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How to plan your Indochina and Vietnam holiday
When you are looking to book your annual holiday, choosing a place to spend your well earned holiday time can be a tough decision.

Planning your holiday to an exciting destination like Indochina and Vietnam can seem like a daunting option; with visa, accommodation, transportation and tour guides to take into consideration.

Taking the time to plan your holiday helps you feel relaxed and safe in the knowledge that when you land into a diverse country like Vietnam, you will be ready for all the excitement awaiting you and your family.

Diverse and beautiful countries like Vietnam and Indochina has so much to offer you and your family, so we have put together a few hints and tips to help you plan your Indochina & Vietnam holiday.

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Getting the most from your holiday
You have spent all year looking forward to new adventures and building memories with your family. It is always worth thinking about what you want from your holiday.

Vietnam and Indochina offer such a diverse range of sights and countryside, it can feel overwhelming.

Research as much as you can about the country you have chosen and note down the destinations that appeal to you and your family. It could be a cruise around the spectacular Halong Bay or a scooter tour through the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

Understanding the basics of the country you are visiting will also make your tour more enjoyable. Learn about local traditions and history and find out what the local currency is.

All of this knowledge will make you feel more prepared for your time in such beautiful countries.

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Travel Ideas
Vietnam and Indochina are countries blessed with of lush, green countryside, mountains, large forests, river networks and breathtaking beaches.

Take the time to gather as many ideas of where you want to visit, time spent now will ensure you get the most from your Vietnam & Indochina tour.

If you have decided you want to visit Halong Bay; the spectacular and most photographed destination in Vietnam, a tour guide will arrange a traditional junk boat tour around the 3000 islands.

Gathering travel ideas is not only a great way to learn about the country you are visiting, but its a great way of looking forward to all the wonderful sights you will see on your holiday.

Why not spend time saving all of your ideas onto your computer or printing them and putting them on a pin board for the entire family to see and share. Planning any holiday should be exciting as you know new adventures and experiences await you.

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Finding the right Tour
It is always worth thinking about what you want from your holiday and tour around a country. Finding the right tour will not only ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed about your holiday but it will include all the destinations you have gathered.

Do you want to visit incredible white, sandy beaches and spend time relaxing? Do you want to visit vast ancient temples where thousands of years of history await to be explored? Or how about a trek through vast bamboo forests?  

Whatever you decide to do on your holiday, tours will often take in the best sights a country has to offer and can be tailor made for you.

If you are unsure of what you want to see in such diverse countries a tour operator will be able to advise and help organise an itinerary specifically for you. Tours will vary and can see you visit vibrant cities, lush countryside, river cruises along the Mekong Delta and marvel over spectacular ancient temples.

Leaving your tour in the hands of the experts can often be a fabulous way to see and experience a new country.

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Using a Tour Operator
When you have found a tour, using a tour operator is the best way of ensuring all of your travel needs are taken care of.

Tour Operators are typically contacted via an online enquiry form. A Vietnam tour operator like Indochinavalue will contact you to discuss your itinerary, as well as make suggestions on what else you may like to include on the tour.

Tour operators will take care of your entry and journey in their wonderful country. Their knowledge and experience will ensure you are well looked after and you will arrive feeling safe and relaxed.

In countries like Vietnam and Indochina a Visa is required to enter the country and the application process is simple and straightforward.

A tour operator will be able to advise you on what Visa you will need to apply for and talk you through every step of the way.


Accommodation & Transportation
When you have decided upon your destinations and budget; your tour operator will start to book all the accommodation needed along the way.

There are many levels of accommodation available to suit all budgets. Stay in luxury beachside bungalows, exotic spa resorts or in a small but unique family run Bed & Breakfast.

Transportation in Vietnam and Indochina will also be organised by your tour operator; from scooter tours around cities to boat trips along the Mekong Delta. You may decide to take an overnight train to your next exciting destination or simply be driven by private transfer and visit small fishing villages along the way.

The diverse transportation available to you will leave you touring Vietnam and Indochina in a unique and fun way.

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