Vietnam tour and things to know

Do you wish to avail an international travel? Are you confused about choosing a travel destination? Vietnam is a country with mesmerizing tour experience. Whether you want to travel with your friends or family, Vietnam will be the best place to visit. Fun, frolic and enjoyment will be a part and parcel during your Vietnam trip. Are you thinking about the cost? Don’t worry, at Indochina Value Travel, you can easily get an affordable package. The professional travel agent will make all arrangements for you starting from the Vietnam Visa till enjoying tasty food after reaching the country. You can also have a view of rich culture of people in Vietnam within the Vietnam travel package. Best features are incorporated for you in a special way offering you with the top notch results without difficulty. Numerous attractive places are known to beautify ‘Vietnam’ of which some of them are as given below. Read more: Vietnam Visa: Key Information to Know.

vietnam tour from hanoi

Travel destinations in Vietnam

Hanoi has been listed as one of the most favorite destination in Southeast Asia. This capital city of Vietnam has all that a Vietnam tour has to offer such as charming old quarter, many historical and cultural sites, great street food, cheap accommodation or easy to combine with Halong bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa and other travel destinations in Vietnam.

If you have come to Vietnam, Halong is the beautiful bay which you will enjoy. You will be able to hear a story about this bay. In the year 1898, a big sea snake was observed in the boat during a trip in Halong bay. From that time the tourist spot was given the name as ‘Bay of descending dragons’.  Yes, the snake so found during the travel was not like simple snake. It is very big in size with colorful images in the body. You will feel as if somebody has painted in the snake’s body. Thus, this peculiar snake was named as Dragon in the French newspaper. You can enjoy several water sports in this bay along with visit to some beautiful island.

Ninh Binh
100 km south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is proud of being the ancient capital of Vietnam and having breathtaking scenery. Tam Coc caves, Trang An grottoes are called "Halong bay on land" while Bai Dinh is the biggest pagoda in Vietnam. Come to Ninh Binh for a day tour from Hanoi is suggested, but tourists should book a private tour so they can see as much as possible.

Ha Giang
Within your Vietnam travel, you can plan a trip to a beautiful town situated in northern part of the country named as Ha Giang. You can enjoy viewing the culture of people staying in this town. Their languages, festival and wedding ceremonies are worth viewing.  The town is just beside the China border. The tourist will speak about the extent of damage which the town suffered in the history when the country has to struggle with China in the year 1979.  Yet the town is restored and tourism is appreciated.

This mountain town is as charming as a beautiful girl with hidden beauty. Tourists book a Sapa tour to enjoy cool weather, shoot amazing photos of the impressive rice terraces or explore life and culture of the ethnic groups living in the area.

Cao Bang
This northeastern province of Vietnam shares border with China and has long been known for picturesque landscapes, especially the stunning Ban Gioc waterfall and mysterious Nguom Ngao cave. A tour to Cao Bang normally combines with Ba Be lake in Bac Kan or Ha Giang to make 4-5 day trip.

ban gioc tour

Hue used to be the capital of the last dynasty of Vietnam before it moved to Hanoi. A visit to Hue is like a step back to a hundred year ago. Charming Perfume River, royal Citadel, tombs, weather - beaten pagodas, temples make Hue a must see place in Vietnam to learn about culture and history. Hue also has nice beaches of Lang Co, Thuan An, Tam Giang lagoon, Bach Ma national park and it is easy to combine Hue with Phong Nha, Hoi An, etc.

Hoi An
No Vietnam tour is complete without a trip to Hoi An. Beauty of Hoi An can be seen through the old houses, hundreds of cultural sites, peaceful villages, white sandy beaches or sparkling lanterns in the evening. Words can't tell so it is best to travel to Vietnam now and do not forget to stay in Hoi An for at least 3 nights.

Phu Quoc
If you are willing to peep in to the Cambodia, Phu Quoc at Vietnam is the place to visit. This is a beautiful place with mountainous island. Also you can enjoy the forest view of the place.  The best thing you can see here is the hydrofolis lying between the mainland and the island. You can take boat ride to enjoy the beauty of this place. You may explore many more spots on and around Phu Quoc. If you wish to stay in any of the accommodation near this place, Vietnam travel package will be customized accordingly.

Travelers will definitely repent if they don’t have a view of Mekong River in Vietnam. You can also have a view of the Mekong Delta. There is a particular time to visit this delta as most of the time you will experience heavy rainfall over here. However from December till May you can get dry weather. You can enjoy the boat trips and see the making of coconut candy.

My Tho - Mekong delta
Another beautiful tourist destination right in Vietnam where you can see many small islands with natural beauty. Some of the popular names of islands are the unicorn, Dragon, Phoenix etc. This place is also famous for plantation of tress that gives out delicious fruits. This is a place in Vietnam travel deal where two lakes have mesmerizing view. Especially at night, these are really attractive.

mekong tour

Surprising facts about Vietnam
•   Elephant ear fish / Tai Tuong and large cat fish are one of the famous diet in some parts of Vietnam
•   Local people in Vietnam prepares original coconut candy at home and the travelers will be able to have a look at the preparation procedure
•   Did you know that snake wine is prepared in Vietnam? The process of making it is pouring the rice over the snake. This is then left for fermentation.
•   At Vietnam you can enjoy consuming a wonderful dish made up of leek and celery. It is a crunchy snack consumed with drinks.
•   You can get a chance to explore a The Fairy pond at Vietnam
•   Vietnam is listed as one of the cheapest countries to travel.
•   Son Doong is the world's largest cave located in Quang Binh province of Vietnam.
•   English is spoken well and everywhere in Vietnam.
•   Vietnam is a friendly country and foreigners are treated well.

Vietnam travel guide by Indochinavalue

•    Best time to visit Vietnam
Vietnam travel should be experienced during the season. In the northern part of Vietnam the best time will be during January to April. If you want to organize your tour in the southern part of Vietnam, travel between Novembers till May.

•    Customs and travel needs
You are travelling from one country to another. Thus, you have to go through all the custom regulations. The expert’s tour managers at Vivu travels will complete all the formalities starting from Vietnam Visa till the boarding formalities.

•    Language spoken
The travelers willing to visit Vietnam must be aware of the language spoken by the people of Vietnam. Normally people staying in Vietnam speak out the languages such as Chinese, Japanese, English, Russian and French. If you know any one of these languages, you won’t have a language issue.

•    Safety in the country
Don’t worry about the security and safety issues in Vietnam. Travelers visiting this country say, it is very safe place for people with all ages. But, you should take precautions during emergency. You should keep your purse and mobiles carefully when you are walking through a crowded place. Always carry a photocopy of your identity card along with hotel authority’s number etc.

After reading so many positive points and attractive spots of Vietnam, you must be really eager to visit this place. What are you waiting for? Call us today or visit the website to avail the travel deal with discounts.

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