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A colorful Tour for the Colorful Indians!
Vietnam and Indochina tours have always been on the priority list of tourists around the world. While Vietnam allows you to get the most of its natural beauty, historic culture and rich heritage, Indochina tour offers you a complete package of the above and that too in context with the three countries. Tourists from all over the world love to spend their holidays in these countries, especially the tourists from the Asian countries. The country of India holds great importance to the Vietnam holiday from India and Indochina tours as there are a lot of similarities between these countries. India is a country with deep historical background, vibrant cultures, mesmerizing beauty, amazing spices and delicacies and what not.

The people of India love travelling to a place where they can feel like home and that’s exactly what Vietnam and the other two countries offer. Indian tourists are very interested in the cultural background and history of a particular place and this is the reason they love spending time in here and when it comes to cuisines, they are big food lovers and when they come here, they are welcomed by different and a wide range of mouth watering cuisines to make their tour a memorable one!

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Vietnam & Indochina Tours from India
When it comes to choosing the tours, Indian tourists have the option of selecting either the Vietnam holiday tour or the Indochina tour where they not only will get to see Vietnam only but the beauty of two more countries, namely Cambodia and Laos. To get the Vietnam visa for Indian, you have to really check with your government as each and every country has different visa requirements. If you have time and the required budget, we recommend opting for a tour which covers all the three countries as you can make the most out of your tour.

If you can enjoy the beauty of one country, you will definitely enjoy the combination of mesmerizing beauties of the three countries.  We have tours of each and every kind available for our Indian tourists. Based on their budget they can select from any of our wide range of tours and even customize it according to their preferences. For more details, you can visit us anytime on our website

Vietnam holiday packages
This Southeast Asian country is known for its beauty and amazing charm apart from it rich heritage and cultural diversity. With so many exotic holiday locations throughout the country, it has a lot to offer on the plate for its tourists. No matter whether you are a newly married Indian couple or an Indian family, you will get to enjoy your tour perfectly as Vietnam offers everyone something or the other from its diverse range of exoticness. Beaches, beautiful landscapes and comfortable hotels, Vietnam is a treat for sure. Apart from this, you get to witness a lot of architectural beauty as the country is greatly known for its historical contribution to the world. Just like India, people here are very warm and friendly.

Throughout the world, Indian people are known to help the needy and the people of Vietnam are exactly the same and this is the reason, Indian tourists enjoy their stay a lot in this country. Although, there are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions but some of the most famous destinations are Hanoi, Halong bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi an, Mekong delta, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc island. Traveling to these places is extremely easy and comfortable in the Vietnam holiday packages as all these places are well connected through road, rail and air. To know more about Vietnam, please read our Vietnam Travel Guide.

Vietnam’s Major Destinations

•    Halong Bay
Known for its contribution to the Seven Wonders of the World and classified as a natural heritage by UNESCO, this city is loved by travelers the most since it has the most exciting and beautiful bays like the Halong Bay. The best time to come here is during the spring. The cruise packages are one of the biggest attractions of this city and one can choose their respective package depending on their budget and the kind of luxury and facilities they are looking for. Researching for the cruise packages beforehand is greatly recommended to avoid any kind of inconvenience in any of your Vietnam holiday packages!

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•    Ho Chi Minh City
From the historical point of view, this city holds great importance as it is named after the great historical figure, Ho Chi Minh for his contribution to the Vietnam War. Also called as “The Diamond of the Far-East", late Jan or early Feb  is the best time to visit this city, since this is the time when this place looks at its best and also has less humidity. As told above, this place is known for its contribution to the Vietnam War and has a lot of work of the French architecture in the form of Museums, The Cu Chi Tunnels, Cao Dai Temple, Bitexo Tower, Jade Emperor, Sky deck, War Remnants Pagoda, Reunification Palace and Mariamman Hindu Temple etc.

•    The Ancient City of Hue
Just like the Indian history is known for its great emperors and historical battles, this city is an apt choice for the Indian tourists as it is home to a lot of palaces and other historical monuments. The simple reason being it is one of the oldest cities of Vietnam and has its roots to the time of Emperors of Vietnam.

In case you thought, it only has historical stuff, let us correct you by saying that this place is equally famous for its great festivals like Hon Chen, Row Skiff Racing, Sinh Village and Nam Giao, great architecture and a lot of beautiful beaches such as Lang Co beach and Thuan An beach. Similar to Indian markets and taste, this city has lot of shopping stuff for the tourists and one can visit the shops of Dong Na market, Tran Hung Dao and art studios which you will enjoy in your Vietnam holiday from India.

•    The Beautiful Hoi An City
This beautiful city is known by its tag name, “Venice of Vietnam”. Being one of the oldest cities of Vietnam, it has a lot to offer when it comes to the history and the cultural background and when the tourists are form India, the excitement gets even bigger. From swimming to water sports, night market, diving, beaches and spas, this place has everything to make your tour exciting and you can’t miss the vegetable village and the old town as it is a must watch. From ancient theaters, assembly halls, museums to great workshops, this city has everything you can ask for. Indian people have the option of carrying back their home some of the traditional things like shoes, kimonos, dresses, lanterns etc and also enjoy the great cuisines it has to offer on the plate.

