Vinh Moc tunnel (The Living Souvenir of Bravery of Vietnamese)

Vinh Moc is a historical tunnel complex in Quang Tri, situated in Vinh Linh Village. It is an underground village constructed during the independent warto root out the Americans in 1965 to 1966. The spectacular tunnel complex is a souvenir of endurance, bravery and ingenious of local people.

The history
Vinh Moc is not the usual tunnels built for themilitary purpose. The Vietnamese civilians built these shelters to protect the local population from the intense bombing by the US inVietnam’s demilitarized zone.

At some point, there were around 500 peoplelivedin the tunnels and caves for a period of 6 years. The locals created an alternative world underground where schools were conducted, medical services were provided and even children were born there. The engineering of the tunnel is ingenious with several entrances, water drains, air holes and otherstructures. In the recent years, the site gotreinforced to promote tourism and allow tourist entry.

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Important tourist attractions and activities
One of the popular attractions near to Vinh Moc tunnels is the Hien Luong Bridge spreading across the Ben Hai River. During the war period, the bridge marked the division between North and South Vietnam. You can see the bridge painted in 2 colors, blue and yellow on each side. There is also a museum nearby that talks all about the war and features some important equipment and pictures from that time.

At the entrance of the tunnels, visitors can see the graphics of that brutal period. Tourists will be shown a documentary video about the background history of Vinh Moc tunnels at the end of the tour. It is better to wear sturdy shoes and watch your steps while traversing the tunnel as it can be slippery.Visitors will also be able to meet the families who lived during the time of Vietnamese war and get a chance to interact with them while they narrate their experience.

Different ways to reach the spot:
There are flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Hoi. Dong Hoi is also accessible via train from these places as well. Bus and taxi services are another mode of transportation to reach Dong Hoi.From Dong Hoi, Hue and Phong Nha, there are regular shuttle bus services that take you to Vinh Moc. From highway 1, you need to travel 2.4 km on TL70 and then head 4.3kms towards the north. Again from the junction, it is another 4.5 km heading east and then goes north on TL573.

vinh moc tunnel tour

Tour packages
It is better to book a tour to the tunnel as you will have a guide to accompany you. Hiring a guide is highly recommended as it is all connected with the story the cave has to narrate. You will be taken through the nook and corners of tunnels while the guide explains the history related to each area. The Vinh Moc tunnels are also combined a day trip as a part of Ho Chi Minh trial tour. Some Vietnam tour operators also organize motorbike tours from cities like Hue and Hanoi. Many tour operators accept online booking and also make arrangements for accommodation and personal package tours supported with personal guides. We recommend you to plan your journey with any reputed travel agent to make your trip a memorable one.

Vinh Moc tunnels are a famous tourist destination that throws light to the Vietnamese war era. Do not visit the tunnel without a guide as their insights into the history of the war is crucial. The tunnels are part of the national heritage site considering the cultural and political impact and are one of the famous historical sitesof Vietnam.

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