Enchanting North Vietnam Tour

A tour in the northeast region of Vietnam is sure to give you thrills, fantasy, and excitement. You can tailor your demands for North Vietnam Tour as to what you want to do and how you wish to spend your holidays. Many tour operators are offering packaged tours for honeymoon couples, group tours, individual travels, and family holiday customized at your will and desires.

The Tour operators can offer you the best personalized and exclusive trip no matter how small or significant they are at the peak of excellence. The Northeast Vietnam tourism has been in demand for long and hence most part it is secluded. Be sure of a perfect Northeast Vietnam Tour that is sure to last you nostalgia for long.  

The Northeast Vietnam Tour is eminent for its fascinating landscapes, heart-stopping picturesque coupled with the warmth and generosity extended by the local groups inhabiting the land. Be sure to enjoy the best experience in the land of historically rich enchanting Hanoi, impressive Lang Son, the excellent Lao Chai and the stunning Thai Nguyen each defined with unique natural beauty.  You can find many tour operators in Vietnam offering NortheastVietnam Tour services with professional guides and best tour packages suitable to your budget and individual requirements.

Travel destinations in Northeast of Vietnam
The Northeast terrains of Vietnam are primarily confined and lonesome owing to its rough lands and peaks. Yet, the forsaken region boasts of nature, beauty as its best that has remained pristine and distant from the other eminent tourist spots of Vietnam.

northeast vietnam tour

Begin your tour from Lao Cai:
The North Vietnam Tour begins with pickup from Lao Cai station in Sapa town and after that a tour of the city. From here you can explore the fascinating rice terrace fields, pine trees, bamboo woodlands in the lush valleys originated almost three hundred years ago by the Hmong people who still reside here. You can delve into the rice making process being done by the locals on both sides of the rice terrains. From here move towards the villages of Hmong and Dazo and enjoy the herbal bath and food of the residents at their homes with their family members.

Head on to Ba Be Lake in Bac Can and Ha Giang:
In the Northeast Vietnam Tour, The Ba Be Lake in Bac Can, Vietnam is famous for Bamboo Rafting, trekking, hiking, rock-climbing, and alpinism. Though difficult yet it is a destination worth the pain. Your tour of Ha Giang will have you see the fascinating mountains, landscapes and explore the habitat and lifestyle of the local tribes living in the adjoining villages.

On the way to Ban Gioc Waterfall, NguomcNgao Cave, and Cao Bang:
Moving further, the Ban Gioc Waterfall – NguomNgao Cave - Cao Bang is a one day trip where you can witness the statues of animal, rock music, rice terrace in the caves. You can opt for 2 nights and 2 days tour package to visit Hanoi, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Po Cave and explore the undiscovered lands of North East Vietnam.

Take a 12 days long trip cover the following destinations:
To cover the entire destinations of Hanoi, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Tuyen Quang, Sa Phin, Meo Vac, Bao Lac, Ba KeLake, Back Le, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang, Halong, Lang Son will take 12 days approximately. It is a fascinating view with greenery all around and will definitely last you with memory for a lifetime.

ban gioc waterfall

Secluded holiday at Thai Nguyen:
For individuals looking for a secluded holiday away from the noisy streets in North Vietnam Tour you can start with the Thai Nguye and then move towards the north of Hanoi and further to Bac Can and the Ba Be lakes and thereafter to Bac Can in the Northwest region of Vietnam.  Towards the southern zone the tourist spots include Dong Khe and That Khe to Lang Son that is the major gateway of China and Vietnam and is open for international tourists. Visit the red river delta and Halong Bay:

A travel to the North East of Vietnam will take you to the land between the red river delta and the sea. It is a very fertile agricultural land, renowned tourist destination, an area that marks the freedom of slavery and is a developing nation in the field of industry and economics. You can never complete your Northeast Vietnam trip without visiting the beautiful Halong Bay and the island of Cat Ba that attract thousands of tourists who sail in harmony past the natural limestone caves. It is one of the alluring natural wonders of the world and the marvelous place in Southeast Asia.

