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Are you planning a Vietnam tour packages and you are tired of searching dozens of travel sites for information to plan your tour in Vietnam?  Thanks to this article, it’s easy for you to plan your Vietnam travel quickly. Before you put in searches on google, you should know the main keywords that you must have in mind for the best results. First of all, we begin with general information about the country.

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1. About Vietnam.

There are so many reasons to convince you that Vietnam is the destination for your next trip. It’s a beautiful and peace country with friendly people. With its beautiful landscape, its rich culture and histoire, its wonderful food, you will have a memorable tour there. Not convinced yet? Read our top 10 reasons to travel to Vietnam to change your opinion.

2. Destination

The most popular destinations in Vietnam are Sapa ( North Mountain), Hanoi (the capital), Ho Chi Minh city (big city in the south), Hoi An, Hue (in the center), Nha Trang (South centre beach), Phu Quoc ( famous southern islands) and the Mekong Delta

Vietnam is a long country and S-shaped, you can plan your trip in Vietnam accordingly, from North to South or South to North. The program for Vietnam tour from North to South: Sapa – Hanoi – Halong – Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An – Nha Trang – Sai Gon – Mekong – Phu Quoc island. See more destination in Vietnam:

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3. The best time to visit Vietnam

In fact, the best time to go to Vietnam is winter. While it’s cold and wet in Europe, winter is really the best time to make the trip in Vietnam. However, more than 1700km from Hanoi to Sai Gon, it’s easy to know that the climate is different in North and South. However, it’s is between September to December and from Jan to April that you will have the most pleasant climate for your Vietnam tour.

The less favorable period for traveling in Vietnam is from July to September. Vietnam is located in tropical and subtropical areas, so, it can be summarized: there are generally 2 seasons: dry and wet season in Vietnam.

The dry season:

It’s also the cooler (November to April). The coldest month is January. On average, temperature can drop to 130C at night and do not exceed 220C.

The hot season

This is also the rainy (May to September)

The disparities are high between the North, south and center. In the center, the climate is much more affected by monsoons and typhoons. The north is much colder in any season.

4. Tour in Vietnam.

Hanoi and Sai Gon are the two most popular entry points to Vietnam, so most of your Vietnam tour will start in these two cities. You can check some example of Vietnam tour in our website:

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5. Distance

Many people ask “How many kilometer between this destination to that one?” so they can estimate a budget and time for travel in Vietnam. So you can find the answer here

Hanoi – Sai Gon and vice versa: Flight (2hours – 125 USD), train (30 hours- 100 USD), bus (36 hours- 70 USD).

Hanoi – Sapa and vice versa: Train (9 hours, 35 USD), Car (5 hours – 80 USD)

Hanoi – Halong and vice versa: 4 hours one way by car

Hanoi – Hue/ Da Nang – Hoi an and vice versa: Flight (1hours – 85 USD), Train (12-15 hours – 60USD), bus (12hours – 25 USD)

Hue – Da Nang/ Hoi An and vice versa: Train (3 hours – 10 USD), bus (4-6 hours)

Sai Gon – Nha Trang and vice versa: Flight (45 minutes – 45 USD), train ( 8 hours – 40 USD), bus (9-10 hours – 20 USD)

Sai Gon – Phu Quoc and vice versa: Flight (1hour- 70 USD).

6. Currency

It’s cheap to travel in Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is considered as the destination of the best value for money. The currency of Vietnam is Vietnam Dong. The exchange rate is 22.000 VND for 1 USD. The cost is relatively low. For one day in Vietnam, 10 USD for food and drinks daily, 10-15 USD for transportation, 20-25 USD for hotel.

7. Language

Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam. English is widely spoken in the major city, especially among the younger generation. Vietnamese is written in Latin form (not as Chinese, Japanese and Korean), so it’s not too difficult to understand.

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