Spending Holidays In Laos

Countries in East Asia offer some of the most remarkable places to visit. Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, are more visited sites in the region. However, not many people know that Laos, a smaller country in the same area, has equally beautiful locations to visit. If you’ve heard about the best countries to visit in East Asia, you’ve surely not have heard a lot about Laos.

This small wonder of nature is the home of some of beautiful sites and sceneries in the world. What could be better than to buy Laos private tours this summer? Though it’s a small country, don’t think you’ll get to visit all the famous places. It would be better if you plan ahead what places you want to visit during your Laos private tour packages. If you have plans to visit East Asia, include this in your Laos tour packages as well. Here is more on why choose Laos as the destination to your next private trip:

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Reasons To Visit Laos
Youll, find more than a few reasons visit Laos. However, don’t mistake it as a country that you can go around with ease. Why, because you have fewer routes to enter the country. Entering from Huay Xai is perhaps the fastest way to reach the mainland Laos. Once you’re there, it will take some time to plan your next destination in the country. Is it difficult? Not quite, but since the country very few access routes, either by land or by the river, it takes more time to reach it. However, once you are there, you are free to kick start your Laos private tours. To make it easy for you, here are some exotic places to visit in your planned Laos tour packages:

1. Luang Prabang
The world heritage town of Laos is the first choice of all holidays in Laos. In Luang Prabang, tourists can visit charming old streets, golden temples, take the boat trip to see the famous Pak Ou caves or swim at nice and coll Kuang Si falls. It is said that a Laos tour package would not be complete without few night stay in Luang Prabang.

2. That Luang
The Great Stupa, also knowns as That Luang, is a new monument in the country. Located in the capital Vientiane, this ancient site is also considered as the national symbol of Laos. From a distance, it appears as a fortress that is surrounded by tall walls. Also, looking at the stupa from a distance might make you think as if you are looking for two instead of one temples. The monument is quite high, standing at around 150 feet tall and has its upper part covered with gold leaves. What could be better to initiate your Laos private tours than paying a visit to the most prestigious monument in the country?

3. Tad Fane Waterfalls
Few things are more exotic than a waterfall and that too like the one that is located in the Bolaven Plateau region. It is a popular tourist site and becomes densely crowded during summers. The location of water falling from hundreds of feet in the gorge is quite a spectacle. The approximate height of the waterfall is around 1,000 meters above sea level as this is where the plateau is located. As the tallest waterfall in Laos, it is just behind the Dong Hua Sao. Make this a must visit site in your Laos tour packages this summer.

4. Phonsavan
A charismatic and unique monument the likes of which don’t exist anywhere in the world. This single location is considered by many to be the most distinctive place in the country. Located in the city of Phonsavan, in the Xieng Khouang province, the region is filled with strange jar made out of stone. There is no known record about who or what made these. The site is quite mysterious in nature as not much is known about its history. However, due to their rarity and being one of a kind makes the Phonsavan a must visit place in Laos.

5. Wat Phu
The term Wat Phu can be translated to mountain temple. The area is quite high and offers stunning views of the entire region. Nearby, you can see the majestic Mekong River flowing which makes the place even more beautiful. The place was once a temple made under the Khmer rule, but the craftsmanship is visible even today. Upon carefully observing the site, you’ll find that the temple has several unique features. These include pillars, pediments, and barays.

6. Gibbon experience in Huay Xai
Laos is considered as the unexplored country in Southeast Asia, A Laos adventure tour is perfect to discover wild nature and little - visited places. Gibbon experience in Huay Xai is where tourists can enjoy overnight stay on the highest tree houses - A place to be tarzan and jane.

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7. Xieng Khuan
Also known as the Buddha Park. This lush green site is also the home to several religious monuments, including statues. There are approximately 200 Buddha statues sitting in the park, including a 40 meter high Buddha image. The temple was built in 1958 by a monk named Pu Bunleua Sulilat. Since he studied both Hinduism as well as Buddhism, you’ll find many statues belonging to Hindu deities as well. The park offers a great tourist experience and has plenty of fun activities. Enjoy your visit while having tasty local and foreign cuisines.

8. Bokeo
It is a peaceful rural region located in the northwest Laos. This area is famous for its natural sites, beautiful tropical weather, a vast farmland, and Rocky Mountains. Home to many different ethnic groups including Hindus, and Buddhists, Bokeo is a peaceful place with all communities live in harmony. The real beauty of Bokeo lies in its habitats who prefer to follow the lifestyle they inherited from their ancient ancestors. Hence, visiting the place makes you feel as if you’ve traveled many centuries back in time.

9. Pakse
The southern part of Laos offers some naturally beautiful scenes as well. Pakse is one such region where you can spend quality time touring tropical palms, verdant landscapes, and very fertile land. As such, you'll come across many fields and farms on your way to Pakse. The region is also famous for its Big Buddha Temple, coffee and two rivers i.e. Mekong and Don.

10. Khong Island
It is the biggest island in the Si Phan Don region, and one of many islands located in the Mekong River. The island offers breathtaking sites of how rural life goes around in Laos. Youll, come across an opportunity to see the villages fishing, lush green fields, and ancient monasteries. If luck favored, you might catch a glimpse of the very rare Irrawaddy dolphin.

With so much to see and explore, there is little time to plan your next Laos private tour package so start doing it now.

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