What Visa Types Are Available to Visit Vietnam

A valid visa is a must-have document for all tourists planning to visit Vietnam. There are many different visa types and validity periods intended for leisure and business trips.

vietnam tourist visa

Here is an overview of the different types of Vietnam visa:

Tourist visa
The Vietnam tourist visa is the most common type of visa and is relatively easy to organise by citizens from most countries. The tourist visit is split between the single-entry and multiple-entry visa to simplify the process of obtaining the right Vietnam visa to match the needs. Also, the validity period of the visa can range from 30 days to 90 days.

The single-entry visa is perfect for travel itineraries that are limited to visiting towns, cities, and attractions within the borders of Vietnam only. However, for travellers that want to experience a complete Indochina tour and visit neighbouring countries like Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, the multiple-entry visa is the preferred option because it gives the option to exit and re-enter the country as needed during the period of the visa.

Applying for the tourist visa is fast and effective using one of the online services, such as a visa on arrival or e-visa, which are also the cheapest options. Applying in-person at a local Vietnamese embassy is the preferred option for travellers that want to organise everything in advance and have the visa stamp in their passport before leaving their home country.

Note that there is a difference in the price of the visa to Vietnam between the single-entry and multiple-entry visa.

Business Visa
The Vietnam business visa gives visitors to the country the right to work, allows multiple entries, and valid for a period of three or six months. Even though the process to apply for the business visa has become a lot easier in recent times, the fees to obtain this visa are certain to be more than the standard tourist visa. Also, in many situations it can be easier to apply for the short-term tourist visa; then apply for the proper business visa upon arrival in Vietnam.

Student visas
The Vietnam student visa is typically organised after arriving in the country. It is easier to arrive in Vietnam via the tourist visa, sign-up up for the relevant Vietnamese language course and make the application at immigration to apply for the change in status. However, it often benefits to get in touch with a local Vietnam travel agent who will be able to help with the entire process of making the application.

Visa Extensions
A tourist visa extension is a relatively cheap option to get extra time on the visa. The easiest way to organise an extension is to get in touch with a local travel agency who will take care of the application process. Even though it will cost a little extra to use an agency, the process to apply can be quite complex and time-consuming. The Vietnam visa extension gives the option to apply for a further 30 days (one time only) and the application procedure can take two or three days. Also, it is best to attempt the visa extension when in one of the popular tourist cities, such as Hanoi, Hue, Danang, or Ho Chi Minh City.

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