The Exotic Travel Holiday Destination in Vietnam

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Vietnam travel packages are one of the exotic holiday packages you can ever think of spending your vacation in Vietnam. It is like the hidden door opening to one of the most unexplored locations around the world. The food, people, weather and natural scenic beauty is something you have been craving for all your life. Although the cultural ambiguity put forth by the lack of communication among the locals and visitors might seem a little odd at first, their friendly nature and immense hospitality is something that can change your preoccupied mentality about Vietnamese.

The scenic beauty and mesmerizing spots around this country will bewilder you, to say the least. Vietnam Travel packages serve as an ideal partner for all those first time visitors providing an explicit and enthralling opportunity for you to witness something extraordinary.

Visa Requirements for validating Vietnam Travel Packages
Primarily, you need to keep in mind before visiting Vietnam is your visa and passport requirements. Make sure to check if your visa has certain conditions full filled or not. You need to carry yourself with a passport with a minimum of six months of validity along with a pre-approved entry permit to travel and enjoy the unique and thrilling experience of Vietnam.

Pre-approved Vietnam visa needs to go through a scrutiny procedure at your embassy first before having it approved. Take your visa information seriously, though, as it happens that many times tourists get turned away at the airport sometimes, for visa misinformation or failure to follow up on the procedure in other manners. Indochinavalue on your behest makes sure that you fulfill everything beforehand so that your trip does not have to end prematurely.
Reasons for visiting Vietnam

Scenic beauty at your behest
Vietnam at any time of the year is the kind of country which has outgrown its own beauty and embraced it for as long as we can remember. There are a tremendous amount of places which serve as excellent tourist spots, while some of them are still untouched from outside and not flushed with visitors at all. The kind of rich history in both cultural and social background Vietnam cannot be seen anywhere else in the world be it the nearby locations such as Thailand, Indonesia or any other places.

Pocket-friendly destination
For those who have tons of money on their hand and want to experience an elite and luxurious experience on their first visit to the magical lands of Southeast Asia, Vietnam has everything in the store for you. However, if you feel more like an average backpacker wanting to try out this place coming in from various parts of the globe, traveling here will be more than just delight.  

It will be a pocket-friendly adventure for you if you do your research right beforehand, you too can understand, how true is this statement. We at Indochinavalue will help you with any personal assistance or help that you might need.Vietnam Travel packages provide you with an array of options to plan your trip the way you want to.

Vietnamese people are amazing, to say the least when it comes to respecting their tourism industry. They are very hospitable and kind in nature to the visitors and always keep their doors open for the visitors if they need any assistance. Prep yourself to experience great hospitality, with some minor hiccups in between, blame the miscommunication between the locals and foreigners which are rare encounters, to say the least. So all you have to do is relax and enjoy the fun filled ride.

Exotic travel holiday destinations:

Ha Long Bay
The kind of atmosphere you will witness in front of your eyes, lush aqua green colored water filled journey along the Bay of Ha Long will definitely make you think about how beautiful nature can be. The cluster of rocky limestone outcrops,  add beauty to the fantasy location and the location is one fo the fantastic destination you always dreamt of visiting in your life. The humongous expands of forests, caves, sinkholes lakes among others to keep you busy exploring until you are here. Our Vietnam Travel Package will definitely recommend you start you off your journey from here.

Probably the most talked about the destination in Vietnam's history, and it has emerged as the most culturally vibrant destination fulfilling your ventures. The immense amounts of temples, tombs, pagodas and palaces will leave you wondering how such a place can even exist in the first place. Indochinavalue offices are set up in Hue to accommodate all your needs.

One of the best places in Vietnam for all your adrenalin fuelled trekking, the hills of Sapa offer an amazingly scenic view across the jungles and mountain ranges. Vietnam Travel packages take you on a tour of the city’s immensely dense and rich views which enthrall you to the bone. Gazing down the bottom when your trek finally comes to the end of the peak will make you witness nirvana if not something greater than that.
Vietnam Travel packages for First time visitors by Indochina value

Vietnam is gaining reputation by the day and is coming off as one of the most famous destinations across the whole of Southeast Asia. With Indochina value’s support and guidance throughout your journey, you will find your trip managed by travel experts, both in time and places with our spectacular Vietnam Travel Package. Find some of the packages given below:

The romance overloaded holiday
This package is specifically for couples although available to anyone and everyone. The trip includes trips to Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Cai Be, NhaTrang, Hoi An, Danang, Hanoi, Hoa Lu, Trang An, and Halong Bay.  The 14-day highly intensive and romance filled package specially designed for couples to enjoy and fill their memories of good things all over. The Vietnam Travel Package has everything, which a couple might need for making their love grow amidst this beautiful country.

Backpackers dream holiday
Specially designed 10-day tour package is for those who are not in a rush and want to explore more than the cities on offer on budget lines. We will take you through Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, TayNinh, Can Tho, Hoi AN, Hue, Hanoi, Sapa, among three other destinations of your choice. Immerse your soul and body in the Vietnamese cultural extravaganza and savor the willingness to explore the grand of Vietnam at your disposal with Indochinavalue.

With Indochinavalue, you can expect your trip to be a mesmerizing and thrilling experience with your ideal Vietnam Travel Package. Choose a package which fulfills your hunger and expectations. We will make sure everything goes smooth, and you receive excellent service from our side. Our experienced guides, mostly bilingual can be your travel connoisseur.

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