Top 7 typical mistakes to avoid while traveling in Vietnam

When you travel to Vietnam, you can cope with difficulties caused by the barrier of culture and language. In this article, we want to note some typical mistakes to avoid making your trip in Vietnam more favorable.

1/ Forget to copy your identity papers in your bag.

A copy of your identity papers would be very useful in case of theft. Moreover, it’s necessary to check the expiry of your visa and passport dates to avoid delay in the entry or departure of a country.

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2/ Do not have travel insurance

It’s advisable to buy travel insurance when you travel in Vietnam. Some of you may already have travel insurance through work or with your credit card. But many people worry about the costs and the increase in travel prices. This is not the issue, you can purchase for a single trip or for a period.

3/ Take your home in your suitcase

When preparing your suitcase, you always tend to want to take more clothes and accessories than necessary because you do not know that the exact climate there and you are afraid of not being able to buy the things you needs. So, carry minimum. Do not worry! You can easily buy clothes in shops in cities. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to bring back some memories. Leave a void space in your suitcase.

4/ Take valuable materials

Do not travel with valuables things. It is advisable to take them if necessary and to keep them in a smaller bag that you wear on you constantly or to always keeps an eye on them.

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5/ Be presented 45 minutes between two flights.

It’s necessary to provide minimum 3 hours to be sure not to miss your connecting flight, especially at large airports like Bangkok, Hanoi or HCMC.

6/ Keep lots of money

If your bag is stolen, you could lose everything. So, do not let too much money on you. You can use your online bank in case you need big money.

7/ Wanting to visit a maximum of things in a short time.

When you discover a country at the end of the world, you always tend to want to visit a maximum of things to cushion the ticket. You will definitely come back with a large collection of photos, but you will be tired and you will never take time to really enjoy. Travel, it’s not only visit places, but also meet the local people, soak up life and local culture and also take time to relax. So, choose appropriate destinations to visit and take time to explore them in depth.

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