Things should try when visit Hanoi

1. Wander around the streets of the Old Quarter

Hanoi is a great city for walking. It is very chaotic any time of the day so should be careful when crossing the streets. Just go forward and don’t look back.

If you stay at hotels in the Old Quarter area, you will have chance to explore the historic city. Seeing Hoan Kiem lake, walk arround French architecture or joining in night market. You will also can enjoy the night time by taking part in some actities such as eating and dancing.

thing should try when visit hanoi

2. Ride a motorbike

Riding motorbike is best for exploring the city. But Hanoi is very busy place to drive around so if you are the started bikers, do not try, it maybe dangerous.  If you are good driver, you will get many experiences in the chaotic city. But remember, you need to wear you helmet.

3. Visit the markets

It is very interesting to explore market in Hanoi or even in entire country. Markets are very colorful, if you love taking photos, markets is one of best place to get the magification shot.

4. Have an ice cream break in Hoan Kien Lake

Best place of Hano city is the Hoan Kien lake located right at the center of the city. Here you will find  some  pagodas or temple or  good restaurants to explore and eat the best ice cream in Vietnam called Fanny’s Ice Cream. Try the gelato style ice creams and see the scenery.

5. Learn History from Hoa Lo Prison Museum

If you want to learn about history of Vietnam, you must to visit Hoa Lo Prison museum. This is nice museum, you will see how the place like during the Friend colonial period. Until now, it has been kept as origin, very interesting to visit.

6. Try Vietnamese cuisine

Your visit will not be full fill complete if you haven’t tried its food. The popular dish called “Pho”, it is noodle, this can be found in any small paths of the street of the Old Quarter. Spring roll (nem ran) is also the famous dish that you should try. The third is grilled fish (cha ca), very delicous.  Beside, you can also find a lot of nice restaurant from Vietnamese foods to Western one.

7. Happy Hour in Hanoi

From  6pm, the street called Pho Ta Hien in the Old Quarter  will be very crowded with Vietnamese locals and tourists alike. This is what happy hour Vietnamese style looks like. Please try and I am sure, you will like it.

Anybody else who has traveled to Hanoi? Have you tried and visit these? A moment will be great experience for whom want to visit Hanoi.




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