Fascinating Travel Destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is well known for its attractive tourist destinations. The rich relics of ancient temples, glorious beaches, finger licking food, stunning wildlife and apart from all these the friendly local communities, always fill you with fond memories of Vietnam. Vietnam tours are getting quite popular these days, and you may get confused in selecting a proper tour package.

In this article, we shall shortlist some of the famous tourist destinations in the North, South and Central parts of Vietnam and the things to explore in those areas. Keep reading to know more about the beautiful beaches and other fancies that can attract your eyes in first place.

The significance of Vietnam tours:
Vietnam is a pluralistic country with multiple cultures, and varied climates open the doors of wonders to every tourist. You can find one or another reason that will stay close to your heartthroughout your life. Such is the charisma of Vietnam holiday tour offer to you. You can find many exciting things, significant historical destinations, War Museums, Temples, Pagodas, etc., spread over north, south and central part of Vietnam.

Unlike other countries, where a specific type of climate remains all over a month, Vietnam has been gifted and lets you experience hot, dry summers and damp cool winters on the same month. The North has hot, dry summer season during May and November, while the South has a consistent rainy season during the same period. Best time to visit Vietnam?

vietnam tour hanoi

North Vietnam attractions:
The best time to visit Northern Vietnam shall be between August and December. During these months; the climate never gets too humid or cold. Northern Vietnam is the birthplace for various signature dishes of Vietnam, namely, banh cuon, pho, bun cha, and bun rieu. The local people love munching the Pho, and you can find this delicious food in most of the kiosks in Vietnam.

Being the cosmopolitan capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is the place you should never miss to explore while planning a Vietnam holiday trip. Hanoi has arich history that goes way back to a thousand years. It is home for national museums, Buddhist temples, and various cultural activities. Hanoi is a city of color and traditional festivals. Throughout the years, the city hosts many celebrations; hence, you must plan your travel coinciding with the local festivals, so that you can have fun and frivolous activities.

After tasting the finger licking local foods, you can head to Sapa from Hanoi, which is a mountainous rural area connected with train and road network service. Sapa has some amazing sights that can kindle the photographer in you.

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Halong Bay:
Recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Halong Bay has a seductive natural beauty, where you can have fun and frolic activities.By cruising around Halong Bay, you shall witness different formations of limestone islands resurrected from the sea. The rocks are hollow with small to substantially sized caves clustered within. You can engage in challenging aquatic activities like swimming, rock climbing, and kayaking, etc.

South Vietnam attractions:
South Vietnam has a temperate climate all around the year, which let you have unrestricted Vietnam travel program without having to worry about the weather conditions. South Vietnam has the best places to visit in Vietnam and also make your sweet tooth happier with the local food influenced by Thailand and Cambodia cuisines. The local people are amiable to foreign tourists.

Ho Chi Minh City:
Ho Chi Minh City is one of the pulsating cities in Vietnam, and busy thoroughfare remains chaotic throughout the day. In spite of the hectic daily life, the city offers everything for the tourists.  It is a beautiful place for window shopping to exhilarating nightlife.  Though war memories are macabre nature, Ho Chin Minh offers War Tourism and showcases the painful past, reminding the ugly face of the barbaric military conflict.  

Da Lat:
If you want your Vietnam holidays to be a love filled one, then you must visit Da Lat with your partner. Da Lat is a romantic mountain town, nestled at high altitudes in the Lang Biang highlands, which is part of central Vietnam.  Da Lat is an inspiring cool mountain retreat, with a pleasant climate. The city has a lot more to offer, starting from huge waterfalls, rolling countryside, pine-adorned hilltops, and mist filled forests. Da Lat behold you with its opulent past colonial buildings, crowded bike promenades, and bustling market.  

Central Vietnam attractions:
Central Vietnam has the most exotic beaches and luxury hotel resorts that can make your Vietnam holiday a wonderful experience. The resorts are quite affordable even if you are on a low budget Vietnam tour, and there are many attractive locations to keep you occupied in central Vietnam. The Central Vietnamese has a distinct tasty food, and it can experience by tasting Mi Quang (noodles served with a salad), Bun Bo Hue (a soup that contains beef and rice vermicelli), and Bank Khoai (a cake made from sugar, cassava, and coconut milk).

Da Nang:
Da Nang, being the fourth largest city in Vietnam has a coastline that stretches for about thirty kilometers. Your days around glistening coastline, hemmed by the pristine sandy landscape, will make your trip a fabulous experience. You can engage in various activities like; fishing, yachting and even water-ski with the local people. The Lang Co Beach, My Khe Beach and My Son are the main destinations that you must explore while at Da Nang.

Hoi An:
The most beautiful destination to visit during your Vietnam travel as it is blessed with charming ancient town, white sandy beaches, peaceful countryside, et. Hoi An is considered as the little Vietnam where the north and the south meet. If you are planning to stay in Hoi An for 1 or 2 nights, you will regret for not to staying longer.

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Hue was once the capital city of Vietnam during the 17-18 centuries, and it still holds the glory of the country with many of its yesteryear buildings withering the time and abusive actions of the invaders.Hue owns its charm to the picturesque Perfume River, surrounded by resplendent rolling hills. The city opens the gate of Vietnam's imperial past,  with many pagodas sprawled around,  the royal tombs of Nguyen Emperors and famous bastions must include in your  Vietnam travel package. This conservative city has a different vibe set around, and it can only be experienced and not in words.

Vietnam has a relatively good road, train and sea transporting system and moving from one place to another shall never be a hurdle. Make your Vietnam tours, a memorable one by visiting the distinct and attractive locations that we have shared here.

Consult with your best travel partner in Vietnam to make your Vietnam holiday a memorable experience. Your travel operator can offer the best tour package and also can help you to dot a tailor tour package, meeting your personal preference. Make sure, to engage a bilingual guide which will make your wonderful experience. Whether visiting north, south or central Vietnam, you have a lot more to visit and explore.

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