11 reasons to travel in Vietnam with a travel consultant.

You want to travel to Vietnam and you wonder to book your Vietnam tour with a travel agency or travel independent. Do you think really have found the best price with the information that you read on internet? Before you press “Enter”, please read this article. In the internet age, where it’s easy to get everything with your computer, it’s tempting to make your Vietnam tour online. But, in this article, we want to show you the benefits that you will have with a travel consultant.

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1/ For human contact

A computer will never offer you the same service as a human. The travel consultant can organize a tour that suit you well and offer a Vietnam package tour and it’s available to answer question throughout the booking process, even before and after it. The internet offers you just only a package installed that cannot modify to fit you well and which often do not reflect the reality that you expect upon arrival a destination.

2/ To easily correct mistakes

You have opted for a single room instead of a double? You failed to mention that you have to sit near the wings or toilet in an airplane. Whatever your error, the travel consultant can help you solve all the trouble in just minutes, often without charge. While with a computer, if your trip is organized, it’s difficult or impossible to reserve and you may have a lot of luck if you try to reach a customer care.

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3/ To really pay the lowest price.

One of the reasons that make people travel without a travel consultant is that they believe they will pay less, while there is nothing more wrong. But if you travel by yourself, you cannot count the price that you have to pay during your tour. While you travel with a travel consultant, you will be offered a package tour and most often the commission is already included in the price. You just have to pay one time and after, enjoy your time in our beautiful county.

4/ Save time and money.

With its expertise, knowledge and network of contact, the travel agent knows where to look to quickly get that you want. Therefore, it saves you time and money. By travel independent, you can sometimes spend long hours trying to find information in internet and the problem is that your time is limited. The research of hotels and tours on site will make you waste time and energy, not to mention to the risk of unavailability of services due to the short booking period. You might as well make a long journey to finally see nothing.

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5/ To be refunded in case of problems.

It’s sure that if you book your trip with a professional travel agency, you are compensated in case of problem. This fund allows you to get a refund if one of your suppliers (air, hotel, car, etc…) is not able to deliver the service it has promised.

6/ To benefit from unparalleled expertise

Most travel consultant is passionate about their work. Having had the chance to visit several destinations they give to their clients, these professionals know their products and are able to share their passion, their knowledge and experience objectively, which is generally not the case for a tour in solo. They are aware of what is happening and are able to offer you expert advice, allowing you to save time and money. They are real travel encyclopedias and their service is included in the price.

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7/ To get exactly what you want.

You want to have a cooking class in your Vietnam tour? Want to see snakes, sign, whale, all in one place? You want to climb to Fansipan or trekking through the rice field terrace? By their knowledge, travel consultant is able to make a tailor made package which is exactly what you want, that is not capable of making your tour with your computer.

8/ Customer care pre and after trip

A travel consultant does not just sell you a trip. They take time to survey your interest before make your tour and also check if your trip meets your expectations? Their mission is to offer you a personalized and safe journey

9/ To pay in installments

By booking your tour with a travel consultant, you can pay a deposit when booking. The other part is that you requested a few days before departure. This allows you to spread your payments and protect your if there is some trouble in your tour. Remember that your travel agent is your best ally in case of problems.

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10/ To travel knowingly

By traveling in Vietnam with a travel professional, you have access to a plenty of practical information on the country or region you visit. The travel consultant is able to inform you about special precautions – vacations, visa, passport, etc before you go and the behaviors to be avoided to prevent complications one you have visited the site.

11/ To get more help

Whatever you see sometimes abroad (accident, thief, problems…) you can rely on your travel consultant. They are your best ally to guide you through the steps to follow for ensure your safety and wellbeing in destination. Thank to its knowledge, its network of contacts, the travel consultant will help you to get out the trouble and take the necessary measure to resolve the situation quickly.

For a Vietnam tour that suits you best, do not hesitate to describe in detail your vision of the trip and your interests. Being expert in tailor made and private tour, we will certainly make the link between what we have and what you want.

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