit to Halong Bay. The bay sits in Northeast Vietnam; approx 180km from Hanoi.

In 1994 Halong Bay was listed as a recognised UNESCO world heritage site, mainly in part due to its beautiful landscape and natural surroundings.

Each year over 5.5 million visitors flock to this stunning location and with over half being international visitors it is easy to see why it has become the destination.

Halong Bay has a coastline of 120km and plays a big part in Vietnam history. Many of the 3000 tiny islands are uninhabited and unaffected by humans, this alone adds to the mystery and unique feel of the place.

Where else would you be able to enjoy breakfast with a view, take a lunchtime tour around tiny islands, trek through caves in the afternoon and then relax by the beach in early evening?

We have given you some perfectly convincing reasons why you should add Halong Bay to your tour of Vietnam.

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1.    Natural Beauty - The bay really is one of the most fantastic and aesthetically pleasing places in the world. The diverse range of limestone islands all covered in natural rainforests and lush green vegetation really are a sight to behold. Many islands are untouched by humans and you really get a sense of a place where nature can exist.

2.    Fantastic Boat Tours - Where else would you get to jump aboard a traditional junk boat and sail around undiscovered islands? You can jump into crystal clear waters and even explore vast ancient caves. You can spend a couple of hours or three days aboard and really enjoy seeing the bay from another perspective.

3.    Ancient Caves - The range of impressive caves are notorious around the Halong Bay area and you will have the chance to walk amongst thousands of years of geological history. Caves so large you will be able to climb and explore until you hearts content.

4.    Beach Life - Halong Bay has the most beautiful beaches in North east Vietnam. Blue water and perfect clean and sandy beaches await your relaxation. Many beaches are flecked with bars which will happily serve you a cocktail or two. The beaches are are safe and the waters are calm which makes it perfect for swimming too. A refreshing end to a busy day exploring caves.

5.    Affordable - Even though Halong Bay is a well known tourist destination, it is actually possible to get really good deals on cruises and accommodation. Halong Bay will offer something for everyone on any kind of budget.

Halong Bay really is worth taking the time to explore. Your tour operator will be able to assist with all of your travel and accommodation arrangements and can often find the best deals and fabulous places for you. Make sure you add the wonderful Halong Bay to your tour itinerary.

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