Why Vietnam Is a Perfect Destination to Spend Your Honeymoon

With an ancient culture rich in tradition, a cuisine that will leave you dreaming of eating more long after you have left the country, and natural beauty to rival anywhere in the world, Vietnam is a perfect honeymoon destination.

A honeymoon is an excuse to be extravagant and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Vietnam has the magical combination of culture, relaxation and romance to guarantee an unforgettable trip. Take in major sights such as Halong Bay or traditional towns like Hoi An or Hue, while also experiencing beachside resorts and active treks en route.

honeymoon in hoi an

Here are 5 reasons to spend your honeymoon in Vietnam:

1) Relatively inexpensive
To begin with, newly weds travelling to Vietnam will find it is a relatively inexpensive destination. Even for the Vietnam luxury honeymoon experience, this is a great place to be. Flights are cheap and hotels and restaurants are well priced.

2) Quality of service
Despite being a budget honeymoon destination in Asia, the quality of service in the hotels and restaurants is still first-rate. In fact, the staff will make sure everything goes as smooth and trouble-free as possible while on your honeymoon.

3) Friendly and hospitable locals
The honeymooners are treated and greeted in a friendly and welcoming manner. Also, the hospitality is very commendable. They are more than willing to provide help to those in need.

4) Lovely Vietnamese cuisine
The Vietnamese cuisine is delicious and simply unforgettable. Many of the dishes are a perfect blend of hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours. Chilli sauces and fresh herbs are on the side, and the finest wines can be experienced on splendid rooftop or beachfront diners that give picture-perfect views.

5) Best places to visit in Vietnam
Vietnam has plenty amazingly beautiful places in Vietnam for a honeymoon, including:

Cruising on Halong Bay
With its beautiful emerald waters, jungle-covered islands, and towering limestone crags, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Halong Bay is among the most famous and recognisable landscapes in Asia. The bay spans an area of nearly 1,500 sq km and includes hundreds of remote islands and coves to create a perfect destination to enjoy the romantic cruise. Overnight stays on Halong Bay is the best option – either book a private craft or go with a bigger boat shared with other travellers. In the warm months, the boat stops to let guests disembark to go cave exploring, kayaking, or swimming. A trip further out to Cat Ba Island on the multi-day trip is certain to create a true highlight of any honeymoon to Vietnam.

honeymoon in halong bay

Relax at a spa
A honeymoon wouldn’t be right without a bit of R&R. Fortunately, Vietnam is rich in luxurious hotels and resort with high-quality spas up and down the country. Whether it is a spa resort in the imperial city of Hue, Danang, or on Phu Quoc Island, they are wonderful places to relax with an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion and a full menu of treatments and massages.

Plus, with spa holidays possible in traditional and culturally rich cities like Hoi An and Hue, it is easy to blend the exotic sights and smells with a feast of temples and centuries-old architecture.

Wander traditional towns
Wandering the ancient, lantern-strung streets is a wonderful experience on the Vietnam luxury tour. Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most fascinating and beautiful towns. The early merchant houses date back to the 15th century with many in a pleasant saffron colour. A little further out by the harbour, the water is rich in multi-coloured boats that gently move on the water, and in the evenings there are plenty of lanterns hung to illuminate the local landscape.

Hoi An has a superb shopping scene (especially with its tailor-made outfits), many different countryside bike trips and a thriving dining scene. Additionally, just four km from the centre of town is the fantastic Cua Dai beach. The beach often hosts spectacular seafood barbecue parties, while traditional cooking courses are helpful to show the intricacies of preparing Vietnamese dishes.

vietnam honeymoon vacation

Relax on the beaches
With a coastline of nearly 3,260 km, as well as its tropical islands, Vietnam isn’t short of beautiful and seemingly endless stretches of beach landscape to explore on the honeymoon. One of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam is Phu Quoc, which has unspoiled white sandy beaches and impenetrable, dense jungle. Beaches like Bai Sao, Ong Lan Beach and Long Beach are simply irresistible and romantic. In addition to relaxing on the sandy beaches, there is also a variety of activities to get involved with on Phu Quoc, including diving among the kaleidoscopic coral reefs, explore the trails through the jungle by motorbike, and eating fresh seafood at the island’s night market.

Other great Vietnam travel destination options for the relaxing honeymoon include Nha Trang with its bold and beautiful beach, as well as a cluster of quiet islands waiting to be explored. Mui Ne has its towering dunes and swaying palms to create an absolute charmer, and a great place for water sports. The Con Dao Islands are relatively isolated which has helped to limit over-exposure, but is still rich in idyllic beaches and a smattering of resorts. Doc Let is home to plenty of quiet and atmospheric resorts. Its isolated southern section is the best place to visit for the really relaxed time.  

Ho Chi Minh City
After being fully rested and rejuvenated, you may want to round off a honeymoon with a stay in a lively and vibrant city like Ho Chi Minh City. This city is filled with noise and commotion, but spending a few nights at a luxury hotel like the Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel gives a perfect opportunity to escape into a little oasis that is away from the nearby chaos. A great way to experience the city is on a street food tour that makes it possible to sample a few of the local delicacies while also tasting the local brews.

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