20 Things To Do In Vietnam During Your Vietnam Family Tour

To most of us, Vietnam is just a remnant city which survives as a living evidence of the destructive Vietnam War. But not many know that Vietnam is a lot more than that. It is full of exotic and beautiful sights ranging from traditional pagodas to rural countrysides. You will be spoilt for choice if you are looking towards spending your vacation in the country. Here are 20 things to do during your Vietnam family tour.

1. Cruising in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is a mesmerizing place famous for its turquoise water and limestone islands along with rainforests. It is one of a kind which we thought existed only in movies. But Halong bay is real, and it has over 1900 islands which make it worthy to hold a place in your wish list. The Bay has some of the sumptuous night cruise options which are simply floating luxurious hotels. A day or a night on a cruise is a wonderful treat to travelers and it makes a romantic honeymoon choice. Most of the Vietnam tour packages shall be having a cruising tour item as a highlighted tour item.

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2. Pay a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels
The Cu Chi tunnels spread over more than ten thousand miles in the Cu Chi District. These underground tunnels built during Vietnam war, as a hideout place and supply routes for the Communist Guerrilla groups. Now this popular tourist attraction is a part of Vietnam War memorial park in Ho Chi Minh City. It is surely a leisure visit for travelers who love being a part of a challenging exploration.

3. Shop for silk clothes from Hoi An
Hoi An was once a thriving international port, which was famous for its trade of silk and ceramics. The town and its skilled tailors are known all around the globe. You will be able to find both men and women who earn their living by pulling a thread and a needle. It is not only their way of living, but it is part of their rich culture.

Hoi An tailors are master artisans who can produce any design, which you want to have stitched. Unfortunately not every business is up to the mark. Some of the shops employed less qualified employees to meet the increasing demand. Instead of relying on unreliable sources, make use of honest reviews in various traveling sites.

4. Hike up to the mountains of Sapa
Sapa is the mountain town known for its picturesque scenery, traditional tribal villages, and many other breathtaking views. Sapa is also home to the highest mountain pass in Vietnam referred to as the Heaven's Gate. You can also enjoy an adventurous lush green field and mountain trekking in Sapa. The scenery there is incredible and exciting glimpse so that you need to spend at least 2 days on exploring things. There is also Bac waterfall which offers a magnificent view. It remains unspoiled by tourism and is one among the beautiful hidden gems in the country.

5. Visit the Hoa Lo prison or Hanoi Hilton
When you are Vietnam, do not miss to visit the Hoa Lo prison, which was a prison house used by the French colonists to jail political prisoners. The huge person space was built by French architects to house more than 450 inmates. In reality, it could accommodate around 2000 prisoners but was never a successful prison. Prisoners used to escape from the jail over the years.  Even though the prison demolished during the early 90's, the gatehouse still remaining as a museum opened for visitors.

6. Sign up for cooking classes
One of the best things to bring home from your Vietnam private tour is to learn cooking French-inspired Vietnamese food. Attending cooking classes are mostly included in all types of trips these days. Vietnamese food is both healthy and tasteful at the same time. Usage of herbs and spices in the right proportion makes the dishes a delight for food lovers. Indochinavalue has an exclusive 12-day tour package called Vietnam culinary discovery exclusive for foodies, which included cooking classes.

7. Explore Vietnam on a bicycle tour
A suitable bicycle tour in Ninh Binh to explore Halong bay on land, in Mai Chau to visit ethnic villages, in Hoi An to enjoy picturesque countryside and in Mekong delta to see impressive rice paddy fields are recommended Vietnam tour for any family when in Vietnam.

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8. Have a rejuvenating mud bath in Nha Trang
Dipping yourself in mud will sound incredibly crazy until you reach Nha Trang.  Even though, its sounds odd, it is one of the most rejuvenating experiences. The places have unique resources of mud and mineral water having amazing health and healing properties. It is perfect for relieving stress, tuberculosis, arthritis and some of the skin diseases. Mud bath also removes dead skins from your body and deposits those essential minerals into your body. Make it a part of your Vietnam tour package.

9. Roam around in Ho Chi Minh’s Chinatown
Cho Lon is in Ho Chi Minh City and known as China town, inhabited mostly by Chinese people. It is the largest China town in the world considering the area. The Binh Tay market is the central market in Chinatown, and it attracts many Chinese and Taiwanese travelers. It is basically an interesting place if you want to enjoy the authentic atmosphere. You will be disappointed if you are looking for varieties because everything you spot here would typically have a Chinese connection.  

