Bangkok is a modern city; it has shopping malls to match any in Asia if not further afield. It is the natural starting point for Thailand Travel though whether you will want to go shopping as soon as you arrive in Thailand is surely questionable? Thailand private tours will take in highlights of the Country, cultural, religious and natural. They will also include free time as well as the chance to buy souvenirs of your holiday and presents for friends. When you actually do that during your time in Thailand is up to you. There are plenty of places for you to shop, day and night, urban as well as rural.
Silk is something to consider; it is an industry that was revived and promoted by an American, Jim Thompson who disappeared in the Malaysian jungle almost 50 years ago; the mystery has not been solved but his Thai home, several wooden houses in fact, is now a museum, left as it was back then. A visit to the museum is often on Thailand family tour packages and it is one of many places where you can buy silk.
Jewellery and handicrafts are other popular items and of course Thailand’s fame for producing good quality ‘’fakes’’ has spread far and wide. They include top brand leather goods, shoes and clothing.

Whether you actually intend to buy anything at the time or night, the open-air markets, by day often selling fresh produce, or by night with clothing and similar products, markets are an experience not to be missed.

The first big malls were built in Bangkok almost 40 years ago. They sell all the top world brands so if you want to be certain of buying the genuine article you can go to any of them, perhaps Siam Paragon, Emporium, Central World Shopping Center or MBK? They open at 10am usually and stay open until late. If you are in Bangkok at the weekend then you must go to Chatuchak Market, 15,000 stalls over 35 acres. Patpont has gained notoriety for its bars but the night market is well worth a visit.

Obviously if your Thailand holiday finishes in Bangkok, then you can enjoy your time and pick up your shopping before departure. As you travel around you may see many things you like. It is certainly good to support the regional economies so buy if you like. It is fairly certain that you will find something similar back in Bangkok but it is likely to be more expensive.

Chiang Mai. Pattaya and Phuket are regularly includedin Thailand tour packages and each caters very well for tourists. That includes shopping with Chiang Mai a great place to find handicrafts specific to Northern Thailand if the itinerary does not allow for much chance to go further.

Whatever you buy in Thailand to go with your photographs and memories you can enjoy the fun of bargaining but do not get too intense. Politely walk away if you are unhappy with the price; otherwise settle on something that both you and the vendor is happy with.

Where to shop in Thailand?

Where to shop in Thailand?

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Top 5 cheap things to buy in Thailand

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