Great Family Tour Destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is a perfect picturesque haven for all your family outings. You can find many family attractions, amusement destinations and theme-based entertainments for children in Vietnam. That is the reason; Vietnam, today considered as the most promising tourist destination and positioned as one of the best affordable tourist destinations in recent times.  It would be easy for you to plan Vietnam family tour because of the quick and easy online visa process and to make it a pleasant experience.

For your family, Vietnam family tour will open a plethora of fantastic leisure and interaction opportunities with multifarious cultural and language diversities. If you are organizing the travel trip with a professional tour operator like Indochinavalue, you will have the best bilingual tour guides, who can assist you and your family to have wonderful travel experiences with maximum enjoyment and fun activities.

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Check the how to obtain Vietnam Visa and Visa Fee while planning for a Vietnam Family Tour:

•  You must have a valid visa and passport. All foreigners required pre-approved entry permission. The entry permit is available through online, upon submission of the required fee and valid passport copy. With the entry permit, one can travel to any international airport in Vietnam.

•  One-month single entry visa approval fee is US$ 8, for three months, it is US$ 20, and you will have to pay visa stamping US$ 25 on arrival. Similarly, you can have multiple entry visa approval with one-month validity for US$ 23 and multiple entries three months validity approvals for US$ 45 and an additional stamping fee US$ 50 at the airport arrival counter.

Nonetheless, it is natural to be confused while planning everything on your own. If you need any assistance or if you feel discomfort in managing everything on your own, it would be a good idea seeking the assistance of a professional tour operator like Indochinavalue, who have years of experience in Vietnam and Indochina tour operations.  

They are one of the very professional tours operating team based in Vietnam and serving since 2006.  The tour operator can organize custom Vietnam family tour packages and regular family tour packages, take care of your accommodation requirements, inbound and outbound travel arrangements.

Ways to Reach Your Travel Destinations in Vietnam:
Vietnam has excellent travel arrangements with the rest of the world by air, sea, train and road.  It is a matter of convenience, and your orientation, how you want to select the mode of transport.

Vietnam has three major international airports, No Bai Airport located in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat Airport located in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang Airport located in Da Nang, and hence makes your trip comfortable.

Internal and urban traveling will be quite challenging.  Maybe you need to depend on taxi or engage taxi motorbike, or you can rent a motorcycle and have your own travel plans.  Your tour operator can facilitate all your tour arrangements and related services.

All the leading tour operators encourage travelers to have their plans booked in advance.  It is true with Indochinavalue, and you will have options to make all the travel related booking through the hassle free website of the company with easy interface features.

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The World Famous Vietnamese Attractions:

1.    Ho Chi Minh City:
After the liberation war, Saigon re-christened as Ho Chi Minh City to commemorate the great liberation leader Ho Chi Minh. It is a very pulsating city with bustling activities.  Moving out from the bustling activities of the city, you can find enough fun and entertainment activities in the nearby leisure centers. Your family and kids will find the Dam Sen Water Park a very joyful experience, where there will be many rides, water theme activities.

The Buddha theme park, Suoi Tien is another beautiful amusement park, which is half an hour drive from the city.  Apart from theme based fun activities, you can have boat and kart rides here.  

Dai Nam is yet another amusement park located 40 km away from the city and is one of the largest theme parks with artificial waves and sea.  The park comprises of shopping centers, zoo, recreation activities, etc.

Cu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai Temple are historically significant location, which you can never miss while you are in Ho Chi Minh City.  Especially, the war tunnel will be an amazing experience, where the liberation army had their war operations.  

2.    Hanoi:
Being the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is an important location you must visit with your family. Visiting Toy Street will be an enjoyable experience for your kids.  Also, take a ride to the pottery village, the Bat Trang, where you can experience the traditional Vietnamese pottery painting. Further, many museums and landmark locations can leave vivid memories of Vietnam.

3.    Ha Long Bay:
Traveling few hours from Hanoi can take you to Ha Long Bay.  Your family trip will never complete without visiting Ha Long Bay.  Located on the northern side of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay offers a great lot of travel experience such as kayaking, swimming, squid fishing, or even participating in a traditional Vietnamese cooking class. You will also have the fantastic opportunity for cave explorations to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring with thousands of limestone karsts, spread over 1600 isles. You can hire junks over there and stay overnight to experience the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

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4.    Hoi An:
Hoi An is a place of shopper’s paradise.  From shoes to suits, or dresses to electronic goods, you name it; you can have original products for a good bargain price.  You can find the products have affordable pricing.  

Yaly is also a famous place for shopping fashion clothes.  Bargaining is not a welcome gesture but can do on a limited scale.  Further, most of the products are selling on fixed price terms all over Vietnam. There are also few beaches nearby and do not get surprised if you can see some French speaking local Vietnamese.

5.    Mui Ne:
Mui Ne is a lovely location and is famous for beach activities.  From afternoon onwards, the beach will be breezy with sands and hence it would be better to limit your beach activities before the noon. The beach is famous for Kite surfing due to its midday wind and for foods; you can have the best choice of Vietnam culinary.

6.    NhaTrang:
Famous for the matchless pristine beach, Nha Trang is a beautiful place for your Vietnam family tour. The island theme park VINPEARL is one of the most highlighted leisure centers makes your trip a memorable experience.  Varieties of activities keep your children busy throughout your visit, and you will have lots of cherishing memories. You can easily reach there by boat or cable car.

The list of important places to visit is incomplete, of course, you can find many interesting locations that can chill your expectations and if you can plan for an extended stay in Vietnam.  Traveling through the urban area by hiring a motorcycle or going for a bicycle trip will be an enjoyable experience.

You can have best Vietnam family tour experience if your trip has proper planning support by a professional tour operator like Indochinavalue, who offer the best travel plans. It is imperative to have an experienced travel guide, preferably bilingual so that there will not be any communication barriers or tour difficulties. Vietnam is an incredible tour destination, with friendly people, great hospitality, picturesque landscapes and varieties of engagements!

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