Vietnam Travel Packages For First Time Visitors

A tour to Vietnam is like opening the doors of an unexplored realm. The food, weather, and people are a warm and delightful experience for a first time visitor.  Vietnam is one of the easiest destinations in the world to visit at the first blush of the moment. The serene beauty and mesmerizing locations around here can be a life changing moment for you, your family and friends or even for your loved ones. In no other country is the collision of Southeast Asia’s past, present and future culture so distinctly visible. Vietnam travel packages serve the purpose by providing an enthralling opportunity for you to witness its vast unexplored expands.

vietnam travel packages

Visa Requirements for validating Vietnam Travel Packages
To enter the unique ‘world’ of scintillating looks and feels, Vietnam, you need to carry a passport with you with a minimum of six months validity along with a Vietnam visa or a pre - approved entry permit for an on arrival visa from the Vietnam Immigration Department.  The procedural fees for the same vary from country to country and are very little to increase the tourism and boost the travel industry. Take your visa information seriously, though, as many times tourists had tough experience and refused entry at the airport, for visa misinformation or failure in other manners. Indochinavalue makes sure that you reach your destination safe and sound and provide additional customer support whenever needed for enjoying an exciting Vietnam family tour.

Reasons for visiting Vietnam
Tremendous amounts of natural beauty spots
Vietnam is the kind of country, which has embraced its natural beauty for quite some time.  You can find the world's top heritage sites here. The places you can visit during Vietnam tour are mostly untouched and not flushed with visitors as compared to similar locations like Thailand or Indonesia. It has a rich ancient cultural history and background, which is visible throughout the nation.

Pocket-friendly Destination
If you want to have the luxury, Vietnam has everything in the store for you. However, most of the crowd which flows in from outside generally consists of backpackers and travel freaks who are light on the budget. If you do your research right beforehand, for which Indochinavalue will help you with thorough personal assistance if needed, you will not feel as if ripped off at every stop you make for eating and drinking around the cities. Vietnam holiday tour packages provide you with a detailed guide for easy assistance on hand.

Experience the Vietnamese Hospitality
Vietnamese people are amazingly hospitable in nature and always keep their doors open for foreigners in need. Get ready to experience with extreme kindness wherever you go during your Vietnam vacation tour. There might be a few hiccups here and there, where you might feel like tricked by scammers but they are pretty rare and general. So just relax, and enjoy your stay here. Do not fret about the little untoward incidents here and there.

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Most favored tourist locations in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay
With its lush aqua green water, which makes you think twice about how beautiful nature can become along with the cluster of rocky limestone outcrops rising out from the water like sea monsters, it is a fantastic location, you have never thought in your dreams. It has humongous expands of forests, caves, sinkholes lakes among others to keep you busy exploring for the time you are here. Natural processes have sculpted all these islands, and their transformation is terrifically amazing in every aspect. Vietnam Travel Package starts from this city onwards.

Probably the most talked about the Vietnam holiday destination in the history of Vietnam, and it has emerged as the booming capital city of a reunified Vietnam after the war got over. Although this location is a little bit on the populated sides of Vietnam, the history, which has preserved over the years, can revisit by visiting the historical museums and palaces. Many other sites like Grand Opera House, the Presidential Palace, and Saint Joseph Cathedral attract decent crowd all over the year. Indochinavalue offices are available in Hanoi and at your disposal 24/7.

Hoi An
Located off the coast of the South China Sea in Central Vietnam, Hoi An is a gorgeous city in every aspect. This old city dates back two thousand years back when it used to belong to the Champa Kingdom. Vietnam package tour take you to  the city's immensely dense architecture, traditionalized culture, and textile work makes it one of the most popular destinations for those even the least bit interested in artistic values of a nation as a whole. The old town inside the city has an off sounding vibe to it which takes you on a ride for a cultural extravaganza with hundreds of shops selling clothing, shoes, bags, souvenirs providing custom made services too.

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Vietnam Travel packages for First time visitors by Indochina value
Vietnam is slowly off to making a name in one of the most favored peaceful travel destination all over the world. With the support of Indochinavalue and guidance throughout your journey, you will find it tremendously easy to accommodate yourself to their culture in a short span of time for sure with our Vietnam Travel packages. We will act as your very own private tour organizers and provide you with services and offers in highly customizable and affordable packages.

Some of them are as follows:

The romance-filled holiday
Including visits to popular destinations across Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Cai Be, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Danang, Hanoi, Hoa Lu, Trang An and Halong Bay, this is a 16 day highly intensive and romance filled package specially customized for couples of any age. The Vietnam beach holiday package has everything, which a couple might need for making their love grow amidst this beautiful country.

Long dream holiday
Long dream holiday is a 20-day tour package specially meant for those who aren’t in a rush and want to explore more than the cities on offer. We will take you through Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Tay Ninh, Can Tho, Hoi AN, Hue, Hanoi, Sapa, Lao Cai, Topas Ecolodge and Halong Bay among three other destinations of your choice. Immerse yourself in the Vietnamese culture and savor the willingness to explore the unknown with Indochinavalue.

With Indochinavalue at your disposal for your favorite Vietnam Travel Package, your planning and budget finalizing should be at the top of your priority list. Choose a package, which contains your favorite destinations and falls within your budget. This country will make you come back and get some more if you visit it once. It makes you fall in love in an instance.

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