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Have ever visited or heard of Indochina?  It is a region that comprises of many South East Countries. The Indochina region is a vast territory expanding over hundreds of miles. The fact is that it is home to many unusually attractive and naturally gifted places. In fact, this region has more tourism spots and sights than many areas on the planet. As a tourist, you have many reasons to visit Indochina. Indochina travel may well be the most memorable journey you’ve ever made so far. If you have plans to go, consult Indochina travel guide today. Choose affordable Indochina tours and spend your holiday in the most exotic part of South East Asia. To start your Indochina holiday, check the Indochina travel guide. If not, here are some of the most visited places in this part of the world:

Hanoi, Vietnam
There is no denying that Hanoi is a great place to start your Indochina holiday. Though the main city has become a busy place nowadays, the city has a plenty of charm hidden in it. Go down a little further, away from the big city and you’ll find a place where history meets modern lifestyle. Visit the 1000 years old Temple of Literature and explore the ancient university. Also, you’ll find the famous Hanoi Hilton, the place where they used to keep prisoners during the Vietnam War. There is also the Sword Lake where the stunning bridge reflects in the calming waters of the lake. Visit the famous Hanoi beach just out of the city and have a time of your life. The place is a photographer’s heaven so don’t forget to take your camera while touring Hanoi.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Don’t put off your camera just yet as you are about to reach another jewel of a place. Away from the busy life of Hanoi, you’ll find the Halong Bay with its calm and smooth waters and white sand shores. The Halong Bay is another exotic location where you’ll find a lot to capture. The place is ridiculously beautiful and may well make you love it in the first sight. Its beautiful beaches and the famous cave are must visit places. Cruise around the ocean in a speed boat or visit the lime karsts in the tower above water.

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Hue City And Imperial Citadel, Vietnam
Hue City is among beautiful places and awesomeplaces in Vietnam. For more than four decades, since the Vietnam War, this area is increasingly becoming a tourist spot. The Imperial Citadel is among much popular attraction in Hue City. The place also has several royal tombs, palaces, and fortifications. An interesting aspect of touring this spot is that you can hire a motorbike and travel the countryside for hours.

Hoi An, Vietnam
It seems that nature has blessed this place with almost everything. The unbelievable beauty of Hoi an is almost too good to be real. It is a must visit place in your Indochina travel so do pay a visit here. Visit the ancient town that is now declared as the UNESECO heritage. Take a boat ride along the calm river or grab a bike and ride it along the river. If that’s not enough, visit a local restaurant and enjoy your favorite local cuisine.  Getting a quick cooking lesson is another intriguing feature of your Hoi An visit. Cooking schools are another novel feature of this place. You can book a half day class and see and learn to cook local cuisine. Visiting Hue City is great fun for several reasons.

Vietnam Beaches, Vietnam
Vietnam has more beaches in the whole of Indochina region. These beaches are extraordinary in many ways. From bright and shiny beach at Nha Trang to eating rose dumplings at the Hoi An beach, both are rich in natural beauty. If that’s not enough for your appetite, go to the remote beach at Phu Quoc Island and enjoy a speedy boat ride or fish along the crystal ocean water. The place is known to be more peaceful than many in Vietnam. Danang is another fascinating beach that is worth visiting.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam
The longest river in Indochina region flows across many countries but leaves its delta in Vietnam. The delta region is one of the most fertile places in the world. In this region, you’ll find rice fields almost everywhere. Just around the river, there is a floating market known by locals as the Cai Be. The area is also home to a long and historic tunnel called as the Cu Chi tunnel. The delightful town of Trung Loung is also a part of the delta and is home to several different ethnicities living side by side peacefully for hundreds of years.

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Luang Prabang, Laos
This town is known for its famous historical monuments, the biggest of which is the massive Buddhist temple. Tourists come here to watch the biggest monk procession in the region. Some call it the largest Buddhist monk procession in the whole of Asia. Apart from an ancient site, it is also known for its culture rich traditions that extend from the banks of Khan and Mekong Rivers respectively. The city is equally gifted with natural beauty with sky-high mountains and lush green landscape. A relatively new feature is the emergence of spas, boutiques, restaurants and hotels. Luang Prabang is also included among UNESCO’s world heritage cities.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
It is a low-rise town located at the edge of one of theworld’s most iconic and mysterious wonder, the ruins of Angkor. While visiting this place during your Indochina Travel, Siem Reap is a must visit location. The beauty awe-inspiring temples and the noise made by flowing waters of Tonle Sap, the nearby lake, is an experience like no other.  That’s not all; the place is home to many rare birdlife and home artificial villages.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
This beautiful valley sits around the nearby farmlands, forested mountain, and orchards. The place offers a lot of outdoor activities like rafting in the river, trekking to the mountain or spend some quality time near the river. If you want to pay a visit to a religious monument, visit the Wat PhrahatDoi Suthep temple.
Though these are some of the most beautiful and inspiring places, your Indochina travel guide will guide you to many other fantastictourist spots.

Bagan, Myanmar
Located in the central Myanmar, Bagan is truly a traveler’s paradise. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the region that would rival the Angkor Wat. The 36 square mile region has beautiful islands covered with palm trees. Just around the corner, the slow but gracefully flowing Irrawaddy River is ever present. The beauty of this place becomes manifold with, silvery grey, hazy mountains behind the river.

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