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Vietnam is a beautiful country with a fascinating people. They have struggled a lot against all odds, and succeeded through more than two thousand years of history. They have created their own culture and tradition, but today they are still struggling to claim their place in the world. The people of Vietnam deserve our recognition and understanding even they may not ask for it.

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The story of the origin of Vietnam's name captures several prominent themes that have run throughout the nation's history. The Vietnamese have for centuries had a sense of the distinctiveness of their society and culture. However, the land they inhabit has enlarged over time, and also the country has its own internal divisions into northern, central, and southern regions. In addition to this, their history has been profoundly influenced by their association with other, often more powerful, groups.

Vietnam today stands at a crossroads. People are also very interested in where you have been, what you have done, and who you have seen. Like this way, the information flows very quickly among people of this country. As the result, the accuracy of the information is not always important to the story teller. The people of this country are known to be pleasant, hospitable and sensitive. The Vietnamese have a casual and friendly manner. They consider friendship as being very important throughout one’s life. They are always open to visit from friends. Their principle is that, Drop in visits is welcome. Along with the Vietnamese are very close to their family. They give high respect to their elders as well as ancestors.

Vietnamese society values stability in social relations, thus relationships tend to be extremely intimate. The people of this country are extremely romantic, not only in a sexual sense, but also in their feeling towards their ancestors, extended family, their home village and country.

People travelling to Vietnam will be interested in this guide to regulate their expressions and polite behavior when talking to Vietnamese people and that follows is a summary of nonverbal behaviors and their meanings in Vietnamese culture.

The respect is the corner-stone of mutual relationships in Vietnamese society. Generally, respect is conveyed by the use of special terms of address and certain stylistic devices. Yet, it is also expressed by nonverbal behavior.

The Vietnamese live mainly by slash and burn agriculture. For a long time, the mountain people lived in isolation and were suspicious of lowlanders. These people maintained only limited communication and trade with the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese have tried both peacefully and forcefully to assimilate them into their society, and they have settled themselves in the middle of several wars.  Now the Government is implementing several programs and features to bring lowland Vietnamese people into the mountains, improve and develop their communities, and educate the children, while still allowing them to maintain their heritage.

Vietnam is a populated country of over 85 million people. Though the villages have played a key role in Vietnam's psyche and social order, most of the Vietnamese now live in the major cities where jobs are more plentiful. The literacy rate is impressively high. However, Vietnam is still a relatively poor and less healthy country.

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