Adventure Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing country with a lot of attractions to see and explore. The rich spectrum of beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, and magnificent architecture make it a very captivating destination to visit on the adventure holidays in Vietnam.

Here are several of the reasons why it benefits to put Vietnam at the top of the list of must-visit countries:

Vietnam has plenty of history that has been influenced by past occupations by the Americans, French and Chinese. A great appreciation of the history is possible by exploring the major cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with its well preserved colonial architecture.

Vietnam’s history is noticed all-around and easier to understand with visits to the Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City while the atmospheric town of Hoi-An has a combination of Japanese Pagoda, wooden Chinese chophouse and styles of French Colonial in plenty of the buildings.

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Vietnam has plenty of unique and stunning natural scenery. One of the most famous tourist attractions is Ha Long Bay, which is rich in limestone karsts and isles that emerge from the emerald water. It gives a fantastic site that creates the perfect background for photographs. It is a recognized UNESCO Natural World Heritage site and is best appreciated by hiring a traditional junk boat and exploring the local caves and islands.

Plus, there is the mountainous region of Sapa in the north that is appreciated for its stunning rice terraces to make a top-rated destination for the trekking trip.

Vietnam is well appreciated for its rich and delicious food scene with its street food vendors to coffee shops and French baguettes. Some of the finest places to get a full appreciation of the local cuisine are the food stalls seen on the sidewalks in every alleyway, neighbourhood and district. Most of the street-side eateries serve up a delicious selection of cheap food. Plus, it is a great informal way to dine and really lets you soak up the local ambience and atmosphere.

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The Vietnamese people are friendly and welcoming. Bartering is quite common throughout the country so try to make the most of your existing negotiating skills. Even though the local people are naturally friendly, it can still benefit to learn a few of the common Vietnamese phrases that can be used in everyday situations.

Adventure Holidays in Vietnam is certain to appeal to the travellers on a budget. From tour activities, hotels or meals, the cost is very attractive. A delicious bowl of noodles or other food at the street stalls can cost $1-$2. Also, the accommodation is relatively cheap with plenty of choices that range from hostels, guesthouses to hotels. A stay in a nice 3-star hotel can cost in the region of $20-$60, which is spacious with plenty of features and space for two persons.

Vietnam is a country that can offer plenty of surprises, so for those interested in wildlife, scuba diving, mountain biking, or other activity, there is enough to be found to create the complete adventure holidays in Vietnam.

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