Top 8 things to do in Vietnam

Wake up to the wonders of Vibrant Vietnam with a wonderful Vietnam tour package?

With the wonders of the world within easy reach for most of us, deciding where to go on holiday can be exciting and exhausting!

Do you go for a beach holiday where you can relax and drink cocktails, choose a safari and gaze at beautiful wildlife or go on a culturally rich holiday and learn something about the world!

What if we told you there is a country you can visit that holds the key for you to be able to enjoy all of these things?!

The outstandingly beautiful Vietnam holds all of these secrets waiting for you to unlock.

We have selected our top 8 things to do in Vietnam; choose to read on and you will be looking to book your Vietnam tour in no time!

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Lets just start with a few basics. Vietnam borders Cambodia and Laos and has a coastline almost 2000 miles long. It has an incredibly diverse weather system and is home to some of the best sites in the world. The mysterious Mekong River winds its way through the country and is home to communities, impressive islands and wildlife.

Its home to friendly people, beautiful food, an array of diverse cities, spectacular night markets, historic temples and breathtaking beaches and views.

We always recommend booking a tour guide when visiting Vietnam, for no other reason than they know the BEST places to take you and can organise everything for your trip. They are the stress free warriors of your holiday.

A Vietnam tour guide will select the best accommodation, offer local tour guides with exceptional knowledge and ensure you travel in comfort all throughout your trip. They can also advise when the best times are to visit attractions and give you inside knowledge on where to visit too  – so you can miss the crowds. Sshhhh!!

Lets get started!

South Vietnam – Best time to visit November to March.

1.    Phu Quoc Island.
Shaped like the human heart and as pretty as a pearl, Phu Quoc Island is the hidden gem of the South. With over 50% of the island being a protected national park, it sits 45km from mainland Vietnam.

If you love wildlife, Phu Quoc offers bats, butterflies, deer, turtles and much much more. Surrounded by lush forests and mountains, you will have the chance to experience your own safari.

Phu Quoc offers the chance to see pepper fields, incredible buddhist temples, breathtaking water falls and you can even collect and buy pearls from locally caught oysters.

Its a place for reflection and relaxation graced with white beaches and warm, clean waters. Diving and snorkelling are a must as you will be swimming through crystal clear warm water.

Prepare to be impressed, overwhelmed and truly grateful you chose Phu Quoc.

2.    Ho Chi Minh City
No visit to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon.

An average population of 8 million people makes this city feel alive and breathing. Its colourful, vibrant and full of sights, smells and sounds you would expect from a city.

The french inspired architecture throughout the city will leave you walking around permanently looking up!

We recommend a visit to the stunning Opera house, built in 1848, this small but perfectly formed Opera House is stunning inside and out. If you are lucky enough you maybe able to catch a performance; you tour guide will be able to arrange tickets for you.

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3.    Cu Chi Tunnels
An eye opening and historically rich experience. You will never fully appreciate the extremes of what the Vietnamese went through in the war. You will be able to walk through the incredibly small and claustrophobic tunnels, the atmosphere and experience will leave you pondering and thoughtful.

They have a museum and interesting artefacts from the war too. A moving experience not to missed.

4.    Travel the Mekong Delta by boat
Such an expanse of River – The Mekong is the 11th largest River in the world and it magically winds its way through Vietnam.

The best way to see the River is to travel on it. Your Vietnam tour guide can organise a tour for you, experience the river on a traditional boat steered by a local who will show you all the secrets the Mekong has to offer.

Imagine being sat on a wooden traditional canoe boat with a local expertly steering you around the vast open river, its at this point where you will really feel part of the true Vietnam.

Central Vietnam - Best time to visit February to July

5.    Hoi An – Light Paper lanterns
Hoi An has often been described as the prettiest town in Vietnam. We have to agree! You can walk through the streets of this quaint and pretty place, breath in the smell of fresh flowers and shops burning incense. You will be taken in by its beauty.

The best time to see Hoi An is in the evening when the town is alight with pretty lanterns.

Take part in the beautiful spectacular and buy a lantern to light, head to the main bridge in the town and set it to sail down the magical Mekong River. Its quite mystical and a memory you will keep forever.

Take time to visit a local fishing village and you will get to see how the locals catch their dinner, its quite a view and one not to be missed!

6.    Phong Nha
Another amazingly unique chance to explore the diversity Vietnam has to offer. You can take time to walk through an expanse of caves that are over 400 million years old and are so immense you will feel very small and overwhelmed.

Phong Nha is another protected national park and has been recognised as a UNESCO world site; which basically means its old, beautiful and a place that is secret to a huge range of sights and sounds.

If you are feeling sprightly, your tour guide can organise mountain biking, bird watching and hiking. Phong Nha really is a very special place.

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North Vietnam – Best time to visit - Year Round

7.    Hanoi - Eat and drink like the locals
What can we say about Vietnam cuisine? Its different, delicious, fresh, diverse and there is always something open where you can eat at anytime of night.

Ask your tour guide to organise a street food tour, you will be taken around some of the best food places Hanoi has to offer. Taking a local tour guide means you can feel a little easier about the quality of food you are eating too.

Coffee is a huge part of Vietnam culture and you will find coffee houses on almost every street corner. Do not go home without trying the unique 'egg coffee', its an experience not to be missed!

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is extremely energetic. With markets, small traditional winding streets packed full of friendly locals and history, its certainly a city that never sleeps.

Take photography tours, night market tours, cookery lessons and make the most of what the city has to offer. Your tour guide will be delighted to organise all your trips and advise you of the best times to go too.

8.    Halong Bay
Highlight of all tour packages to Vietnam, Halong Bay has to be appreciated from the water. Kayaking is a 'must do' in Halong Bay, you can reach all the places bigger boats are unable to and looking back across the Bay is just wonderful.

Halong Bay is one of natural wonders of the world and another site given UNESCO world heritage status. Surrounded by lush forests, limestone cliffs and incredibly warm, clear waters its a diving and snorkelling paradise.

Halong Bay is an intricate map made up of 1000's of small islands, some untouched and when you watch the sun setting over them, you can really appreciate the beauty of what a country like Vietnam has to offer.

Choosing Vietnam for your holiday is the best decision you would have made all year. A local Vietnam tour operator like Indochinavalue can help with your journey around their spectacular country, they are used to working with budgets on all levels and have your best interests at heart.

Have fun and embrace Vietnam! What are you waiting for?

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