10. Relax at best beaches of Vietnam
Vietnam has a long and beautiful coast, having pristine and white sandy beaches which are essential for any family tour in Vietnam. An Bang beach in Hoi An, My Khe beach in Danang, Doc Let beach in Nha Trang, Mui Ne beach in Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc beach in Kien Giang and mysterious beach in Con Dao are some suggested beaches where your family can easily book a nice beach resort and spend relaxing time together and play some watersports, etc.

11. The magnificent Forbidden purple city
The forbidden purple city is in Hue, the old imperial capital of Vietnam. The Forbidden Purple City had its history dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty but hit with severe damages during the time of Vietnam War. Now, what remain are just ruins, but visitors can spend a few hours exploring the crumbling remaining, which was once part of the history.  

12. The northeast of Vietnam
Dong Van plateau, Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake are some of the beautiful spots in the northeats of Vietnam and if your family is looking for an adventure trip to discover the less-visited places, meet several ethnic groups, sink in stunning scenery, experience homestay to learn a differnt life from yours. The northeast of Vietnam is ideal destination. The northeast loop tour will be escorted by an experienced tour guide and driver. There is no luxurious hotels or beach in this region, but your family will definitely has a 5 star experience. 

13. Water puppetry
Water puppetry of Vietnam is a unique variation of the ancient Asian puppetry tradition dating back to the 11th century. The very famous Thang Long water puppet theater is a popular tourist attraction. It is a rare visual treat during your Vietnam private tour and is unique to North Vietnam.

14. Boat excursion on the Perfume River
To feel the romance and heart of Hue, you need to take a boat trip on the Huong River otherwise known as the Perfume River. The reason for the name is its aroma, as it flows through some of the forest consisting of strong aromatic plants before reaching Hue. The river appears as an extraordinary view to the travelers and has been an inspiration for many composers and artists.  

15. Wander down to the French quarter
The French quarter is an ancient structure, built by the French people who occupied Hanoi in the 19th century. As soon as they occupied the place, they demolished all the Vietnamese buildings and built French style buildings. The spacious tree-lined streets characterize the quarter, and you can see many fancy hotels and restaurants here during your Vietnam private tour.

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16. The Army Museum in Hanoi
As Vietnam is a country, which had gone through many terrible wars and subsequently ripped the country and the reminiscent give you an illustration of the war destructions. You will be able to see war museums everywhere in the country. Some of our Vietnam tour packages include an exclusive visit to the army museum in Hanoi. It is a place dedicated to showcases the war remnants and related information. The Army Museum in Hanoi teaches you why we need peace and what to learn from the wars.

17. Rubber plantations
Though not a very popular place among travelers, rubber plantations in Vietnam is definitely a must visit one. As Vietnam is world’s third biggest producer of rubber, there are plenty of plantations along the roadsides of the country. At least it is interesting to find out how your vehicle tires are getting its shape.

18. Visit industrial noodle factory
We all enjoy eating delicious rice noodles but have you ever wondered how the production takes place? Visiting an industrial noodle factory in Mekong Delta will help you find out the manufacturing process. Again, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice following Thailand.

19. Take a stroll on the shores of the Hoan Kiem Lake
Hoan Kiem Lake is a small stroll-worthy lake located in the Old Quarter. It is an important focal point for both travelers and local people. There are two famous tourist points in the middle of the lake. They are the turtle tower and the Ngoc Son temple. Worth exploring!

20. Last but not the least - The Japanese Covered Bridge
The Cau Chua Pagoda or the Japanese covered bridge is a famous landmark symbol of Hoi An. The bridge history dating back to 17th century belongs to the Japanese community in Vietnam. The trip to Vietnam would not be complete without paying a visit to the place.

From the fine traditional, yet conservative Vietnamese food to excellent French cuisine, it is a country, which seduce its visitors to come again. Each city of Vietnam is different from each other in a good way. When considered, Hanoi is just like an “Old school” side of Vietnam whereas Ho Chi Minh City is more liberal.
The most attractive part of Vietnam is the beautiful people with trendy modern outlook, smart to embrace the modernity, yet not eluding the traditional value to its real spirit. You must spend at least week for your Vietnam family tour to appreciate the beauty of the country. For better travel arrangements, accommodation booking, reliable bilingual tours guides, and even for a customized tour plans, visitIndochinavaluevalue, your trusted tour organizer.

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