Top 5 tips to save on your Vietnam travel

Top 5 tips, hints and inside secrets to
saving you money traveling exotic Vietnam

If you are looking to travel on a budget, finding a country which can offer you as many opportunities as possible to see wonderful sights and experience local cultures will be high on your list.

Traveling to a country like Vietnam will offer you the chance to stay in amazing hotels, take part in adventures and still be left with money in your wallet. Travel throughout the beautiful country of Vietnam can be easily managed on any budget.

Vietnam has grown in popularity over the last 10 years, but thankfully there is still a bargain to be found. Food and Accommodation costs are still low and you can travel around the country in luxury for very little!

Keep reading and join us on our money saving mission.

We have put together our top 5 hints and tips on how you can maximize your budget in a wondrous and spectacular country like Vietnam.

tips to save money on vietnam holiday

1. Accommodation
From hotels, bed & breakfasts, beachside bungalows to staying with a traditional Vietnamese family. Vietnam holiday offers you a huge range of cost effective accommodation options.

Using a tour guide to book your accommodation will certainly enable you to save money on your Vietnam travel. Tour guides know the local area, they have excellent relationships with local hotels and they ensure they find the best style accommodation to suit your budget.

Home-stays are becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, they are not only a unique way of experiencing the local culture, they will usually include meals too. Traditional food with a traditional family will leave you immersed in Vietnam life.

Bed and Breakfasts are a great way of staying in a city on a budget. They are often run by families who take great pride in their lodgings. City bed and breakfasts offer comfortable rooms on a budget.

homestay in vietnam

2. Eat Traditional & Drink Smart
Like most countries, eating out can eat into your budget. There are so many ways you eat in Vietnam and still be left with change in your pocket.

Vietnam is well known for its street food and you can dine out like royalty for very little in most towns and cities. Street food is very high quality and offers you a fantastic chance to tuck into traditional and amazing tasting food. You can enjoy healthy soups, rice dishes, hot pho and succulent fresh fruits. For as little as $2 you can enjoy a three-course street food meal.

When it comes to quenching your thirst iced tea is a cheap and readily available drink, it can be refreshing and is much cheaper than bottled water. Beer is very cheap and locals will often enjoy a cold beer on a hot afternoon, sit back with the locals and save money on your travel costs.

how to save on vietnam holiday

3. Travel smart
It is no surprise that buses and trains offer the most cost effective way of traveling through Vietnam. Internal flights are dominated by one airline and therefore can be expensive, although if you are short on time booking flights in advance will save you money.

Vietnam infrastructure has improved greatly over the last 5 years and you can travel across the country in a certain amount of comfort for very little cost.

Buses and trains both offer the cheapest way to travel throughout Vietnam. If you are prepared to cozy in with the locals you will be rewarded with countryside views and memorable experiences.

Both forms of transport are notoriously cost effective and will greatly reduce your travel costs, take an overnight train and feel the excitement knowing you will wake up in a different destination.

Bus and train tickets can be booked locally but to ensure you find the best deal, it is always worth using the skills and knowledge of your tour guide to book tickets for you.

Save money on your Vietnam travel costs in a city and look out for the many locals offering tourists a cheaper alternative to expensive taxi's. Take a ride on one of the traditional bikes, be prepared to negotiate and enjoy the ride!

vietnam family vacation

4. Save on Sightseeing
With so many wonderful temples, pagoda's and museums to feast your eyes on, it will be easy to get carried away and your travel costs can soon add up.

A Vietnam tour operator will be able to assist with all of your booking requirements; often they have the ability to negotiate and find the best rates possible.

Many amazing destinations will be free and some cities are walkable, you can spend the entire day taking in some of the most amazing architecture and exploring a city for free.

Just don't forget your map of the city!

vietnam honeymoon vacation

5. Get a handle on haggling
Haggling is not a word we are familiar with in the western world. In many parts of Asia haggling and negotiating is expected and part of everyday life.

As a tourist, you will inevitably pay more than the locals, do not feel intimidated, simply have fun in trying to haggle a better price for a service and in some cases for food. The many night markets is a place where you will hear locals haggling loudly for their food, it is a sight to behold.

If you can learn a few basic Vietnamese words, it will make the haggling process much easier too.

As with any new country, be vigilant when you are shopping and use your common sense when it comes to booking any tours or taxies with anyone else other than a certified tour guide.

Traveling through Vietnam can be achieved on any budget, shop smart, learn to haggle and use a  to assist with booking accommodation and transportation and you will be able to save a huge amount on your travel costs.

Vietnam is a country of immense beauty and friendly locals, a country where you will feel like royalty but your travel costs will be low.

Note: Before travelling to Vietnam, plan your trip far in advance to get the cheapest airfares and remember to apply Vietnam visa.

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