5 Reasons To Visit Vietnam In 2018

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Vietnam is one of the oldest countries in South East Asia, and it has something to offer everyone such as food, art and culture buffs, adventurous places and lots more. From the limestone-studded archipelagos of the north to the meandering waterways of the southern Vietnam, it is a country rich in its diversity. Vietnam is one of the fastest developing tourist destinations in the world. Traveling to Vietnam is very easy, and you can experience the difference the moment you file your Vietnam visa online and finding out experienced local Vietnam tour operators.       

There could be many reasons you can highlight for visiting Vietnam; however, there are 5 important reasons which you cannot ignore if you are planning for a Vietnam tour program in 2017.  You do not necessarily require a travel organizer to visit Vietnam, but if you can take the assistance of good tour organizer like Indochinavalue, they can offer you fantastic Vietnam tour Packages.  

Therefore, if you have started thinking about your travel plans for 2017 then talk to Indochinavalue for Vietnam Holiday Packages, and you will get to know about the Vietnam vogue and wealth along with its cultural liveliness.

With cultural extravaganza and socially friendly community, Vietnam has a lot more to offer each and one. There are so many reasons; one can plan a trip to Vietnam, the epic food, amazing landscape, intriguing history, vibrant community, and lot more which can tickle your sensations which are course thrilling and rejuvenating experience. We bring you here 5 important reasons, why you will love to visit Vietnam in 2017.

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Incredible Landscapes
Vietnam is a country, which stretches from north to south with many world heritage sites recognized by their breathtaking beauty. In the north, sail on the Ha Long Bay where peaks grow from the sea and cruise down to Vietnam’s Red River. Turning around the limestone islands and visiting ancient caves such as Phong Nha Ke Bang Caves will be one of the most beautiful experiences you will be having.

Besides, there are also some beautiful and popular tourist spots like Da Lat which is famous for its French-style villas, Keo Pagoda, Hoi an ancient street, Charm Islands, paddy farms, museums based on its history like Sombre War Remnants, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, religious places and much more. Whether a must-see site or an off beaten path attraction you will never be downhearted by your Vietnam Holiday.

Friendly Vietnamese
Vietnam local people will bemuse you with their hospitable behavior and smile. They are genuinely interested in knowing and helping travelers that visit their country. Everywhere you go in the country during your Vietnam Holiday, their positive outlooks and smile will welcome you. They are the precious treasure of Vietnam. Vietnamese in different location have their own identity and people recognize them with admirations.  People from Hue are known for their sweet, elegant and royal like attitude and those from Hoi An known for their honest behavior.

You will be even more inspired and surprised when you spend time with farmers in Mekong Delta. Therefore, if you travel the country make friends, explore the local culture, and gain some experience of their lives.

Delicious and Yummy Food
Food is one of the main attractions in Vietnam, especially the seafood. Vietnam is the paradise for lovers of watermelon, mango, pineapple, banana, mandarin and many tropical fruits and coffee as Vietnam is the second largest exporter of it. Coffee has become the staple drink in the country, and it consumes both hot and cold along with the addition of egg, condensed milk, and coconut milk. The main attraction is enjoying street food at one of the food stalls on the sidewalks by sitting on a small bench.

Vietnamese cuisine is the favorite choice for many people because it is a balance of sweet, sour, salty and hot tones and contains ingredients like cane sugar, fish sauce, fresh chilies, and tamarind and lime juice. Vietnam popular dishes include Bun Cha – grilled pork served with rice noodle soup, Pho- a chicken rice noodle dish, Bahn Mi- Spicy and grilled meat and much more. From spring rolls to seafood, Vietnam food is always fresh, tasty and healthy.

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Fantastic Beaches
Your vacation tour will be incomplete without visiting the beaches in Vietnam. Vietnam has the world’s most beautiful beach listing. Relaxing and spending time under the shining sun in blue water and feeling the waves of Da Nang, Mui Ne and much more will relieve all your stress and add an everlasting memory in your life. One can also experience water sports activities during their Vietnam Holiday like windsurfing and kite running in Nha Trang, and couples can enjoy romantic evenings in world –class beach resorts and seafood dinner with some added wildness in Mui Ne. For beach lovers, a trip to Vietnam is certainly the holiday of a lifetime.

Best Travel experience
Vietnam is an inexpensive travel destination among most countries in Asia as it provides a variety of options for leisure and entertainment. It has all the things that you are looking for and has wealth and history of different sights. Some of the best experiences include staying in the northern mountain area of Sa Pa with an ethnic family, sand surfing in Mui Ne along with local children, taking sunrise photos in Hoi An, shopping ethnic fashion and handicrafts, and much more.

One can also experience the traditional festivals celebrated in Vietnam all year round such as Tet holiday is a time for family gatherings in which the families give or pay respect to their ancestors, buffalo fighting festival, and native wide parades. Those looking for adventures can enjoy trekking the rice terraces of Sapa or can ride on a moped in Saigon in pillion style.

Its natural resources, national parks, camping and bird watching in the forest, renting a vehicle like a jeep or a motorbike and touring are something that adds a beautiful experience to the whole Vietnam trip. So talk to tour organizer Indochinavalue for Vietnam holiday packages, as there is so much to discover in Vietnam and get unique and beautiful travel experience that will never fade away from your memory and travel diaries.

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Vietnam is a well-known destination for travelers who want to have leisure and entertainment on a low budget. With its tropical coastline, good food, attractive culture, long history, rich tradition and Buddhist impact this beautiful country is worth exploring. Above are the five reasons for planning a Vietnam holiday packages; however, the diversity of Vietnam is beyond comprehension, it would be difficult to limit the reason for visiting Vietnam to just five, it could be more than that.

A holiday detached from all your personal and professional life means a lot more than simply a leisure trip. Vietnam is a country, where you can meet your dream in its real terms, with rich culture, embedded history, progressive and friendly community, all set to offer unforgettable memories in life. Make your Vietnam holiday a memorable feast with the help of your trusted travel partner Indochinavalue.

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