Travel guide: Tipping in Vietnam during your Vietnam tour

If you will travel in Vietnam, you must get used to the custom of tipping. Generally, tipping is not mandatory in Vietnam but much appreciated. Many people who work in tourism in Vietnam did not earn much money and appreciate tips.

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Tipping in hotel in Vietnam

The sum of tipping in hotels in Vietnam depends on the quality of service. If you get a good service, you should leave the servers, housekeepers and porter around 2-3 dollars a day. If a holder carries your bag, it is advisable to tip him 1 USD a bag. Before leaving the hotel, if you want, you can also leave a few dollars to the staff at the reception.

Tipping in the restaurant in Vietnam.

In most restaurants in Vietnam, 5-10% service charge added to the bill. If the service charge is not included, you can leave 5-10% tip. If you are in a bar, you should also tip to the bartender.

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Tipping in Spas in Vietnam.

Tipping is not generally necessary in a spa in a five star hotel. Of course, if you are impressed with their services, you are free to decide whether or not to leave a tip. If you go to a spa outside your hotel, services prices will be much lower and if you are satisfied with the services delivered, you can leave between 15-20% of the cost of the spa service.

Tipping for taxi

If your taxi driver is polite and friendly, then you can leave the money or give it a little extra money.

Tipping for your guide.

Tour guides are not paid much and rely on tips to supplement their income. For a tour in Vietnam, Indochinavalue offers a schedule regarding the tip of the guide and the driver. An average sum of 3 USD per day per traveler for the guide and 2 USD per day per passenger to the driver is recommended. That is to say, if you are a group of two people, you can give 42 USD to the guide and 28 USD to the driver per week. But, it depends on the number of participants. If there are 50 people in the group, each give 3 USD per day to the guide, it will be 1070 USD a week. It’s too high. We must therefore base on various factors such as: number of participants, living in the country, quality of service, competence attendants…to leave reasonable tips.

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How to give a tip?

Normally, the tips are given at the end of the trip. It’s advisable not to give any tips after the service because it’s like paying for the service. We must prepare the tip and give it to an unexpected time. During the trip, you can wait until the last goodbye. Get money out of your pocket and give directly to your guide is a rude way. So put the money in a sealed envelope before giving it to your guide. Moreover, the good reviews on guide and drivers in the feedback is greatly appreciated because thank you to your good comments, they may receive a small gift from Indochinavalue.


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