Interesting Things About The Vietnam And Cambodia Tour Packages

Ardent tourists find Southeast Asian countries always a favorite destination to spend holidays, leaving all your busy official worries behind and spend some quality time with family members and friends.  Out of various tour packages offering by tour operators, combined packages like Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages are always a preferred choice. These packages will always be very economical and packed with multiple location visits on both countries within a set frame of travel plans.   

To make your journey a pleasure trip, it is always better to select an experienced travel agent like, Indochinavalue who offer the best professional services and always you can rely upon with confidence. They have the best trained bilingual travel guides, years of experience in arranging package tours and tailor made tours, meeting every aspect of a visit program, from visa processing to accommodation. If you are planning holidays to Cambodia and Vietnam, then your tour program will be an enjoyable experience with Indochinavalue.  

Vietnam and Cambodia are both lovely destinations of different nature. When you reach Vietnam, you will be surprised to see the fast moving cities of Ho Chi Minh, important historical location, long-sufferings of war memorials and the busy moving locals.  The trendy settings of light and sound let you experience the richness of modern life.  Further, tour to Cambodia and Vietnam let you taste the oriental cuisines and the exquisite taste of history.  

There are so many things; you can do when you travel Vietnam and Cambodia. Watching the sunset at Angkor Wat, a cruise of Tonle Sap Lake from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, check out the Wat Phnom Temple, the Water Puppet Theatre, and 2,000 years of history lessons with a guide on the streets of Hanoi will be an enthralling experience.

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Plan Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages by using economic mode of transport:
When you plan for a Vietnam and Cambodia tour, you will have three options to reach there. You can choose flight, train or sea route. However, the preferred choice travel is always by flight, and you can have best connectivity flights from all major cities of the world. Hong Kong is one of the busiest airports located very close to Vietnam and Cambodia. From Hong Kong, you can have frequent flights to Vietnam or Cambodia, and you can select the flight as per your choice of preference from where you want to start your trip.

There are three International airports in Vietnam, and the capital is Hanoi. The second airport is in Ho Chi Minh City, and the third is in Da Nang. Depending on your trip, you can land in any one of these airports. Trains and buses are comfortable to use for inland commutation, once you reach Vietnam and Cambodia. Once considered as low profile tourist destinations, these two southeastern countries demonstrates their tourism potential, especially Hanoi has a consistent ranking for one of the top 10 tourist destination in the world. Therefore, there is every reason to rejoice if you opt for Cambodia and Vietnam tour package.

The southeastern cuisine
The southeastern cuisine has typical identical features if you look at from a general perspective. However, on a macro level, the foods are unique that you can realize, once you start tasting it.  A Cambodia and Vietnam tour is incomplete without tasting and understanding the delicacies of both the countries. Though both the countries are small, they have varied and delicious cuisines. The high influence of French, China, India, Thailand, and a few Malay cooking styles are very much evident in their cuisine. The significant influence of Indian curries and baguettes and pate from France are something very intriguing. The baguette is very popular in France and Vietnam.  However, it should be a cause for contemplation and thought, how they maintain the uniqueness by not following the exact original recipes.

The bouillabaisse and tartare are common in street stalls. You would be glad to know that Vietnamese foods recently voted as one of the healthiest foods in the world. The delicate flavors and simple style combine the Vietnamese food. The noodle soups, dumplings, and spring rolls come with Thai fish sauce, lemon grass and basil are sumptuous. The foods are generally a mix of grilled meats, cold noodles, fresh vegetables, and all kinds of seafood dishes,  are usually spiced with chili and tamarind.

Historically famous locations
The tour to Vietnam and Cambodia is usually about the temples, exotic places, and food. If you are somebody who loves culture and art, then you will be impressed. As a traveler, you will find Vietnam and Cambodia very enthralling. There are few notable locations in both countries, which have a lot of historical importance like Mekong Delta in Vietnam and Angkor in Cambodia.

