Private holiday to Vietnam

Looking to plan a special holiday this season? Plan a Vietnam special vacation and check the available tour packages. Before you start to wonder, why Vietnam? There are more than dozen reasons to choose it. As Vietnam is arguably one of the best tourist spots in Asia, you’ll find plenty of new packages online. Touring Vietnam is full of fun and brings you such joy that it is impossible to ignore it. Sit together and plan Vietnam private tour today. There are many reasons for planning a special holiday to Vietnam. Planning your trip with homework might just turn it into the best private vacation trip you’ve ever had in life. Here are some unique reasons for choosing Vietnam as your next holiday destination:

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Why Select Vietnam Private Tour?
To this day, many of you must have heard more about Vietnam in Hollywood movies and online literature, but there is a lot to know about this country. Back in the 60s, the Vietnam War took a heavy toll on the peace and economy. However, what you’ll see in your Vietnam holiday tour is a Vietnam that stands tall as a growing nation in the world. Today, it is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and has forgotten the bitter past it once suffered which is a remarkable feat. As a tourist, you may have visited many places on the planet, but there is something special about touring Vietnam. When you look at the sights and sounds that country has on offer, you experience a moment of disbelief. Wondering how a country is this beautiful and diverse, may well be the feeling you’ve had. But, once you land at

Vietnam and feast your eyes with these sights first hand, you become a believer and a fan of this beautiful East Asian country.

As mentioned, there are too many reasons to choose Vietnam as the next destination for your private tour. The state features some of the most beautiful landscapes and natural spots on earth. It is surely one of the most beautiful places to visit and spend time. As such, spending every moment of your tour exploring a different spot in Vietnam will be a time to cherish for a lifetime.

Places To Visit
Once you’ve decided to take the Vietnam private tour this holiday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and feel at peace throughout the tour. Since you have to visit too many places in a short span, it would be wise to plan the places you want to visit beforehand. If you’ve hired a tour guide, let him guide you to the best destinations to visit in Vietnam.

holidays to vietnamHere are some of the most glorious and peaceful places to visit in Vietnam:

• Take a Trip to Hanoi
• Overnight cruise in Halong Bay
• Countryside at Sapa
• A ride to Hue

• Visit the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
• A visit to My Son Temple
• Travel to Nha Trang
• Spend Time At Mekong River Delta
• Phu Quoc Island

A Trip to Hanoi
Your private holiday to Vietnam is incomplete without visiting Hanoi. Many people would think of Hanoi as a busy and loud place to spend a private holiday. On the contrary, the capital of Vietnam offers some peaceful locations to have fun. For instance, take your special one to the Vietnam Fine Art Museum where you’ll witness unique and novel pieces of art. The diversity of art and crafts there will leave you stunned.

Overnight cruise in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is the world's class natural heritage in Vietnam, having over 1000 islets rising from the emerald sea. Overnight cruise in Halong Bay will make a private tour package in Vietnam complete and 2- 3 days are good enough to explore hidden caves, grottoes and enjoy stunning bay of "descending dragons"

Sapa Countryside
Welcome to the paddy rice field, with jagged peaks of Lien mountains. The French called this region the Tonkinese Alps which is still the famous name among many locals. The place is home to ethnic minorities including Red Dzao, Hmong, Giay and others. This peaceful place is the perfect spot to be included in your holidays to Vietnam.

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My Son Temple
If this place doesn’t get your heart to pump faster, nothing will. The breathtaking sight of My Son temple, an ancient site that is surrounded by thick jungle covered mountains is a sight to behold. The estimated timeline of the temple is from 7th to 13th century A.D. Overall; the place is the home to around 20 different temples in the region. Historical literature suggests that these either belong to Indian or Malay dynasties. You can visit the site by passing through the Hoi An area.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Due to its uniqueness and beautiful landscape, the park has been qualified as a world heritage site in the country; the Phong Nha-KE Bang Park is a beautiful place to visit. It offers unique views and stands out among other destinations in the country. Upon visiting this park, you'll notice the real force of nature that makes you wonder how these mountain formations came into being. The huge stalagmite and stalactite displays will double the fun of your own holidays. Take photos and make videos standing beside these wonders of nature.

A Ride To Hue
Sitting at the crossroads of the Perfume River, the Hue is a region packed with relics and brims from the 19th century and before. The site is about 3 km long and is known as the Imperial Enclosure by the locals. Apart from these, there is also a gate named Ngo Mon. Other attractions in the area include the Diet Tho residence where royals once resided and the Hall Mandarin that still has the mural ceiling preserved. The place is an ideal location to add to your private holiday tour this season.

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Spend Time At Mekong River Delta
At the far side of Vietnam, the Mekong River eventually finds a home at the sea. On its way, it spreads into lush green paddy fields, and forests of mangroves. The Delta has a dense population of farmers and fishmongers who reside in the villages nearby. Upon visiting, you’ll find that the place, despite the river making a loud noise, is incredibly peaceful. Spend time shopping delicious fishes and jewelry made out of river shells and snails. In short, it is the perfect place to include into your Vietnam special holiday.

Phu Quoc island
It is paradise of Vietnam and definitely your perfect place to relax at a nice beach resort to enjoy white sandy beaches, taste jummy seafood or visit unexplored fishing villages and sites in Phu Quoc national park.


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