Vietnam Honeymoon Vacation and where to go

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From all the tourist locations around the world, none is more eye-catching than Vietnam. The country is indeed called as the wonder of nature. Mythical beaches andexotic waterfalls, to the deepest ridges and tallest mountains. Choose a place to spend your honeymoon but to be in East Asia. Even more impressive is the fact that the country was nothing but a pile of rubble just forty years ago. For manypeople, the Vietnam War was far from pretty and so were the consequences.

Today, Vietnam as a country and nation,stands tall and proud, projecting its real beauty to the world and attracting millions of tourists in return each year. The country has such mesmerizing beauty that you would be hard pushed not to believe it. Surprised? Well, nothing could convince you more than to see it firsthand. How about planning a perfect little Vietnam honeymoon vacation this year? Join the heaven on earth in East Asia. But, before you start celebrating your honeymoon in Vietnam, here are a few things that you should know:

Dalat (The City Of Love)

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You'llnot finds a better place than Vietnam to start your honeymoon in Vietnam. Standing approximately 5000 feet above sea level (ASL), Dalat is the place to be for new couples. The weather is so chilly that you don’t need an air conditioner. Just across the hillside, you’ll find a neat little place to reside – the European Alpine Resort. The resort was founded by the famous Swiss Geologist Alexander Yersin who crossed the area through the pass. The town is also known as Le Petit Paris by locals, and for a good reason. It is the ideal destination to kick start your Vietnam honeymoon vacation. The ancients call it the hillside town, and so it is known as the perfect place for lovers and newly web couples. Thecity offers naturally beautiful weather and world class resorts to spend a night or two. Moreover, the town has a plethora of ancient stupas and temples scattered all over.

Island of Phu Quoc

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The peaceful and tranquil island of Phu Quoc is another gem of a place for lovers. With turquoise waters flowing all the way to the Gulf of Thailand just across the landscape, Phu Quoc is a located just around afifty-minute flight from the Hu Chi Minh City. The stunning beach is perhaps the most visited spot on this exotic island.With a plethora of resorts and restaurants nearby. Stay in any of these places and enjoy a list of local and foreign cuisines. Enjoy your day having fun at the beach with swimming or scuba diving. Swimmer or not, you can take a fun-filled boat ride across the calm ocean waves with your partner. Phu Quoc is also home to many unique and historic places in the mainland city. The tropical weather and a relaxed environment coupled with the unexplored natural environment. To top it all, the island also has its national park where you can spend a good part of your day having fun visiting different places.

Halong Bay

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Arguably one of the most famous places to visit in the country, especially if you want to spend a lovely honeymoon vacation in Vietnam. The area is tagged by the government as the most famous spot for tourist all around the year. Declared as the UNESCO heritage site, it is now among almost 850 heritage sites in that category. The area is almost unbelievably beautiful, so much so that you’ll barely believe your eyes until you see it yourself. The bay comprises of just over 2000 islands. These are filled with different limestone mountains with cliffs reaching up to 1500 feet or more. For over millions of years, the ocean water rushing into the Limestone Mountains has formed a unique range of caves and caverns.

This process of sea erosion has given many cliffs unique shapes and formations. Due to their unique appearances, the locals have named these regions appropriately. For instance, one area is called the Human HeadIsland, while another as Turtle Island. Similarly, you’ll also find a Chicken and Elephant Island around here as well.

Nha Trang

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Visit Nha Trang, and you’ll have great fun spending your honeymoon in Vietnam. The place is almost a perfect mix of two worlds. There is one region called the Danang which is full of Commerce and breathtaking beaches. The other partis known as the Western resort town that contains several city blocks with hotels and a lively urban life. Here, you’ll also find many international restaurants and food chains. The place is truly a remarkable mix of natural and modern lifestyle. If you want to spend your time near the beach, there are several resorts that you can choose from.

For art lovers, the region has Topiary and modern sculpture that is almost manicured perfectly into the foreshore. Add to that; there is also a Hollywood-style sign just at the nearby Tre Island. All in all, there is too much to see and will likely keep you and your partner occupied for the whole day. Don’t forget to take a rest in a nearby restaurant.

Mui Ne Beach

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Another of the Vietnam’s crown jewels, the Mui Ne beach is one of the longest beaches in the country. The beach also has several villages nearby where fishers spend time fishing in the ocean. Evidently, the fishing industry is flourishing in this region, and you’ll find seafood abundantly across the region. The calm waters seem like a trademark across most beaches in Vietnam. Even more interesting is the pleasant weather that can lure many tourists to spend more time here despite bright sunshine. The refreshing atmosphere will never let you tire for a moment so spend as many hours here as you like. With many guesthouses and restaurants nearby, you can take a good night sleep after spending a joyful day at the beach.

So, take out some moments out of your busy schedule and celebrate your honeymoon in Vietnam this year.

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