Top 4 things to do in Laos

Prepare to be welcomed with open arms in Luscious Laos

Kindness and respect are two words that can be used to describe this wondrous country, but we need a few more than that! Century old traditions and heritage perfectly compliment it's lush landscapes.

This is your chance to treat you and your loved one to a luxury Laos tour of an amazing country or even treat the family to a Laos tour package they will never forget.

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Welcome to Laos – The Land of a Million Elephants.

Laos is seemingly untouched by the modern world and offers you the chance to escape to a country with innocent landscapes and beauty at its heart.

Ruled by the French throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, much of Laos architecture has a subtle and delicate French influence; cities are graced with colonial style buildings and memories of a country once ruled by another.

Its innocent charm will give you chance to explore untouched temples, beaches, waterfalls and lush landscapes beyond your imagination.

Using a local Indochina tour operator will make your experience unique and personal, they will be able to spend time building your perfect itinerary and ensure you are aware of customs and traditions. Make a honeymoon extra special with a personal and unique Laos tour package.

In such a vast country, choosing the top things for you to see is never easy, but we have selected our top 4 things to do in Laos; choose to read on and you will be looking to book your luxury tour of a lifetime to Laos in no time.

Let's just start with a few basics. Laos started its early life in 14th century and was slowly built and formed into the country we know today. Apart from its brief stint of being ruled by the French, Laos has seen little influence from the outside world.

Unlike its neighbours; Laos has remained innocent and untouched.

Laos is known for its super friendly, happy people; you will be greeted with sincere warmth wherever you choose to visit and for this reason alone exploring Laos becomes even more of a joy.

We always recommend booking a tour guide when visiting Laos, for no other reason than they know the BEST places to take you and can organise everything you need for your trip.

They are the stress free warriors of your luxury Laos tour packages.

A tour guide will select the best accommodation, offer local tour guides with exceptional knowledge and ensure you travel in comfort all throughout your trip.

They can also advise when the best times are to visit attractions and give you inside knowledge on where to visit too  – so you can miss the crowds.

Let's get started!

Laos – Best time to visit November to April

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1.    The Capital City – Vientiane
Vientiane sits close to the border with Thailand and sits alongside the bank of the Mekong River. It is home to a heady mix of French colonial architecture and Buddhist temples.

Thank you to the early influence of its early ancestors, the city is graced with impressive buddha temples and sculptures. Temples as high as three storey buildings and sculptures laced in pure gold.

Pha That Luang stands proud in the centre of the city and is a large golden Buddha temple, it is believed to date back to the 3rd century.

The temple is a national monument and is the Laos national symbol. Walking around its impressive gardens and taking in it's extraordinary golden exterior will leave you feeling humbled by history.

Escape the heat of the city and take a tour around the grand building Haw Phra Kaew also known as the Emerald Buddha. Dating back to the 15th century, the building has seen struggle and turmoil and has been lovingly restored back to the glory you will see today.

The Emerald Buddha houses a perfectly lovely museum and cafe, it's an interesting place to visit and learn about early Laos religious history.

Vientiane is packed full of amazing restaurants; many still offering a French style menu. You can enjoy fresh baguettes, steaks and traditional local beer at a fraction of the prices you would pay in Paris! Known for being home to some of the best bakeries in Asia, Vientiane will tickle your sweet and savoury tastebuds! Vientiane offers you a French inspired Laos history lesson alongside fabulous traditional food.

2.    A peaceful city – Luang Prabang
Sitting above its bigger cousin Vientiane in Northern Laos; Luang Prabang was the former capital city of Laos. It is kissed by the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers and has been inhabited for thousands of years.

This peaceful city is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being given this acclaim in the 1990's.

Blessed with beautiful river banks, glorious temples and the city has played an important  role in Laos history.

Highlight of all Indochina tour packages, Luang Prabang offers you a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, where locals will greet you like you are old family friends.

The city is surrounded by cascading waterfalls all waiting to be explored, you could take a bike or hire a tour guide to take you to some of the most awe inspiring views, many still untouched by tourists.

Its known as the city that is asleep by 10pm and its one of the few places where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of markets and cafes without the crowds.

You can sit and eat with the locals and watch their cultures and customs; there is only time for reflection and contentment in this peaceful city.

Your tour guide will be able to advise the best local waterfalls and caves to visit and will even assist with your transport too.

Luang Prabang is the peaceful city that ALWAYS sleeps.

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3.    A province of stone – Xiang Khouang
Picture Stonehenge and now imagine another 90 similar sites, similar in size and grandeur.

Destination for a Laos discovery tour, Xiang Khouang province is home to over 90 'jar sites'. Jar sites are grand stones, some measuring between 1 metre and 3 metres tall and one site can contain up to 400 stones.

The plain of jars is a site to behold, a megalithic landscape magically speckled with thousands of stones, all arranged in uniform clusters nestled amongst the hills.

Many of the gigantic stones have been dated back as far as the iron age (500 BC to AD 500). Imagine being able to be touch and be close to something as old and unique.

Your tour guide can arrange for you to visit this mystical and breathtaking landscape, being able to see a site so vast and historically impressive is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Plain of Jars is untouched, breathtaking and truly magnificent.

4.  Spectacular Rainforest – Bolaven Plateau & Tad Fane Waterfall
Situated in southern Laos the Bolaven Plateau is known for its filmset scenery and holds the secrets of ethnic villages and untouched parts of a beautiful country.

The traditional villages are home to people who will greet you warmly and humbly. You can take time to learn about their culture and way of life, surrounded by scenic rainforests.

The villagers rely on tourism and locals offer guided tours and treks throughout their lovely countryside. Your tour guide will be able to assist in booking a scenic trek, learn about the rainforests secrets from a local.

You could take the time to visit Tad Fane Waterfall. Tad Fane is nestled in amongst scenic rainforest and stands 100 metres high. It is a sight to behold any visitor.

The noise alone will wake up your senses and you can even stand close enough to feel its fresh water spray on your face too. Pure bliss.

The rainforest is home to a vibrant range of wildlife; from elephants, monkeys to tigers and leopards who knows what other locals you may get to meet.

A local Indochina travel company like Indochinavalue can help with your journey around their spectacular country, they are used to working with budgets on all levels and have your best interests at heart.

The hardest decision you have is where will you visit first?!

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