Halong Bay is the perfect place to enjoy a fantastic and unique boat trip amongst its many tiny islands.

Traditional junk boats have been part of Vietnamese history for over thousands of years. The term ‘junk’ describes an ancient Chinese sailing ship and they are believed to date back to the 2nd century.

Junk boats have large artistic sails; often pictured in scenes and pictures of Halong Bay. In their early days they were used as trading vessels throughout Asia and are still in use in some parts of the country today.

They have become part of the bays landscape and are now a huge part of the thriving tourist industry within this area.

boat trip around halong bay

Choosing a junk boat tour in Halong Bay can be a difficult task, with so many tours of variety and length on offer it will greatly depend on your budget and how much time you have to spend in the area.

We have put together a list of our favourite junk boat tours from Halong Bay. Your tour operator will be able to book your tour and ensure you find your tour for the best possible price too.

1.    One Day boat trips - If you only have a short amount of time in Halong Bay a one day boat trip is the ideal option for you. Start the day early and jump aboard a traditional junk boat, enjoy a scenic tour around the many tiny islands, kayak or swim in the emerald waters and enjoy a delicious traditional seafood lunch. A perfect way to experience a junk boat trip around Halong Bay.

2.    Overnight boat trip - If you have more time on your hands choosing to spend a night aboard a junk boat is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Many overnight boat trips will allow you time to relax onboard in the day, swim in the waters and then watch the sunset over the bay in the evening whilst sipping a cocktail and indulging in a luxury dinner. A simply beautiful and relaxing way to spend an evening in Halong Bay.

3.    Luxury junk boat trips - Choosing a three day junk boat excursion will give you plenty of time to enjoy the best of Halong Bay. You will explore tiny islands; such as Bai Tu Long and swim in the crystal clear waters. All of this is complimented by buffet lunch, drinks receptions and cookery classes too. In the evenings board games and cocktails make for a relaxing and luxury finish to your day. Wake in the morning and move onto another island waiting to be discovered. Many will offer a ‘special’ evening where an impressive eight course meal is presented for your delectation. A luxurious way to enjoy Halong Bay.

Traditional junk boat tours are a unique way to experience Halong Bay and with such beautiful surroundings it is hard not to fall in love with viewing the Bay from the water.

Your tour operator will be able to organise your boat trip and ensure you are well looked after from start to finish. What are you waiting for?

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