How Long To Spend In Vietnam?

Vietnam stands out as a unique destination where each region balances the other. History and traditioninfuse every aspect of life in the country-from cuisine to religion. While being a hot travel destination for adventure seekers, Vietnam also offers plenty to those who are interested in culture, history, and nature. Be it a Vietnam one-week tour or more you pick, you would definitely feel like stretching your trip to indulge in all goodness that Vietnam has to offer. So here is a comprehensive guide on tips for your Vietnam tour.

How long you need to spend in Vietnam to know the country and experience the soul? Well, it is a tricky question. We are discussing about a beautiful country with a diverse landscape, culture and 3,260-kilometer-long coastline. The delectable cuisine, gushing cascades, pristine natural beauty, tropical flora, exotic marine life, rich history, and lot more are there to explore. You cannot experience the soul of Vietnam in a few months, but you can have some capsule package, which will let you enjoy at least some significant segments of tourist attractions.

how long to visit vietnam

Vietnam one-week tour or 2-3 weeks tour
Vietnam is great for independent travel or to travel as a group, but there are some places or experience that probably requires expert assistance. If you are thinking of taking a Vietnam one-week tour, the choices can be overwhelming. So here are some of the tips to choose the best travel package tailor made for you. Depending on your availability of time, you can select Vietnam one-week tour, two-week tour or even a three-week tour, by which you can cover most of the exciting travel locations, provided if you can plan your trip with an expert Vietnam tour operator.

Set your preference
First things, first! A great way to choose the best Vietnam 2 weeks tour is to choose a custom tour and pick what all you want to include. Choose the tour package based on the type of holiday you want to spend in Vietnam like a custom beach holiday or an adventurous trip of your choice. If you want to create an entirely different tour, pick the places you would like to visit or the activities you wish to get indulged in like snorkeling, kayaking, cruising, trekking, cycling or absolutely anything you love to do.

Create a budget
It is the most crucial part while planning a tour program. We all know an international holiday is an expensive affair. However, each one of one us has a preferred budget, and it is possible to create a Vietnam tour package according to what your wallet allows. For example, you can choose the accommodation from a 3-star hotel to luxurious resorts as per how much you want to spend on the amenities.

It is recommended to pick the season you are planning for a Vietnam visit based on your budget, too. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Vietnam one-week tour, picking any offseason will allow you to enjoy the best rates stating right from flights to accommodation.

Best season to visit
Deciding the best time to visit the country depends on the region you choose, the north or south and other factors like holidays and festivals. In general, the best season to visit Vietnam is during December through February when the temperatures are favorable, and the rain is minimal.

The three regions of Vietnam, the north, central, and south will experience 3 different types of seasons and weather throughout the year. However, in general, Vietnam can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year. The best season to visit North Vietnam or Hanoi is using the spring and autumn months. Halong Bay and the south of Vietnam or Saigon are ideal for visiting in the winter time from December to April.

best time to visit vietnam

Choose a reliable tour operator
Many reputed tour operators offer Vietnam 3 weeks tour packages. So you won't find it challenging to select a tour package meeting your interest, or you can ask them to chart a tour package by including your preferences. Only the most experienced travel operators would be able to offer you the best deals.

Travel assistance- Bilingual Guide
The most reputed and professional travel companies will provide access to local guides who are familiar with the nooks and corners of each city and various tourist destinations. The preferred guide is a resident who has travel experience, who is an expert in the local language, and who can even ensure your security while traveling to different places. They will also explain to you all the details as you go and make sure that you can complete a specific tour in the preferred schedule without being rushed.

The most beautiful part of Vietnam travel package with assistance is that you get an experienced bilingual guide throughout the Vietnam 2 weeks touror any tailor-made tour packages. You can insist on a bilingual guide to make your trip an enjoyable experience.

Services offered by tour operators
Vietnam tourist industry depends on multi-dimensional activities, and hence the competition between tour operators are also on a high notch. The essential services include the combination of accommodation and passenger transportation along with other tourism services like guided tours, complimentary emails, cultural, and entertainment participations.

Some travel agencies also help you with the visa processing where they will apply for the visa on arrival on your behalf and get the visa approval letter for you. Based on your preference and budget, it is possible to opt for custom Vietnam 3 weeks tour, and top travel agencies would be happy to customize it for you. You can also enjoy services like airport pickup and drop in.

vietnam tour operator

Types of accommodation
Generally speaking, prices in Vietnam for accommodation for both budget and luxurious stay is quite low compared to other countries. Even the backpackers with a tight budget will be surprised to see plenty of budget-friendly accommodation facilities. When it comes to the range of accommodations for Vietnam 3 weeks tour, you can have a wide range of options.

From a backpacker’s hostel to luxurious 5-star and 7-star resorts, you will find quite many. Most hotels come equipped with AC, a mini fridge, and an on-site restaurant. Hotels are rated based on stars, and star grading to hotels shall depend on the facilities and amenities available.

Unlike in western countries, there is no central square in Vietnam where most of the accommodation or tourists’ spots concentrate. Alternately, they spread out different cities, for example in Hanoi, when the old quarter provides various types of accommodation with historic elements, hostels, and hotels near Hoi An offers a modern type of accommodations.

So here are some of the different types of accommodations in Vietnam.

4-5 star and luxury accommodation
All the top luxury accommodation and international class hotels are concentrated in the two major cities, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. But, in recent years, tourism development took place in and Hoi An, Da Nang and Halong city also now boast upmarket resort hotels, ideal for Vietnam one-week tour. You can enjoy some of the most exceptional levels of stay in boutique hotels that emphasize the fusion of traditional and colonial architecture.

3-star hotels
When it comes to 3-star hotels or lower, you might face some difficulties in contacting the hotel directly as most of them don't have a website. Or you have an option to book reservations through hotel booking websites or directly through travel operators. The mid-range accommodations start from $30 per room, and the facilities also getter better. A mid-level range of stay ranging from $30-$75 comes with an in-house restaurant, bar, room, etc.

Homestays are also a great option if you want to mingle with locals in a more local and relaxed environment. You can also ask your tour operator to find a convenient homestay for you for Vietnam one-week tour. As most of the hosts would speak decent English, language would not be a barrier. Homestays are cheap as well and will cost you just around $6 for a single person, and the amenities will include a bed with attached bathroom, and home-cooked meals.  

Budget stay
The cheapest type of accommodation in Vietnam is a dormitory stay where you pay for the bed and the basic facilities you share with other people. However, most of these dormitories also have private rooms that you can get for cheap again. You can also find budget guest houses with backpacker dorms in Ho Chi Minh city and the old quarter in Hanoi.

In Hanoi, there are youth hostels as well that are fully accredited by hosteling international. You can buy a youth hostel card before checking in. If you prefer more privacy, you can get affordable fan rooms in hotels or guesthouses where you will have a room of your own with basic amenities and if you want satellite TV, good furnishing or even AC, that comes up on double price. Upgrading further, you will get a bigger room with better finishing, including a bathtub, fridge and sometimes, even a balcony.

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