How to avoid scams when you travel to vietnam

Compared to other countries, Vietnam is very safe for visitors, even for those traveling alone. Most visitors are pleasant at the warm reception from Vietnamese people for foreigners. But in some of crowed tourist spots, visitors need be aware of unsafe things. We, therefore, give out some scams and prevention to minimize or avoid negative experiences during your Vietnam holidays.

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1. Transportation
1.1. Taxis
There are several tricks that illegal taxi drivers are up to, especially when customers come from an other countries. Normally, they use a tempered meter which runs faster than normal ones. So you have to pay more money for your real cost because of higher number wrong meters. Besides, they can drive you on longer paths or circle around routes to maximize your fare. Some taxi drviers offer you places or restaurant to go, but they will ask for tips later on.
How to avoid: you should take advantage of your smart phone to get the right route. Moreover, you should get a taxi of such trustworth brands as Mai Linh (green taxis), CP taxi, Taxi group (white taxis) in Hanoi, Vinasun, Mai Linh in Ho Chi Minh city.
1.2. Motorbike taxi (xe om)
Get a motorbike taxi is cheaper than by a car taxi, but it also goes with some unsafe situations. Because there is no need training course or certification to become a Xe Om rider, anyone who has a moto can utilize it for this job.
Some riders approach you with an offer which they use to persude you that their service is cheaper than normal taxi or you can pay how much you want of you are happy. In fact, they will charge you a very high money, even higher than a taxi. Like some illegal taxi drivers, they will ride around to require more money. In addition, most of them do not know your language, it is difficult to find your expected destination.
How to avoid: In order to protect yourself, stay away from motorcycle taxi service, especially when you travel alone or late at night. Or, you should book a motor via useful online applications like Grabbiker or Ubermoto.

2. Accommodation:
1.1. Fake promotion price
Nowadays, online trading and searching travel information develop so fast, it is easy for dishonest hotels to create fake reviews that are good recommendations about hotel. Some hotels use many tricks to attract customers. They advertise very low room rates online, but when you arrive, they will claim you that the low fees were only applied standard rooms that have been fully booked. Therefore, you will have to pay more money to book higher end rooms. Or, the fee advertised was for one person, not for one room. Some other hotels might require additional fee to use facilities that was promoted as free of charge

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3. Street Vendor
In Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, you can easily find book vendors who sell discounted price but those books are photocopies with low quality.
Sometimes you might come across fake beggars on the street. Some are hungry babies, fake cripples and people fake sickess and weakness.
Avoid the photographers who ask you take photos. They will take multiple photos and require more money. Or, they may not deliver photos to you.

4. Restaurants
You should avoid restaurants that do not show prices or you should ask about prices clearly before ordering.

5. Shopping
After purchasing, you should be careful, especially goods that are wrapped because sellers may swop your goods by another one with lower quality. In addition, some vendors advertise that something is free, but once you have tried it, you will be required to pay or buy their products. Therefore, you should make sure that you are buying and check them carefully before purchasing.

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