Attractive places in the North of Vietnam

North of Vietnam  is known for stunning on the plateaus and valleys. Search for tourist destination north dust certainly can not ignore the hilly area with hundreds of kilometers of wildflowers, twisty roads but very poetic.


We can say the northern mountains where defendants want to most of the photographers, just look  at a photo here, everyone sort pleased by wild beauty, poetic of the mountains. The destinations are  worthed to travel to the North of Vietnam going north on particularly such as Moc Chau, Sapa, Ha Giang, Ba Be,Mai Chau ...

Speaking to Moc Chau is saying pristine beauty, purity of northwestern mountains. Surely you would stupor by gardens, fences flowers, paths filled in white when passing. A floating sensation, lightheadedness, hard to describe! Moc Chau is steppe grasslands have vast and beautiful mountains in the north. Spring, flowers and trees to bud, lyrical freshness of nature, the villages remain ethnic identity and traditional Tet festival.

The vast steppe, the tea hills immersed in the peaceful quiet space of the early morning. Due to specific terrain of the plateau should regularly appear fog stretching from autumn to the end of spring. All will give you moments of calm, serenity and relaxation.

Leaving Moc Chau to travel & turn to Dong Van Plateau. Dong Van Plateau with an average elevation of 1000-1600 meters in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Winter temperatures sometimes down to 1ºC, but the hottest summer only about 24 ° C.

The sky rains almost all year round and so here blind people have a saying: "see each other in the eye, take a half-day meeting" and "land with three steps, not three days sunny sky" have. Dong Van Lung Cu is considered the "roof of Vietnam", renowned for its natural beauty, fruits, medicinal herbs. Attractions in Dong Van is the signature dish of the peoples here. In Dong Van with chicken, dried beef, pork stolen armpit, vegetables, cat, bamboo shoots and corn alcohol was the food was preferred tourist population. Additionally you can also stuff the national dish in markets like men men (steamed corn mill), sticky color, try to win, tortillas.

As noted, attractions in the North of Vietnam has a lot of places but enchanting romantic not to mention the northwest hills. Also Moc Chau, Dong Van also many places such as Mai Chau, Lao Cai, ... had to once definitely makes guests want to visit the second time.

With spending a week, you can visit some typical places in the North of Vietnam.

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