Reasons to visit Cambodia in 2017

It is once again the season to debate on your holiday destination. You might be having a bucket list so long you wonder how you will accomplish anything in this holiday tour 2017. You might be having all these thoughts swirling up in your mind from all the suggestions swarming all over. Do not beat yourself up because your previous vacation was a total disaster. Brace yourself up for a holiday of a lifetime, and there is only one place this season. Let everything lose as you take a Cambodia tour in the 2017. It is your year to turn things around from the familiar places you have been traveling during this Cambodia trip.

Forget the crazy hustle and arduous budgets that have strained your muscles all these years. Cambodia gives more than just a holiday tour 2017. It offers memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  After the fun and adventure from your Cambodia holiday tour, you will be anticipating for another epic experience from what the country has to offer. No one will put the blame on you if you want to move to the country already.

cambodia holiday tour

Vast unscathed beaches
Nothing shouts vacation like white sands, long stretch of beaches and of course the calm blue waters. More so, you do not want a beach crammed up so that it looks like free tickets are available to a Beyonce concert. How many ‘excuse me’ do you want to utter? At the beaches in Cambodia, there will be more of surfing and other crazy water sports, taking long walks at the beaches without bumping into another person so that you could taste the sunscreen lotion. It is fun to the unperturbed beaches at the incredible Cambodia. Getting to experience this during your Cambodia tour in 2017 is more than a reason to get you packing.

Test your appetite
When it comes to tasty and finger-licking cuisines, Cambodia takes center stage. Get your appetite ready and be better willing to control it as well. It is never enough with the vast cultural food that has unique recipes. Put your cooking skills to test during this holiday tour 2017 with the lemon grass and the different fish paste and coconut curry dishes, simply yummy! Try out the cultural method of serving the Amok dishes wrapped in banana leaves. What makes the trip even more enticing is the mix of culture with the Vietnamese cuisine and the neighboring Thailand delicacies. No one will be looking when you fill your plate with the French spring rolls and the curries.

The ancient Angkor Wat.
It may sound like a fiction story when told to you. You may enjoy the narrative once told to you, but you will probably think it is insane to be true. The famous Angkor Wat, the largest monument built through time. The religious monument will take your breath away with its fascinating architecture that will challenge the current designs and engineers. It is a place worth visiting in extreme detail during this Cambodia holiday tour. When someone mentions the word empire, it takes you back to this period of dynasties and kingdoms. That is exactly what you get to see the ancient city of Angkor which stood out from the 9th to the 15th century. The architecture will blow our mind and the, in particular, Bayon temple which is at the center of the city. It is a world marvel with a single interaction between nature and the ruins.  Experience the thrill of walking in and out of the halls of the rubble as your tour guide takes you back in time. It creates an exact look with the trees and roots which have sprawled from the within the structure and along the massive stone walls. Only the eye can explain what beauty and history hold at one majestic structure. It is truly a sight to behold.

cambodia tour 2017

Tour at heights
A Cambodia holiday tour 2017 is not complete without flight tours. The incredible landscapes are much more spectacular when you view them from above. The mountains are not only best for a hike but bestow so much beauty at the peak and especially in a helicopter. Look over the thick green vegetation and the startling waters and let yourself enjoy the panoramic view of nature with the best tour guides in the chopper. A ride in the hot air balloons will get you forgetting about your height phobia. The explicit hot air balloon tour is incredible and epic.  It gets better during the sunrise and the sunset. The view is spectacular and so romantic it might be the best setting for him to get on his knees. You better be ready, anything is possible in Cambodia.

Grab your souvenir
During this Cambodia tour in 2017, you are allowed to fill your cart as you shop all over the fully packed markets. Do not hold back as you walk through the fabulous stalls that are stocked withal the affordable products you can think. Pick a beautiful dress or a unique design of sneakers at the well known Siem Reap.

Loosen the budget.
Cambodia is the complete package for a holiday tour in 2017. Affordability is where everyone is running to during this a vacation trip. Although affordable, you get to experience what you have been looking for in a vacation with your loved ones. Talk about the flights which are cheap and quite comfortable. You do not want to have a jet lag as a start to your Cambodia tour 2017. The proximity is another reason to make it your destination this year.

The Cambodia people
What Cambodia has to offer is just a tip of the iceberg during your Cambodia holiday tour. You will fall in love with the Cambodia people every day you get to interact with them. Full of warmth and welcoming heart, you might just want to move and have a neighborhood filled with such nature. Who does not want that?
Get to experience this and so much more during your Cambodia tour in 2017. It is a chance you cannot miss in your life. Grab your ticket and book yourself an adventure of a lifetime.

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