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The time of year has arrived where you and your family get to spend some time together and take that long awaited vacation. We cannot imagine a better way to show your kids the world then a visit to the magical country of Vietnam. Fun, history and sights beyond belief await you all.

For some people the thrill of booking their own accommodation or Vietnam tour packages around a new country which can be part of the holiday process, but for others and especially when you have a family to think of, you want to feel safe in the knowledge your adventure will be taken care of by the professionals and namely a tour operator with knowledge of the country.

We have put together a list of amazing experiences you can all expect on your family Vietnam tour.

We start with Hanoi, a highlight to any Vietnam family vacation and a city packed full of activities everyone will enjoy. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is extremely energetic. A city flecked with markets, small traditional winding streets and friendly locals.

You can travel via plane to Hanoi via Seoul and the airport is around 40 minutes from the city.

Accommodation is reasonable and your tour guide will ensure you stay in a hotel suitable for the entire family. With various options to book family rooms with AC and balconies overlooking the cities infamous lake.

Wake on your first morning and head to the Municipal Water Puppet Theatre near Hoan Kiem Lake and watch one of the Water puppet performances. It's a spectacular display of beautifully painted puppets who playfully and peacefully perform a local play to music.

Vietnam has a few water parks throughout the country, but Hanoi Water Park is definitely worth a visit. Not only is the park great for kids of all ages, but when you climb to the top of the slides you will have a perfectly wonderful view of all the rice paddies surrounding the city.

Hanoi itself is full of bustling street markets, selling an array of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat and is a site to behold for everyone. Young kids will simply love seeing new and wonderful foods.

What better way to travel around and see Vietnam then to take a sleeper train to the next destination – Hoi An.

You can guarantee your family will love the novelty of sleeping on a train. Your Vietnam tour operator can easily arrange a private sleeper room, ideal for kids of all ages. You will have chance to dine and enjoy some local food aboard, before grabbing a comfortable nights sleep.

How exciting to wake up in a different location, especially the fantastic city of Hoi An.

An ancient city easy to walk around and view temples, bridges and ornate buildings all of which now house tourist orientated shops. It's a city offering ancient culture and friendly people.

Take a stroll with the family in the evening when the ambiance really adds effect to the ancient surroundings. A city often described as 'magical' due to its incredible food, people laughing and serene surroundings of time and history.

Hoi An is full of fabulous places for the family to eat. You can choose from European or traditional restaurants offering amazing freshly cooked dishes. You can enjoy the locally grown coffee in picturesque cafes and the city has a huge number of dessert shops the whole family will definitely want to go.

Night markets are a well known shopping tradition in Vietnam, you will feel the thrill of travel as you amble around the streets with the locals. You can even have shoes and clothes tailor made for the whole family. The kids will love having their feet measured for their own unique pair of shoes.

A truly memorable place to stop on your awesome Vietnam family tour.

Your family vacation will not be complete without visiting and relaxing on a white sandy beach, and Vietnam has some of the best beaches in the world.

Let's stop at Danang and the golden shores of China Beach. You could choose to stay in a beach bungalow or one of the many small but beautiful resort hotels.

Enjoy the clean and shallow waters of the beaches or take time to visit one of the many resorts and use large outdoor pools for a small fee. Danang is surrounded by temples, caves and caverns all waiting to be explored.

We want to move onto the dusty city of Dalat. A busy, bustling and 'real' Vietnam city.

Dalat has great value accommodation, with an array of family friendly hotels offering clean rooms and amazing breakfasts. After a well rested night visit the well known 'Crazy House'.

The crazy house is a hotel at night and a tourist attraction for the whole family in the day. It's full of rooms with different themes and quirky staircases, the kids will love walking around and finding secret doorways and tunnels.

Dalat is the traditional side of Vietnam, where you can enjoy traditional food and take in the hustle and bustle of the locals going about their daily tasks.

Your Vietnam travel expert can organise for you and the family to venture outside of the bustling city and take a local tour around coffee, tea or silk farms. It's a unique way of seeing what Vietnam has to offer and will be an experience the whole family will enjoy. You could even take time to stop and see local villages, meet local people and take in the real side of Vietnam.

Spending time with your family on vacation is so important and travelling with kids of all ages can be stressful. A tour guide can take care of your vacation so you can sit back, relax and make the most of the time together in an amazing country.

When you take pictures back home to friends and family, you can look through and remember all the unique and personal places you were able to visit.

An organised Vietnam family tour really is a spectacular way of seeing the country with your family. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in the company of Indochinavalue.

They always have you and your interests in mind and as their many testimonials state; Indochinavalue - experts at organising the best holiday of a lifetime for you.

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