•    The Largest City- Danang
This is the biggest city of the country and has a lot of tourist attractions in the form of architecture, beaches, ancient culture and rich heritage. This is a great place if you are a shopping freak as it offers some of the finest works from the local people. From clothes to souvenirs, a lot of exciting and interesting stuff awaits your presence. Apart from this you can enjoy the Tuong performances, Cyclo tour, live music café and Danang Cathedral.

Cambodia Travel Guide
There is definitely a reason for this country to be known by its tagline “Country of warm smiles”. This Southeast Asian country is a top favorite when it comes to enjoying the vibrant night life, mouth watering cuisines, beautiful coastlines, great culture and great people. In short, it has everything which an Indian tourist will enjoy as a part of his tour. Colonial architecture in the old towns and buildings is a great treat to watch out for.

The young crowd of Indian would definitely love this place because of over the top and exciting night life and parties, especially the cocktail parties and that too in the lovely islands. Just like India, it hosts religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Khmer is the official language spoken here with English used as the second language. You will also witness a lot of martial arts stuff like Bokator, Kbach Kun Dambong Veng, Pradal Serey and Boak Chambab.

Cambodia’s Major Destinations

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•    Siem Reap
Just like in India there are a lot of ancient temples and monuments, this city is greatly known for its ancient temples of Angkor. Apart from the beautiful attractions, you get to see and know about the land of Khmers. Stretching between Siem Reap River and great rice paddles, this city is considered as a great heritage site. If you wish to see the traditional Cambodia culture, road trips are greatly recommended.

Dance performance by Apsara, boat trips to the fishing village and the Tonle Sap Lake are also a great option. Not only the western and Asian cuisines but you get to enjoy the traditional Cambodian cuisines as well like Amok made with fish and Luk-lac made with beef. Great handicrafts to chic fashion accessories, traditional souvenirs plus contemporary art pieces are some of the top choices of the old and the new market for shoppers. Trust us; you will surely enjoy your Cambodian or Vietnam holiday package from India. So, just hurry up!

•    Capital City of Phnom Penh
Since it is the capital of Cambodia, it holds great importance in the country and is build on the banks of three great rivers namely Mekong, Tonle Sap, and Bassac. It is quite the political and economic hub of Cambodia where most of the high profile and influential people stay. Not only this, a lot of traditional and historic sites offer a great range of sightseeing.

Apart from the sightseeing, there are a lot of options for shopping, dining, enjoying nightlife and bar streets. We strongly recommend two days stay for completely enjoying your stay at Phnom Penh. Silver pagodas, Royal Palace, National Museum, Russian market, Independence Monument, Wat Phnom and Toul Sleng are some of the other great attractions of this place.

Laos Travel Guide
Laos has a great history that dates back to the kingdom of Lan Xang, falling between the 14th and 18th century before it got splitted into three independent kingdoms- Luang Phrabang, Vientiane and Champasak and evenrtually was known by its official name Laos. Vientiane is the capital of Laos and most of the population consists of Lao people, Mon-Khmer groups, the Hmong and the hill tribes.

Laos Major Travel Destinations

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•    Luang Prabang
Known as the old capital of Laos, it is considered as one of the most beautiful Southeast Asian city. Colonial architecture, ancient temples and old French houses are some of the best places to visit in this city as a part of your Vietnam and Laos holiday packages and if you didn’t new, let us tell you that this city topped as the world‘s best heritage site in 1995 and this is the reason, it is called as the "Jewel in Laos crown “.

•    The Capital City of Vientiane
This city is known for its great French colonial culture and Buddhist temples and some of the most historic and important monuments having great national importance. From quality restaurants to cafes, this place has everything needed to fill in an empty stomach and that too in style. If you are an Indian who follows Buddhism to some extent, you will definitely love Luang Stupa as it is the icon of Buddhism and one of the most sacred monuments since it is believed that it has obtained a bone and hair from Gautama Buddha himself.

Similar to the number of Indian festivals, this place is greatly known for a variety of festivities like the Luang festival. Other important destinations include Phou Khao Khouay National Park, That Luang monument, the presidential palace Wat Si Muang, Vang Vieng Hill tribe villages, Wat Sisaket, Patuxai and Nam Ngum Lake.

•    Vang Vieng- The Party Destination
To all the party lovers of the world, this place is quite the party destination. Known by its party name as the “wildest party town”, the young crowd of India will surely love to party and enjoy to the maximum in their holidays at this part of the world. Nam Song River tubing trip is one of the most sought after activities of this tour.

For the best dark cave experiences, you can always opt for the cave tubing and if you are an adventurous freak, you have the option of enjoying the hot air balloons and have your own fun. It is also known for its spectacular sunset view from the top. KaengNyui waterfall, Phapoak, Water cave and blue lagoon are some of the other great attractions of this city which you should not miss out on.

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