Top 10 reasons to travel to Vietnam

Are you planning for a trip for your next vacation and you wonder where you will go. You heard about Vietnam but you don’t why people travel in Vietnam a lot. Why you will choose Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia between other destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Mynamar? In this article, we want to tell you more with its top 10 reasons why Vietnam should be a high priority in your choices for your next trip.

1/ Why travel to Vietnam: Paradisiacal landscapes
There is no landscape that corresponds to Niagara Falls, the Sydney Opera House or the Grand Canyons. However, Vietnam is really a gem hidden that only those who visit this country will be able to describe. Indeed, Vietnam is full of sites recognized as Word Heritage such as Halong Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave, Hoi An, Hue citadel… Other sites will surprise you as Sapa, not to be missed. You will be amazed by the beautiful landscape and you will have a chance to learn about the daily life of hill tribe mountainous.

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2. Why travel to Vietnam: You are welcome. Vietnamese are friendly
Like many other neighbor countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has a precious treasure: its people. Everywhere you to, you are greeted with smiles and pleasant welcome. The people of Hue, for example, are famous throughout the country for their elegance and sweetness. Those of Hoi An, on the other hand, are known for their honesty. If you have time to visit the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and North Vietnam, you will have even more surprises and be inspired by the way you are received by local farmers.

3. Why travel to Vietnam: Cheap and easy destination.
Vietnam is a destination indeed known for the budget travelers. Although prices are rising for some times, travel to Vietnam is much cheaper than traveling on the other continents. Travel to Vietnam in group, in couple or family is easy. The transportation is easy accessible, roads in good condition, good and varied food. It’s not complicated for planning your trip to Vietnam.

4. Why travel to Vietnam: Coffee, coffee and coffee
You are a fan of coffee? Why don’t you come to Vietnam to enjoy a cup of black coffee or an iced coffee with condensed milk. You will fall in love quickly in Vietnam while enjoying a cup of coffee and watching life going in a little corner of a street. You will feel the life slowly and peaceful. It’s a good way to see Vietnam and immerse yourself in its culture. Moreover, if you want to taste a special kind of coffee, Hanoi is best choice with its “egg coffee”. Put an egg on coffee??? But coffee? Yes, put an egg on coffee and you will have an egg coffee. Come to Hanoi and try it in your Vietnam tour.

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5. Why travel to Vietnam: a unique travel experience
Vietnam is full of experiences you want. Living with hill tribe and sleep in their house while trekking in the mountainous region of Sapa, taking picitures of the sunrise in Hoi an, walking on the sand with local children in Mui Ne or visiting a floating market in the Mekong Delta. A unique experience awaits you in Vietnam. There are so many things to discover in your Vietnam tour packages.

6. Why travel to Vietnam: Delicious food.
You’ve always been a fan of Vietnamese food? At Pho Hung on Toronto Spadina street, near Nam Son Bowery in New York or White Lotus on the Rue de Bourgogne in Paris. But the food served in these restaurants known can never be as authentic as the food served in Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine goes beyond Pho and Spring rolls and varies by region: fresh vegetables dominated the tables, while meat and poultry are increasingly popular. At the beach, you can find lots of fresh seafood caught in the morning and served at very affordable dinner. A large crab costs about 8 USD can be shared for 2 people. So, in your Vietnam tour packages, a dinner costs only 12 USD per person can help you to taste a delicious dish in Vietnam.

7. Why travel to Vietnam: Fast and simple formality
Make a visa to Vietnam is simple and fast. Besides the visa that can ask at the embassy, the visa to Vietnam can also be provided on arrival. All you need to do is to apply online for your approval letter through online travel agencies. The letter will be sent in time of 2 days. For more information, please read Vietnam visa information. They can help you to make the visa letter easily and fast.

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8. Why travel to Vietnam: Nature preserved
Vietnam has many natural sites. There are many national parks and you can enjoy a variety of activities existent in your country: camping and bird watching in the rain forest in Cuc Phuong and Cat Ba National Park, rent a jeep for a tour to the Cat Tien National Park or take windsurfing lessons on the beaches of Nha Trang.

9. Why travel to Vietnam: Traditional celebrations
Witt its long history and rich tradition inspired by the Buddhist culture, many festivals are held throughout the year in Vietnam. Tet holiday, for example, is a great time to contemplate families, to celebrate their love and respect for their ancestors. Tet is not to be confused or called the Chinese New Year, this can even be considered an insult to some nationalists. This looks like the Lunar New Year in China but modified so that Vietnamese culture is felt by everyone.

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10. Why travel to Vietnam: Beautiful World beaches
Those who are looking for beautiful beach holidays will be delighted to see everything that Vietnam offers. Vietnam’s beaches are among the finest in the world including Phu Quoc, Hoi An, Nha Trang. Most of them are safe for swimming and there is opportunity to enjoy water sport activities. If you are fan of windsurfing, you can go to Nha Trang beach. To Hoi An and Da Nang beach, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches, a romantic getaway for couples and families.

So, you will come to Vietnam next time after reading this article? Come to Vietnam and live as a Viet and you will have a memorable Vietnam tour with us.

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