Vietnam, One Of The 20 Most Beautiful Countries To Visit

Earn good and travel for life. But some people think, vacation tour is a luxury affair, and many cannot afford it. Actually, it is a wrong perception, and there are many beautiful tourist spots in the world, where you can get affordable accommodation and luxury for a moderate rate. Vietnam is such an inexpensive tourist location, with pristine beaches and friendly locals who love the very presence of a foreign tourist in their country. Let us find out the Vietnam attractions, why it is considered as one of the 20 most beautiful countries to visit on a tourism angle.
Visit Vietnam, one of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world:

Considering Vietnam in the list, it is a country located in the eastern part of the Indochina Peninsula. The past is over, and modern Vietnam emerges like a phoenix bird from the ashes of war wreckage. Though it was a war-ravaged region, now things have changed a lot. Vietnam has several tourist attractions, and now it is an unruffled and tranquil place. The beauty of this place will indeed amaze you like anything.

Not only does the place have amazing tourist destinations but Vietnam is also counted under the 20 most beautiful countries to visit. The number of tourists to travel to Vietnam has grown up to 20 percent from last year. Vietnam has transformed as one of the top growing travel destinations in the world. Vietnam tourism is attracting people like anything, and one can just not miss this place if they love traveling and exploring new cultures and places.  

Is Vietnam only famous for its tourist attractions?
Well, maybe not. The country is a total package because the food here is delicious scrumptious. The primary or staple food of Vietnam is Pho which is very famous and loved by everyone. The combination involves soup with noodles along with chicken or beef. The garnish of spring onions or basil leaves makes it mouth-watering and eye-catching. The Vietnamese Restaurants are really charming and gratifying.

The best Vietnam tourist attractions:
Moving on to the best tourist destinations in Vietnam, we have some gorgeous and eye-catching places to visit. The piquant panoramas of Vietnam will make you live your dream. The views and scenario of this mesmerizing and attractive country will make your stay here a little longer. Here are the top-rated Vietnam Tourist destinations which will blow your mind.

If you spend most of your Vietnam Holidays in exploring beauties of Vietnam, then do not forget to visit this splendid place. The crazy and outrageous things that happen in the street of Hanoi are not only eye-catching but photogenic as well. Hanoi is the place if you want to explore the core of Vietnam. The Vietnamese culture, food, traditions everything you can see here at one place.

hanoi vietnam tour

Ho Chi Minh City:
Touring to a place like Vietnam and not visiting this beautiful place is going to be a total waste of time. One of the most attractive and splendid Vietnam Attractions include this mind-boggling and alluring busy city. The scenario here is something very ordinary yet appealing. The busy streets lined with cars and bikes gives total commercial vibes. For all the shopaholics out there, this is a perfect spot and place to shop. Go crazy with your shopping skills and make the best time if you visit Vietnam.

My Son:
Does the name confuse you? Well, one of the best things to do in Vietnam includes visiting My Son which is a cleaned out Cham Era Temple City. The place has almost 20 temples built most aesthetically and startlingly. The theme of these temples is more like Asian empires which include Malay and Indian. One can reach this beauty which is called ‘My Son’ from Hoi An.

Halong Bay:
Counted under the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay has the most amazing and astonishing view. The ravishing and dazzling view of Halong Bay is captivating and catches the eye of every tourist who visits. The iconic view of Bay must be observed in nighttime because the real beauty appears in the night on a boat trip. The day trip will not do justice with the gorgeousness of this place. Halong Bay has so many caves which include Sung Sot, Hang Dao Go, and the Three Mammoth Caverns. Exploring this place is so much fun with your loved ones as the beautiful sea view is calming and soothing.

Sapa Countryside:
Things to do in Vietnam also include roaming around this eye-catching and peaceful place known as ‘Sapa Countryside.’ Your Vietnam tour will be an incomplete affair if you don’t visit this place. It is a very much calming destination, and you can have a splendid holiday detached from all the business activities. The profound valleys carry the beautiful contrast of phenomenal and thrilling colors. You can find the main theme of the country highlighted at this place which also includes Giay and Hmong. Sapa is also the best place for trekking in Vietnam.

sapa vietnam tour

Northeast and Northewest:
Making Vietnam Holidays an adventurous experience is now possible if you consider a stopover at this overwhelming and picturesque region. Exploring this region is absolutely fascinating as tourists and foreigners love to experience the boat ride and trekking in the terraced rice fields... The ethnic beauty of this reagion in Vietnam is going to create a blissful experience in your heart, mind, and soul.

The immense gorgeousness and exquisiteness of Vietnam are worth experiencing. Apart from the most visited tourist destinations, there are many hidden tourist spots in Vietnam, which are overwhelming and you can explore these destinations with the help of your travel agent.

Tourists can have different types of Vietnam holiday packages, such as family holiday package, honeymoon packages, private tour packages with English speaking personal guide assistance, which can make your Vietnam tour a memorable experience.

You can find many exciting locations, including War Memorials, the underground tunnels (Cu Chi), War Museums, etc., which unfold the struggling history of Vietnam written with blood and sweat of great Vietnam fighters.  With many pristine beaches, historical relics and important towns, the candid rural and urban communities, Vietnam tourism hold something for every backpacker.

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