Haiphong always a desirable destination:
The cacophony in the city of Haiphong is the heart of the country's trade and business. And if you travel beyond Halong Bay, you will have the chance to witness the archaic imperial citadels, green national Parks, gigantic waterfalls and the impressive mountains. Here you can undergo trekking, hiking which is conducted by the minorities of hill-tribe villages. Feel at ease at the lakeside and enjoy the freedom from the scorching summers.

Visit Ha Giang and negotiate on top of the rock plateau:
It is a stunning and clean location with bemusing features igniting the curiosity of any traveler. Have you ever visited a rock plateau? Then arrange a trip to Ha Giang, where you can find the incredible rock plateau. What makes the tour a pleasant experience will be visiting the giant freshwater lake, the Ba Be Lake and spectacular waterfalls of Ban Gioc.

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Mingle with the ethnic community:
The touring program may look incomplete if you don’t include ethnic community settlement areas like Tay, Zao, H'mong, Nung, and the San Chi.  Besides all the location, find some time to visit the historically important location of Lang Son and Cao Bang.

Trekking activities:
Enjoy the Mystical Mountains of Northern Vietnam at the Hanoi and Ha Giang. Trekking is an activity much cherished here. You can explore the rituals and customs of the tribal villages in Ha Giang. The land covers a spectacular beauty of flatland of Red River Delta and the lush landscapes of Hanoi. You can also visit the Phin Ho Village home and savor the delicious special herbal tea of the place.

Hidden wonders at Tuyen Quang:
The North Vietnam Tour will give you a rare opportunity to explore the unknown provinces in the Northeastern part of Vietnam.  
TuyenQuang: It is famous for 300 historical, cultural vesting, located in the Lo River Valley. The most significant location is Tan Tra Historic site, which was a resistance base during the August 1945 Revolution.

Bac Can: Bac Can is yet another historically significant location closely associated with Vietnam liberation, and you can find many historical relics related to the liberation actions. It is rich with primitive forest and natural beauties. Visiting Ba Be National Park, Dau Dang Waterfall, Ba BE Lake and Puong Cave are some of the most exciting activities a tourist can involve. It is also famous for the Ba Be Lake Spring Festival, with a lot of fun and leisure activities like dancing, wrestling, boat racing, etc.

ba be lake

Lang Son: The mountainous frontier province is a popular trading and tourism center of North East Vietnam. You can find many historical relics of Mac Dynasty, Doan Citadel Vestige, KyCung, Chi Lang Defile and Bac Le temples. Besides, NhiThanh grottoes and Mau Son Mountains attract tourists from different part of the world.

Phu Tho: It is an old place in Viet Name with a lot of historical importance. In Phu Tho, you can find many pagodas and temples showcasing opulent historical extravaganza. Don't forget to visit Xuan Son National Park which offers a lot of recreational facilities.
Cao Bang: Surrounded by densely vegetated mountains, it is one of the beautiful locations in North Vietnam. You can explore many exciting sites like the Thang Hen Mountainous Lake located at Tra Linh, the Ban Gioc fall and NguomNgao Cave situated at TrungKhanh. Most of the places have the footprints of the liberation struggle lead by Uncle Ho.

Ha Giang: Intriguing nature and candid locals makes all the difference which you can only experience once you step into this gorgeous mountain point, Ha Giang. Ta Con Linh is the highest mountain point here, which is 2,419m above from the sea level.  

Ha Long Bay – a world heritage:
Ha Giang an isolated land in North Vietnam and Quang Ninh which houses the Hạ Long Bay, a World Heritage Site. These locations are a rare sight with limestone hills, waterfalls, rice terrains and lakes and streams. While you enjoy tour trip through the amazing sceneries of landscapes, woodlands, tribes, local towns and historical places you will also visit the marketplaces that will be a part of your itinerary.  

Preparing a Northeast Vietnam Tour required detailed planning. Since there are many places to cover from historically significant location to natural wonders, one must find time to visit all these locations.  A detailed touring plan means you should be prepared to spend 15 to 20 days, visiting each tourist spots and spending time with guides and local people.  If you love traveling and an ardent lover of nature and historical wonders, it is time for you to plan for northeast Vietnam tour program, and you can find many professional tour operators, with excellent local experience, are ready to offer their best services. Make your dream holiday trip a memorable experience with the help of an experienced tour operator.

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