When you only have 24 hours to spend any destination, you want to ensure you are seeking out the best places the area has to offer.

Halong Bay is the most visited destination in Vietnam. A recognised UNESCO world heritage site when you land upon its shores you will easily see why. Made up of over 3000 tiny islands this spectacular place should be on everyones ‘must see’ list in Vietnam.

Thankfully Halong Bay is small enough for you to be able to absorb as much of the area as possible and when you only have 24 hours in Halong Bay this is what we recommend you should be asking your tour operator to organise for you.

halong bay tour

1.    Early morning picture - This may seem obvious but due to the fact Halong Bay is one of the most photographed areas in Vietnam, you would be crazy to miss out on taking your own shot. The 3000 tiny islands sit perfectly against emerald blue waters, each topped with rainforests and lush green vegetation. The perfect picture can be taken from anywhere in this fantastic bay and you will find your own unique viewpoint. Don't forget to take a selfie too.

2.    Lunchtime boat trip - A traditional junk boat trip is a fantastic way to see the bay from the water and enjoy some locally made traditional food too. Spend an hour or two breathing in the sea air and relaxing onboard. Many boats will offer you the chance to swim in the waters or jump ashore a tiny island for you to explore.

3.    Afternoon Exploring - Many boat trips will take you to one of the most visited attractions in Halong Bay and the impressive caves. Combine your lunchtime trip with a cave tour and you will not be disappointed. Explore caves dating back to thousands of years ago and feel in awe of their beauty and place in time.

4.    Early evening Happy hour -  After your busy afternoon exploring sail back to Halong Bay and you will be greeted with happy hour. From locally sourced beer, wine or a refreshing watermelon juice you will be thankful for a rest and you will even have the chance to watch the sunset on the wonderful array of limestone islands.

5.    Indulge in traditional food & Coffee - No visit to Halong Bay would be complete without a visit to a seafood restaurant. With so many flecked around the bay you will be spoilt for choice. From Vietnamese stews to crabmeat hot pots there will be something to keep everyone happy. Finish your meal with a delicious traditional coffee, but be warned Vietnamese coffee is strong and not for the faint hearted.

6.    Sleep Easy - Halong Bay is complimented with a host of different and diverse accommodation. From backpacking hostels to five star luxury hotels you will find the perfect place for your budget.

Halong Bay is a place of mystery and beauty and even when you only have 24 hours to spare you will leave feeling you have tasted a little bit of Vietnamese heaven.

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