Reasons for backpackers to visit Vietnam

It is all going down this season when you visit Vietnam. Ease up and prepare for the chance of a lifetime with just a backpack. Forget the hustle and struggles of planning in detail, let yourself free and explore the treasures of the worlds at the backpacking tour. A Vietnam backpacking tour is simply a haven with a well-organized circuit of destinations for the backpackers ready to make the best of every moment at Vietnam. Get your feet off the beaten track and explore the incredible landscapes and tackling a climb on the mountains at the North.

backpacking tour to vietnam

Experience the thrill of Vietnam travel 2017 with so much fewer procedures when applying for your Vietnam Visa at any of the Vietnam embassies. It gets more exciting for backpackers when it comes to the kind of budget for a backpacking tour to Vietnam. Affordability is the way to go this season and you will not sweat while trying to strain your budget, you will only break a sweat from the epic adventure in your Vietnam backpacking tour. Your backpacking tour only gets better when you get to experience an interaction with the Vietnam people. You will love Vietnam more and will be waiting eagerly to visit Vietnam over and over again.

The Vietnam backpacking tour all starts up with comfortable and very affordable flights from your destination. The variety of airlines does not only assure you of your arrival but grant you the complete welcoming feel to the great country on the South East of Asia. Get the complete ecstasy of taking in the outstanding view of the beautiful Vietnam by taking a train through the city of Ho Chi Minh and have the pleasure of viewing the lighting from the city especially at night. It is truly a sight to behold.

What is in store for you when you visit Vietnam this season just screams holiday with epic adventure and more fun. Get wild when you experience the adventure at Hanoi from the Cuc Phuong national park. It is one of the places you find the most of the unique flora and fauna globally. Walk through the ancient trees of the dense tropical forest to the center where endangered primates have been rescued. If you have heard of the Langurs and Gibbons from books, you get to see them and take photos and even be able to join in the move to save more. A Helpful mission, huh!  The backpacking adventure will get your muscles tight and fit as you will get around with bicycles. Be sure to be dehydrated and therefore water should be your new purse.

It is never a holiday without a visit to the spectacular Ha Long bay or the Trang An. The natural springs you have seen in movies are brought to life at the Bay. The incredible Islands with the natural rock formations are what you hope for especially when cruising in the Kayak and viewing the calm sea and simply taking it all in. The backpacking tour at the Ha Long bay gets real by making everyone wet. Whether you are high-speed tubing or wakeboarding, the true spirit of being in at bay is enjoying they waters.  The limestone Karst Mountains are also worth a visit and it will only be fair to do a mountain climbing around the place. The caves of the Ha long bay and the ancient pagoda are also worth visiting.

Let us say Vietnam has been blessed with natural formations. The caves are the most amazing formations that cannot be left out on a Vietnam backpacking tour. The paradise cave draws every visitor from far and wide to the majestic country. Being the largest and longest cave in the world, Paradise cave has attracted more people each year and also because of the Phong Nha National park where it is located. The national park is a home to different species of plants and animals with a river swiftly flowing in the middle of the park. You can take a dip into the river and cool your body for the adventure awaiting. The Son Doong cave is among the many caves in the Phong Nha-Ke national park. The eight lady cave welcomes you to the series of a couple of caves with a delightful story of the cave back in the day. Taking a walk in the explicit dark caves by zipping line is worth it with only your torches illuminating the mud baths. Be ready for a mud fight in the through the caves and don not worry, there is a lake where you can clean up.

phong nha cave

When you hear the word tunnels, you get a hold of an amusing feel. Experience this feeling at the Vinh Moc tunnels this Vietnam travel 2017. The tunnels originate from the war and came by to provide shelter to Vietnam people from the Intense bombing in the period of the American war. An amazing fact is that the tunnels were a home to more than six hundred people and also a nursery for infants and a maternity clinic. It really is a legendary place worth your epic adventure.

Getting through the city of Hanoi is quite fun when you use a motorbike rather than a taxi and especially f you have time by your side. The Hoan Kiem Lake is worth visiting and bestows a really interesting myth that will get your blood running. Explore the quiet town in the evening and even the war museum for the history fanatics. You will love it.

On the west of Hanoi, you will enjoy a motorcycle to the Mai Chau valley. It can only be a backpacker's adventure when the trip to the valley is full of fascinating stops at the waterfalls and a swim at the Da Lake. Take a ride through the incredible village at the Mai Chau valley while cycling through the rice paddies and completely enjoying the remote area of the valley. With the fresh rural air, walking through to the Pu Luong Nature reserve and into the cave must be on your to- do list as you embark on this backpacking tour.

