7 best destinations for Vietnam Tour Packages

If planning to sign-up for one of the Vietnam tour packages it certainly makes sense to research the different destinations to see which is able to match your particular interests. From the north to south, there are endless things to see and do with the ability to fascinate the tourist.

Here are several of the best places to explore on the well-planned Vietnam tour:

Nha Trang
Vietnam tour packages that include the beautiful beaches are certain to make a stop at Nha Trang with its delightful white sand that is perfect for a day of complete rest from the sightseeing.

Sapa is a perfect destination for the traveller that wants to get fully immersed in nature and the fresh air with the chance to go on a long trek that takes you through the mountains, paddy fields, and close to the locals.

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Mui Ne
Beyond the delights of Nha Trang, a visit to Mui Ne gives a further opportunity to experience a wonderful beach resort that has a nearby fishing village. In addition to relaxing on the beach, the area is great for sporting activities such as kite and wind surfers, as well as surfing. The best time to visit for the surf experience is between August and December. Also, there are plenty of white and red dunes that create a great background setting for photographs.

Ho Chi Minh City
A visit to Ho Chi Minh City gives a perfect opportunity to experience the most exciting city in the entire country. This city has plenty to offer the tourist who it interested in the new and old. It is well known for the many French-colonial landmarks that are just waiting to be explored. One of the popular choices includes the Central Post Office and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Plus, it has the very busy Ben Thanh Market and the vibrant food stall scene with favourite dishes waiting to be served on every street corner.

Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is a very popular destination with tourists thanks to its rich and colourful culture. This city has plenty of gorgeous things to see and do, such as its historic past. Hanoi has several museums to visit to get a better appreciation of this country, including the Vietnam National Museum of fine arts, Vietnam Military history museum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Ho Chi Minh Museum. Other places of interest to learn more about the local culture includes the Hanoi Old Quarter, Temple of Literature and Ho Chi Minh complex.

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Phu Quoc Island
A stay at Phu Quoc Island offers a perfect honeymoon destination with its pristine beaches that aren’t overpopulated with tourists. In addition to the wonderful beaches, there is plenty more to see with nearly half the island forming part of the national park. This gives a perfect opportunity to explore dense jungle, wildlife, mountains, and a few hiking trails. Plus, there is the main town of Duong Dong which is appreciated for its night market scene with a wide range of items for sale, including fish, produce, and crafts.

Hoi An
Considered as the must-see destination in any Vietnam tour package. In Hoi An, tourists can relax at An Bang - one of the 25th best beaches in Asia, visit numerous historical and cultural sites, explore beautiful countryside, My Son holyland or simply leisurely walk to see Hoi An ancient town and enjoy street foods, etc.

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