First time visitors to Laos

first time visitors to laos

Now that you have chosen Laos as your holiday destination, you are in the perfect path to fun, love and adventure on the Laos travel 2017.  You will never regret the epic experience of being a tourist in this rugged and untouched country. Get lost and find yourself during your first time tour to Laos. Enjoy the quiet cities, the rich culture and the breathtaking landscapes that fill the entire country. Even with its isolation from the rest of the ever growing world, it is the best destination for a first time family tour to Laos. One thing that brings the best out of the country is that it has survived tragic history and wars that has scarred the richness for ages. Nonetheless, your first time Laos tour will become the start to many other tours.

The popular Luang Prabang
The Luang  Prabang should be your first destination when you touch down on your first time Laos tour.  The startling historic city makes quite a clear statement as the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Laos. The creative convergence between the Mekong and Nam Khan makes the Luang Prabang stand out with its beauty and architecture. Let the city take you back in time through centuries as you enjoy the wonderful culture of the good people of Laos. The incredible temples have been well preserved with lush landscapes surrounding the city. The combination of the ancient city standing on a beautiful natural landscape makes it sophisticated and elegant.  

You can enjoy a long walk in the evening on the perfect streets of the city during your first time family tour to Laos. The city is not short of waterfalls that complete the flow of the Mekong and Nam Khan amalgamation. A Laos travel 2017 also offers you a tour to the night market which is located at the main street. You can get souvenirs at the market which are quite affordable and unique.

The Kuang Si Waterfall
The stretch of beauty and spectacular scenery stretches from Luang Prabang to the Kuang Si falls. Although the country is not blessed with beaches, there are swarms of exquisite water displays that can be found nowhere else. The Kuang Si falls offers a view that is out of this world. It has a long stretch of splashing clear waters just at the side of the mountain. The thick green vegetation that houses the side of the falls illustrates the perfect work of nature far from humanity. Make this first time family tour to Laos more thrilling by taking a dip into the clear small pools of waters that form at the bottom of the falls.

kuang si waterfall in laos

Si Phan Don
Located at the southern part of Laos, the Si Pan Don comes as a reward for visiting the incredible country of Laos. The riverine also known as the thousand Islands offers a spectacular landscape over its watery terrain ready for exploring. Get the right shoes and the right wheels to tackle the terrain and explore to the innermost remote part before the Mekong River. You can take a ride on a bicycle or floating on the Kayaks. Enjoy the quiet part of the world that brings serene beauty, peace and utmost quiet. The fascinating view of the extinct dolphins swimming in the still waters is a sight to behold. You can also spend quality time with your family at the bungalows which are quite suitable for first time family tour to Laos.  Explore the vast Don Khon, Don Kong and the Don Det famous Islands to get the most out of the four thousand Islands.

The fascinating Site of the Vientiane city
The Vientiane city has so much to offer every time you visit this capital of Laos. The location near the Mekong River is just a tip of the iceberg on the beauty and adventure it bestows.  Owing to the French influence in the city, also known as the city of Sandalwood, it has spectacular architecture that will blow your mind. The preserved culture of the Lao people from the 15th century is clearly shown with the Buddhist stupa well known as Pha That Luang . You can get different designs of all kinds of silk products that can be created. The city is rich in silk which is quite affordable and high quality. The many shops that sell silk will catch your eye with the unique block of colors that line the market in the city.

Tour the Vang Vieng
Get ready to be thrown off balance on the Laos travel 2017. The beauty of Vang Vieng city from the landscape to the climate makes it the best destination for a first time family tour to Laos. The limestone karsts hills that surround the city look like giants that are trying to defend a gem from external invasion. The view from the miniature city below is spectacular and completely mind blowing. To enjoy a sunset evening while having dinner outside in the majestic lighting is a must on your first time Laos tour.

With its vicinity to the Nam Song River, you can enjoy a nice ride on the traditional Kayaks as you take it all in, around the Vang Vieng city. A first time Laos tour to Vang Vieng city gets better for any backpackers who changes course to Laos this year. The limestone hills create a perfect tour for hiking and exploring the numerous caves all over the geological formation.

vang vieng laos

If you have been used to long Visa application procedures, forget this when you take a first time tour to Laos. You can get your visas quick and start getting ready for a journey to a whole new world.  Maximize the opportunity to access cheap and short flights to the lovely country and especially for a first time family tour to Laos.

Your road to epic adventure and fun is close by. Get ready and brace yourself for the time of your life during your Laos travel 2017. Let this be the start to many more surreal and magical memories at Laos.

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