5 Practical Reasons to Explore Vietnam on a Guided Tour

Vietnam is a fascinating country to explore and has plenty of things to see and do. But it can be a frustrating and tiring place to navigate, especially for those with limited time. So, it is important to decide on the best way to travel. You have the option to seek the help of professional tour companies or travel independently.

For the travellers wishing to get the best possible experience out of a two week trip to Vietnam and wish to experience more than a visit to a few of the must-see attractions and a long spell on the beach, you are certain to benefit from using one of the professional tour operators. They have the experience and knowledge of the country to create the bespoke travel itinerary that perfectly matches the needs.

There a variety of benefits that comes with travelling with a tour company and a practical choice for a lot of travellers. The guided tour can be particularly useful for touring specific regions.

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Here are a few of the benefits of exploring Vietnam on a guided tour:

1 – Experience
Specialist tour companies have the benefit of having years of experience in preparing the tailored travel itineraries, and have the type of first-hand knowledge that can’t easily be sourced from a guidebook. Whether it is to get a more in-depth understanding of Vietnam’s history and culture, to learning about the fascinating street food scene, to discovering some of the less travelled routes, or simply to witness the most stunning views, the professional tour company has the ability to completely enhance the travel experience and make the entire process of organising the travelling in Vietnam that much easier.

2 – Efficiency
For most travellers that opt to travel independently, a significant amount of time is spent organising the itinerary, reserving guesthouse or hotel rooms, booking tickets, making travel arrangements, etc. By using the services of the tour operators, there is no need to be concerned with any of these issues because it has been taking care of. Arriving in the country with everything already organised means a lot more of the time is spent enjoying the holiday in Vietnam.

3 – Cost
Even for the tour operators that focus on organising the small group tours, they will still be involved with assisting a lot of travellers on an annual basis. This means it may be possible to get discounted rates on the accommodation that is used regularly, and at a much cheaper rate compared to what is available to the independent traveller. So, the level of comfort that is experienced on the travel in Vietnam is likely to be at a higher standard when relying on the industry professionals.

4 – Flexibility
Most of the highly regarded tour companies will go out of their way to meet the precise requirements of their clients. Whether you are looking to book Vietnam travel that includes visiting Cambodia and Laos as part of the tour, experiencing a culinary tour and learning to cook the local dishes, or hoping to go bird watching in the mangrove forests, a professional tour agent has the ability to organise the type of cultural or activity-based trip that matches the needs.

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Popular itineraries
Here are a few of the popular itineraries that can easily be organised by the local travel companies:

North to South
Vietnam is a long, thin country that is shaped much like an S with a majority of the travel companies offering the classic tour that includes travelling from the capital city, Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south. There are plenty of places to stop at en route, such as Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Mui Ne, and this north – south travel is a perfect way to see the most popular sights in Vietnam. Plus, there is the option to travel to the less discovered parts for the more off-the-beaten-track experience.

Whether you are planning to visit Vietnam for a period of rest and relaxation, for your honeymoon, or as part of your retirement, this country is a fascinating place to experience the luxurious stay with plenty of high-end city hotels and beach resorts along the length of the country. A tour company is able to give value for money when it comes to getting the very best from the Vietnam tour packages.

A great way to experience rural Vietnam is on a trekking tour of the countryside with its hills, forests and fields. This type of trip is perfect for the travellers with plenty of stamina and a spirit of adventure, while also getting to experience the more authentic trip with an insight into the lives of the hill tribe people. A trekking tour to a region like Sapa can easily be combined with an overnight stay in a homestay with a local family.

A culinary tour of Vietnam gives a wonderful opportunity to experience the incredible food. A whirlwind tour of the unique and delicious cuisine makes it possible to not only try the different dishes, but also learn to cook a few of the most popular dishes to wow family and friends on returning home.

5 – Information
Even for the independent traveller, it can still benefit to use a local tour company for certain aspects of the Vietnam tours. For instance, when visiting a historical site or other cultural experience. A guided tour makes it possible to learn a lot more about temples, pagodas, tombs, or other historical sites without needing to rely on a guide book. Most of the tour guides are native to the country and have a lot of knowledge of the local attractions which can be passed on, such as telling popular stories or pointing out certain features. A guided tour makes it possible to really absorb the area and attractions while letting someone else guide you around and tell you the interesting facts relevant to a particular site.

The list of tasks involved in organising the travel to Vietnam is never ending and with virtually all of this taken care of, there is that much more time to concentrate on having fun, shopping, drinking, eating, learning and exploring.

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