Unforgetable day cycling in Hanoi city

Hanoi tour surrounding Old Quarter, site seeing such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Litterature, Ho Chi Minh complex…. become normal.
With an interesting day to explore Hanoi tour by bicycle, I am sure you will have great experience.
Keep yourself warm with a bicycle jaunts on you. Let go for Hanoi cycling tour.



Hanoi tour with Cycling Pho Co, if you are familiar with an old quarter of Hanoi noisy and crowded, where the goods and the transport occupies space, vibrant night cycling days, would probably be an exciting new wind, gives you the opportunity to explore more deeply the old town ride while observing the daily life of the people here.

The tour with Long Bien Bridge Cycling, Long Bien Bridge iron bridge with more than hundred year history that spans the Red River horns. Slowly beat in each bike, you will have moments of his deposition before the nostalgic space, immense here. Spread the eye away from the sloping mudflats, the blue under the bridge with lots of corn, planting strip cool eyes.

Hanoi tour with cycling surrounding Westlake, the road around the lake is a favorite ride of the people of Hanoi. In the early morning, late afternoon or evening, a lot of people biking around the lake exercise. Is the largest lake in Hanoi, West Lake has a peaceful atmosphere, cool. Around the lake is the way cool, clean, very convenient for road biking as Youth, lakeside road, wharf Korean, Japanese dock ...

You can sit at sidewalk cafés along the lakeside path. Or if you want to enjoy Western food, you can easily find many good and stylish bars on the road Xuan Dieu Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai. Westlake also noodle dishes snails and shrimp cakes still sell once famous.

End of the tour by cycling through the beautiful central streets Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu, Tran Phu are three of the most beautiful streets of Hanoi. Ethos of creating beauty road pavement is clean, large, ancient trees and lush green shaded all year round.

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