Moving around in Vietnam

Who wants to miss out a whole new world with of fun and adventure? You need that element that takes you off the usual routine while on a vacation. Get the fun and experience this year on a Vietnam holiday tour with your family. Let the new experience in a whole new country enlighten you to a better schedule and get you more alert. It is going to be an amazing holiday moving around the incredible country with interesting locomotives that will juggle up your Vietnam travel. Do not be stuck up for your safer option which is the taxi. Get out of your comfort zone during this tour and experience the most cultural and epic ways of moving around the beautiful cities, towns or simply the waterways.

halong cruise

Cruise on a boat tour
If you have been longing to ride on the still blue sea of the country, this holiday is going to make it complete. For a country blessed with a large volume of water occupying its land, a boat tour will most favorable during this tour. You need that cool fresh breeze brushing on your face and the silent waves beating up the shore off, a distance away. It is quite therapeutic to watch the sea animals swimming in circles inside the clear waters while others are struggling to get away from your boat, actually running for their lives. It is a memory worth saving. Cruising along the Ha long bay is the most astounding ways to tour the vast Bay. Set aside a three-day tour to visit the long beach and riding under the enormous karsts limestone mountains during your Vietnam family tour. You have got to ride around the majestic huge limestone Islands at the Ha long bay looking down at you like they want to smash you.

A boat ride to the imperial tombs in the city of Hue is something you really do not want to miss out on. It will feel like the ancient times once again when you use the traditional kayaks. The men will love a fishing tour at Hoi An and the snorkeling boat rides at the startling Nha Trang beach. Do not worry if you do not catch any fish, there will be plenty for you to feast. The Mekong River has so much to offer and especially a tour to the floating village of Cai Cao. The Ferry episode will be one to remember. The thrill of the villages floating below you as you hover along the Mekong Delta is totally worth experiencing.

Let the feet get fit.
You really can move around the parks by trekking and feel the soft grass beneath your soil. It gets you an ample time to take photos of the places that fascinate you as you move along. Get the muscles juggled up as you take a hike up the Limestone Mountains to the world of caves. Vanish into the enormous Son Doong caves and get the view of a jungle within a jungle as you watch how nature coexists without the harmful touch of humanity. It is all worth the trip.

Trekking through rice terraces in Sapa or taking evening walks with your loved ones through the incredible Hoi An town streets as the sun settles down its will to scorch. Appreciate the ancient architecture that stands out unperturbed for centuries. Take it all in during this Vietnam family tour.

vietnam holiday tour

Join the Train Wagon
You do not want to miss the epic tour with the train from Mui Ne to Danang. From this train tour, you get the view of the long stretch of beaches as the rays of the setting sun reflect the water and brighten the evening. It is a sight to behold. The kids would have been tired from the fun and adventure of rolling in the sand dunes and jumping in the soft sand with the water paddles at Mui Ne beach. With the slow and graceful train travel, the kids will take a perfect rest for yet another adventure at the Danang beach. A distance from the Danang beach is the beautiful Hoi An city. At the royal city, you are liable to a perfect ensemble better than the designer suits.

To avoid all the hustle of a bus or a taxi, the train makes it perfect to travel from Hanoi to Lao Cai. From the train tour, the fresh air of the rural area towards Sapa will keep you ready to tackle the mountainous region of the area. The landscape of Lao Cai is also a sight to behold especially while in the train. The untouched green field with well-aligned terraces will get you off balance. The Hanoi train tour to Dong Dang will get you ready to start up a tour through back in time at the archeological site.

Hire your driver
You must opt for a comfortable and an air conditioned ride as you move around in your family tour especially if you have the kids on tour with you. With the scorching sun during summer, you might be feeling a little hazy, the cool air from the taxi or the hired cars could do justice for the major part of your trip. Getting a private hire is also ad advantage as you get to tour the best places and moving fast to cover more ground quite easily.

Go traditional, move traditional
Add some excitement during your Vietnam holiday tour this year by taking a ride on the traditional cyclo. Get the ecstasy of the bicycle rickshaw through the busy cities and the busy markets. At the Ho Chi Minh city, the cyclo comes in handy as you take a tour through the water parks around the city. A tour to the Cu chi tunnels is also a must during your Vietnam travel tour with your family. Let your travel guide take you back to the Vietnam War in detail as you pace through the incredible tunnels running underground. With its affordability, the cyclos are very reliable and capture the feeling of the real vacation when you tour the war museums and the world heritage. It is quite an ambitious tour.

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