Ho Chi Minh City Will Be Even More Popular in 2019

In the days before the unification of Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War, the capital of  the South was known as Saigon. When the unification occurred, its name was changed to that of the ‘’Father of Vietnam’’, Ho Chi Minh. The City has been regularly included in all Vietnam tour packages. Few tourists wanting to enjoy a Vietnam holiday leave without seeing the City which is a mix of 21st Century and traditional, both Vietnamese and French colonial.

One of the leading travel websites, Kayak, which is based in Singapore has suggested that Ho Chi Minh City will be among the top 10 tourist destinations in the current year. Its knowledge of Asia in particular suggests that its predictions are likely to be accurate.

War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam has been receiving an increasing number of tourists year on year. It was not that long ago that it celebrated 10 million in a single year and indications are that figure will be double this year or next. In terms of Ho Chi Minh City, an impressive 7 million visitors were welcomed in 2018.

Kayak has talked about the average cost of a round trip into Ho Chi Minh City Airport from outside Asia. European, North American and Australiasian tourists are flocking to Vietnam with flight prices from North America costing less than $1,000. Accommodation is good value and Kayak is suggesting that visitors specifically to HCM City are spending an average of 5 days there and an average of $145 per day.

Further, HCM City has been identified by Price of Travel website as one of the cheapest cities amongst the world’s leading destinations. It applies to every aspect of daily life from food and drink to accommodation and local transport.

If your interest is history and colonial architecture for example, many of the gems are found within walking distance of each other. If you talk to a good Vietnam travel agent, he will make all the arrangements for travel and accommodation as well as arranging for you to be guided to HCM’s highlights:

•    The War Remnants Museum opened shortly after Saigon fell though some of the exhibits are not for the faint-hearted
•    Reunification Palace is just as it was when a tank drove through its gatesin 1975; a replica tank has been placed there.
•    Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Museum of Vietnamese History are both interesting.
•    Notre Dame Cathedral is a copy of the iconic cathedral in Paris.
•    City Hall and the statue of Ho outside is worth a photograph.
•    Thıen Hau and Quan Am Pagodas are the pick of the ones in HCM City
•    The Central Mosque is a facility used by Muslims living in the city, often overseas workers.

There is no doubt that HCM City has much to interest the overseas tourist and if Kayak is correct, then many new people will visit this bustling city in 2019.

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