Vietnam tour packages for Indians

Vietnam tour packages for Indians definitely bring the most valuable experiences of a country filled with charming nature beauty and quiet villages. The local people are very warm-heated, kindly and enthusiastic. The food are varied, fresh, flavoursome that make you mouth water. When traveling from the North to the South of Vietnam, you could find many differences from green rice paddy-fields dotted with hard-working workers, endless white-sandy beaches and fascinating Mekong waterways. In addition, there are lots of exotic, magnificent islands and beaches, some of them are still pristine. Besides, Vietnam is also well-known for its history and diversity of culture. So in this articles, we would like to share with Indian travelers some useful tips as well as interesting destinations in Vietnam, which would be helpful to plan an exciting Vietnam tour packages.

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1. Visa
If you are Indians and want to travel to Vietnam, you need a visa in order to enter Vietnam. Nowadays, it is very simple to get Vietnam visa. You can contact to the Vietnam Embassy at your country or can apply to get visa invitation letters. When applying visa online, you can save your time a lot. Because all you need is a computer or smart-phone with internet connection. The visa fees depend on types of your visa you want to apply like single entry or multiple entry.

2. Transportation

Airlines from India to Vietnam
If you search, you will find popular routes from India airports to international airport in Vietnam. And, please remember Hanoi (HAN) and Sai Gon (SGN) are 2 international airports in Vietnam.

There are some direct flights from India to Vietnam:
Delhi - Ho Chi Minh city
Delhi - Hanoi
Mumbai - Ho Chi Minh city
Mumbai - Hanoi
Chennai - Ho Chi Minh City
Kolkata - Ho Chi Minh City
Bengaluru - Ho Chi Minh City
Hyderabad - Ho Chi Minh City
Chennai - Hanoi
Kolkata - Hanoi
Besides, there are some indrect flights
Mumbai - Hongkong - Hanoi
Mumbai - Kuala Lumpur - Hanoi
Mumbai - Changi Singapore - Hanoi
Lots of airlines provide service to Vietnam, including direct and indirect flights. You can choose one of airlines that suit for your needs like Air Asia, Asiana Airline, Orean Air, Jet Air,etc.

Transportation in Vietnam
At the airport, you can get a take or bus or use a private service with a travel agency to transfer to the center.
In Hanoi, you can take a cyclo to visit very coner of the Old Quarter and see the daily life there.
In some cities such as Sapa, Danang, Nha Trang or Da Lat, you can hire a motorbike to travel. It's quite cheap, convenient and interesting. Besides, in Hoi An or Mekong delta, you can choose a bike to explore.

3. Weather
Vietnam country has a tropical monsoon climate. The weather is splited into two seasons, including dry season and rainy season as below:

Dry season Rainy season
Cool season Hot season Hot season
Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct

Each of regions in Vietnam has different climate, so when traveling Vietnam, you should break it up into three areas: The north, the center and the south.

The Northern area
There are 4 seasons in Northern Vietnam with 2 main characteristics: cool to cold season (November to late March) and warm to hot season (April to October). In December and January, it is quite frosty and some days can get misty heavily. Therefore, your visibility will be limited, especially in Sapa and Halong bay. In Hanoi, two heavy rain months of the year are July and August. These months are also typhoon season on Halong bay. Some cruises could be canceled because of typhoon.

The Central area
From April to December, there are some rain in the coastal area. Between September and December, Hue, Danang and Hue receive a large number of rain. Specially, the center can be affected by typhoon season between August and November. However, from Nha Trang to Mui Ne, the climate is less affected by rain and storms.

The Southern area
This area gets plenty of hot and rain, humid weather between April and September while June and July is quite wet.

4. Accommodation
Travel to Vietnam, you are easy to choose 3 main accommodations, including hotel, hostel or homestay. No matter what type of accommodation you choose, you can find interesting experiences from backpacker's hostel to a budget hotel to a five star hotel. The price is always cheaper than other countries, but the quality is so good.

5. Currency
Vietnamese currency is VND (VIETNAM DONG)
You can exchange your currency - Indian Rupee into VN Dong at banks or foreign exchange agencies. I suggest that you should change at the banks in order to have the highest rate. The rate at the moment is 100 INR approximately 33,200 VND.
Noted: USD dollars are accepted at some tourist spots. Visa or MasterCard are also accepted in hotels, restaurants in big cities.

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6. Destination
For Indian travelers, you can choose to visit top destinations in Vietnam classic tours such as Hanoi, Sapa, Halong, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, ect.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is famous for its cultural sites, historical sites or colonial architectures, which witness history of more than 1000 year formation and development. It can be said that Hanoi is a harmony combination of the antique and dynamic city. 

Located in northwest of Vietnam, Sapa always attracts a numerous visitor every year. It’s famous for the beauty of nature and terrace fields that bring brand-new experiences for visitor each season. If you are person who loves adventure, trekking and nature, Sapa would be a must-visit destination.

Halong bay
Travel to Vietnam, you should visit Halong bay & book a Halong cruise to admire the spectacular scatter of island, visit some amazing caves, swim on the bay or go kayak through the Bay then visit the fishing village to learn more about their life and experience overnight on cruise.

Hoi An
Similar to Hanoi, Sapa and Halong bay, Hoi An is an attractive place hidden the antique beauty. In Hoi An ancient town, there are a lot of tiny houses with old architectures. At night, the town is full of lanterns with many colors that make it become romantic and charming. 

Ho Chi Minh city
Ho Chi Minh city, commonly called Sai Gon, is the biggest city in Vietnam. The city is very exciting and dynamic. In the past, Sai gon is considered as Pearl of the Far East. Nowadays, it can be say that Sai Gon is the city of light in Vietnam. 

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