Sapa is an appeal of a tale from your Vietnam travel 2017. The magnificent landscape of the town will completely blow your mind. Located on the old French hill station, Sapa town will get your muscles and limbs fired up with ultimate exercise. The bamboo forest of the mountainous region and through to the Hmong villages are one of the areas of value during this Vietnam backpacking tour. Be amazed by the landscape created by the vast rice terraces winding up the hill station. Enjoy a relaxing evening at the Seo Trung Ho National park and feast on a home cooked meal.

The Mai Chau valley with its stunning Go Lao waterfall will render you speechless. The view of the waterfall and the blue waters as it gracefully flows and splashes when it hits the bottom is out of this world. The hummingbirds that drink up from the area will get you appreciating nature even more. From all the amazing adventures at the valley, a meal at the Hoa Binh Lake completes the awesome tour. To relax the tired muscles for another epic tour, staying at the stilt authentic houses will do it right for you and your body.

For a backpacking tour, you need to rest a lot and the beautiful town of Hue is the best place. It is most preferred as the break station especially when taking a trip from Hanoi to Hoi An. You will get very affordable hostels here with and breakfast internet which you might need to share all the amazing photos you took already. The royal city of hue is an utter surrounding of beauty. You can visit the four different Citadels and overlook the perfume river. It is more exciting if you cycle around the place and have the pleasure of the fascinating view. Take a peek at the Thien Mu Pagoda catching every eye at twenty-one meters with its spectacular architecture.

You afternoon at Vietnam is always complete with a dip in the vast sea aligned with a very long beach. Hue does not fall short of a scenic beach. Take a walk along the Lang Co beach and relax your mind just like you are on your own therapeutic season. Jump into the clear waters and go wild at the mineral hot pools of Phong An, located a few meters from the beach.

Check out the vast coastline, the beaches, and the incredible springs as you embark the motorcycle ride from Hue to Hoi An. It is all about appreciating the series of beauty that connects two beautiful cities. Taking a bus is another option but the real adventure is with the motorbikes. You can stop at the Hai Van Pass to check out the remaining items from the war. The car enthusiasts will enjoy the top gear monitoring program along the road to Hoi An.

hoi an ancient town

From the beautiful beaches to the ultimate designers of clothing and shoes, Hoi An has a lot to offer when you visit Vietnam on this backpacking tour. The pristine bamboo grooves create a perfect path to ride your bicycle as you await your clothes to be ready. A boat ride on the woven kayaks is such an impressive adventure at the Hoi An town. Making the town more startling is the famous Da Nang beach. The sandy beaches, the clear waters, the incredible caves and the Buddhist shrines can completely take up your day without you realizing how you spent your time.

More water means more beaches and as it is more fun. Get your backpacking tour to the peak at the Nha Trang beach. You are allowed to go all wild and crazy with the jet skiing, you deserve it. The Nha Trang beaches offer you the ultimate water sporting you have been looking for, with the likes of windsurfing and paragliding. You cannot leave the beach without trying these water sports. Forget about the normal life routine and keep your adrenaline running as you enjoy these Vietnam waters.

Have you heard of white water rafting? Get the real deal at the Dalat countryside. Ensure you are with professionals during this expedition to the river. Explore the rural area of the white waters and walk through the coffee farms of the area. Crown your quiet evening with dinner at the Dalat town as you prepare for another wild adventure across Vietnam.

Get headed for the unique sand dunes at the small beach of Mui Ne. Take pleasure in walking, splashing, and jumping in the cool water and the soft, cool sand of the fairy spring.  The beach makes a perfect destination for the backpackers in the as you can relax from your ride as you enjoy the beautiful breeze gushing through your heated body. The sand dunes make it perfect to have a good time in sliding down while using cardboards. Make it more exciting and memorable with a ride on an Ostrich. It is fun but needs a little riding skill or you are going to crash terribly.

It can be really crazy at the Ho Chi Minh City because of the expensive lifestyle. It can however not limit the fun for the Vietnam backpacking tour. The city has quite the places to visit including the Cu Chi tunnels. Let that thrill of walking through the Cu Chi tunnels take the better part of you with the backing packing tour. It is an experience through the tunnels that will fire tour at the Ho Chi Minh City. The Mekong delta lets you enjoy the true pleasure of a rural setting. You better believe in the power of the Vietnam waters as you will witness the floating villages at the Mekong delta. The fumes and burning fuel of the city that fill the air is a forgotten situation in this area. The ambient air and the refreshing atmosphere that wash your lungs is a free commodity worth enjoying.

The backpacking tour will test your abilities to the limit and will grant you the epitome of excitement that you are seeking with little expense. Grab your backpack and get ready for the adventure of your life this year!

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