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Why should you book a tour to Vietnam?
Nothing shouts vacation better than a tour to Vietnam. Let this holiday be the time of your life with your friends, family or even your Vienam honeymoon tour. Get lost in the nightlife of the incredible cities; enjoy the unperturbed beauty of nature, the pristine beaches and the clear blue waters that beat the shores of the coastal country. Take the edge off from the busy and noisy city full of traffic. Take a break from the junk food that has created a small park of unhealthy gourmet and enjoy fresh food straight from the market. This is Vietnam, this is your ultimate epic experience.

Pristine Beaches and waters
The most attractive thing about Vietnam Is that it is not short of beaches that co completely blow your mind. Bathe under the sun at the Da Nang beach or enjoy water sports near the shores of Da nang beach. The Nha Trang beach is also not short of its fun with beautiful scenery in the morning when the sun is up and at sunset. Grace your romantic vacation while strolling at the beach and enjoying dinner at the restaurants overlooking the beautiful ocean. The desert sandy beaches of Mui Ne are also worth exploring with your family this holiday. Let your kids get lost in the fun of jumping and rolling in the mud while running back and forth at the beach.

Your tour in Vietnam is not complete without a kayak ride along the Mekong delta. It is at this delta that you will be mesmerized by the floating villages, markets, and homes. You can take photos at the delta and take the surprising traditions home.

Tasty cuisine
Forget about the burgers and fries and make a change with your food. Try the amazing Vietnamese cuisines that will keep you craving for more.  It is beyond doubt that any plate served in any Vietnam restaurants offer fresh food. Whether it is vegetables, fruit or even meat, everything is fresh and full of flavor. Have you tried the chopsticks? Get your chopsticks techniques in practice as you eat the large fresh crab.

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The Vietnam nature is clearly unperturbed by humanity. Filled with world heritage sites, Vietnam remains rated as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the wells shaped rice terraces at Sapa to the Phong Nha Ke Bang and Son Doong caves, the true beauty stands out.

The Halong bay is also one of the reasons to take a tour in Vietnam. Spend a night at one of the islands at the Halong bay and have the pleasure of having a quiet night with only the sound of the water splashing at the coast. The bay is filled with beautiful limestone karst and it is also the location of the largest caves in the world, the Son Doong caves. Take a tour through the large enormous caves and find yourself in another different world, with its own weather, forest, and water. Do you want to miss that experience?

Museums and Architecture
Vietnam is a country that has gone through a series of transformations that destroyed the country but at the same time brought it back with a storm. From the French habitation many centuries ago, you can clearly see the well-preserved architecture standing at the Hoi An town. With series of dynasties and Kingdoms, you can see many ruins that belong to ancient kings and rulers a few centuries ago.

War museums make a majority of tourist destination in the great Ho Chi Minh City, which is the capital of Vietnam. Take a tour in Vietnam museums and travel back in time as you appreciate the culture and the determination of the Vietnam people. The Cu Chi tunnels also remain from the war, make Vietnam the best destination. The fascinating tunnels run for many miles winding through water and roads. Believe me, you do not want to miss this thrilling experience.

Affordable vacation
You may take an expensive vacation and think it offers the value for your money. Vietnam is not only affordable; it gives you more than what you expect. With that budget, whether you are backpacking, private touring or honeymooning, you get more with every tour. Flights to Vietnam and the hotels have rates that are out of this world. Why should you settle for a two star somewhere else and you can get a five star at Vietnam for the same price and better amenities?

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The process of processing and acquiring visas to Vietnam is very short and fast. You do not have to stand in long queues for hours to be attended to or wait for weeks and months to get a Visa to Vietnam. The entire process is affordable and quick, Just go to a Vietnamese embassy and apply for your Visa today.

The warm-hearted people
Coming to a new country with all the new cultures and experience can make you feel like an alien. Getting to Vietnam is a whole new different feeling you can ever experience. The people of Vietnam are welcoming and very friendly. If you lose directions, the Vietnamese people are more than happy to help you.  You might want to move to Vietnam altogether, and no one will blame you. I mean who doesn’t want a Vietnamese neighbor?   

Culture and traditions
You will be very lucky to experience one of the Vietnam festivals during your tour to Vietnam. The colorful attires and the variety of songs and food that are displayed during the festivals will throw you off balance. If you visit the Tet holiday festival with your family, you will clearly understand the love the Vietnam has for their families and visitors.  Do not miss the wild display of fireworks and parades all over the beautiful cities. It is a memory you will want to live in over and over again.
Take a Vietnam tour and let the experience tell it all. Make reservations by booking your tour to an epic and memorable adventure in Vietnam.

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