Top 7 reasons for a Thailand honeymoon vacation

With its varied terrain, incredible food, dynamic markets and beautiful marine life, Thailand offers to married a wide range of activities to fill their honeymoon.

1. Beaches and Islands

It is not a secret that Thailand has some of the most exquisite beaches of the world. With almost 1430 islands, there are many places for honeymooners to choose from. Dreaming of camping with your honey on a desert island? Only a handful of Thailand islands are tourist destinations, so it is quite possible to think outside the box and find your own private white sand beach

2. Mountains

The mountainous region of northern Thailand offers tourists the opportunity to discover the most authentic side of Thai culture by interacting with the hill tribes, taking a cooking class or a visit at night market. Chiang Mai offers a wide range of activities for adventurous couples looking to visit the northern village of Pai near the border with Myanmar. A short climb up the mountain Doi Suthep to visit Wat Phra That Doi on Suthep offers breathtaking views over the city.

thailand honeymoon vacation
3. Trekking

There are many great opportunities to go out and have an adventure walk in the mountains of northern Thailand. Booking a tour guide can be a great way to spot many different species, visit a hill tribe and get information about the history of the flora and fauna of the jungle must be exclusives of your honeymoon tour to Thailand.

4. Food

If you and your honey like spicy and tasty food, you are in for a treat. Thai cuisine has much more to offer than the Pad Thai on - popularized. You will never have more fun eating out, or get a taste of such an amazing range of choice ingredients as you go in Thailand. Green papaya salad Tom Yum soup and red curry and traditional green, you will never get tired of ordering something new.

5. Markets

An experience not to be missed, shopping in Thailand will give you the thrill of a good deal if you are a keen negotiator, but either way it'll be a laugh. There are some amazing handcrafted fabrics, scarves, wood carvings and jewelry to have, so when it's time to do your souvenir shopping head to the local night market.

6. Luxury Accommodation

Thailand is the home of many of the best hotels and resorts in the world brands in the world, and a lot of charm and independent options, you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to your perfect little piece of Thailand luxury honeymoon tour.

7. Nightlife

If you and your love like a good night on the town, look no further than Thailand. Especially on the most popular islands, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy an evening sipping fruity cocktails and listen to live music

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