Visiting three ancient villages in Hanoi

Hanoi is a destination that you should not miss in your Vietnam tour packages. To visit to the ancient villages of the capital allows to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, as well as traditional Vietnamese architecture.

Uoc Le Village

uoc le village vietnam tour packages
Uoc le village in Thanh Oai District, is known for its “Vietnamese pork roll”, Gio cha Uoc Le, an artisanal product. To enter the village, you will pass an arched bridge with two meters wide and ten meters long. A wooden sign with the words “ My Tuc Kha Phong”, hangs on the door of the village. It was offered by King Tu Duc in 1880. In Uoc Le village, there are still many architectural works that you will not regret to visit in your Vietnam tour packages.

Cu Da Village

cu da village vietnam tour packages
Cu Da village is located about 15 km west of central Hanoi, along the Nhue River in Thanh Oai district. Besides its doors, temples and communal houses, classified as national relics, it has many old houses - dating back more than 100 years - still in their original state. And Cu Da village is an ideal destination for a bicycle tour. Cu Da is known as the "village of businessmen." In the early nineteenth century, many villagers went to Hanoi to try their luck in commerce. Become rich, they went to Cu Da, where they built beautiful houses. Most are inspired by the western style.

Dong Ngac village

Bike around the dong ngac village
Well, Dong Ngac village is one of the most visited places by tourists. Located about 10 km from the city center of Hanoi, near the Red River, the village of Dong Ngac (Tu Liem District) is worth seeing in your Vietnam tour packages. It has retained the characteristics of a traditional Vietnamese village.  This is one of the oldest in Hanoi. It is also called the "village doctors" because many mandarins originated. The town is famous for its large common house, 500 years old. Inside is a collection of old paintings of the Le dynasty (1427-1788), which show the peaceful and prosperous life of the people of the time. There are also eight paintings of scenes of fishing, weaving, farming, education, agriculture, crafts and trade.

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