Both the countries have been preserving their cultural identities and have deep connections to their religions all over the years. Catching the first Sun rays of your Vietnam and Cambodia tour from your hotel patio, with high expectations of meeting the cultural richness, the list of things to do during your trip is endless. However, the following places are top attractions you should never miss during your tour program.

Hanoi's old quarter:
The best place to visit during your holiday in Vietnam. Walking around Hanoi's old quarter, it is your chance to visit many historical and cultural sights, see Hanoian's daily life, taste delicious street food, coffee or draught beer.

The central city of Vietnam used to be the capital of the country. In Hue, tourists can still see many historical sites that recall the glory days such as Thien Mu pagoda, Imperial Citadel and royal buildings.

Preach Vihear:
Perched atop Pey Tadi, which is a natural border between Cambodia and Thailand, the temple comes steeped in national tradition for centuries. The AngkorWat and the Preah Vihear, which is, located 140 km from Angkor Wat, which is 300 years old, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Angkor Wat:
The Angkor Wat is a temple, in Angkor. Probably it is the only temple with religious significance, which can impress visitors, and provide a calm experience. The classical structure reflects Khmer architectural style and is quite attractive for its overall design and sense of spirituality traveler’s can experience upon entering.

Angkor Thom:
The Angkor Thom is the most enduring capital cities of the Khmer empire. The construction goes back to twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII and by using unique weather resistant bricks and large-scale structure. It is truly an amazing sight to satisfy the beholder and enjoy for travelers.

Preah Khan:
Preah Khan is another temple in Angkor, Cambodia, constructed by King Jayavarman (VII) in the 12th century. It is a vast and attractive monastic complex, which has been able to draw visitors from all over the world.

Neak Pean:
Neak Pean is an artificial island where you can find a Buddhist temple, built during the reign of King Jayavarman VII.  Historical evidence confirms that initially, it made as a hospital. The pools in the temple constructed as per the ancient Hindu belief. They represent earth, fire, water, and wind. People believed that the moment they stepped into the water,  it could cure all types of ailments.

East Mebon:
East Mebon is a 10th-century temple in Angkor. The temple construction took place during the reign of King Rajendravarman and dedicated to Shiva. The beautifully sculptured temple is a visual treat and the magnificently sculptured freestanding stone elephants further augment its beauty. The elephants are two meters in height and the idols of Gods created by using lintels.

Each of these temples and destinations are not very far from each other. You will want to make sure that you plan the Cambodia and Vietnam tour with your tour operator, Indochinavalue, before the trip so that all the arrangements will be in place during your visit.

Honeymoon destination
Vietnam and Cambodia are romantic locations ideal for honeymoon trips. These countries are safe destinations in the world, hence travel to Cambodia and Vietnam will be an enthralling experience. The people are extremely friendly, and when you are within your limits, you know that you can ask for help as and when needed. Most of the locals can speak and understand English, which will be a blessing for the tourists, as the primary barrier of communication will not be a problem at all.

In Vietnam, the Mai Chau Valley is one of the most beautiful spots to visit. You can enjoy your stay there trekking and cycling. That also enables you to find out more about the people of rural culture. Ho Chi Minh, the bustling city, is on the central highland. Another romantic getaway is Dalat, which is a hill station known for its Pongour waterfalls.

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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and home to 1.2 million motorbikes and 3.7 million people, is just amazing with endless streams of bikes passing through the thoroughfare is a visual treat. Saigon is another city known for its narrow streets and comes with its old town charm. The streets in the city carry the name of the crafts, which are selling along that road and easy to recognize.

Halong bay is the natural world heritage In Vietnam offering memorable experience for honeymooners with relaxing overnight cruise among thousands of islets and a lot of interesting activities such as kayaking, swimming, fishing, cooking...

Hoi An ancient town is a perfect place to stay where you can walk along quiet streets, enjoy street side coffee, watch sparkling lanterns at nights, swim at An Bang beach or cycle around Hoi An's beautiful countryside.

Phu Quoc is paradise island in Vietnam which is best choice for a Vietnam honeymoon vacation. White sandy beaches, fresh seafood and nice resort make you king and queen.

What are the visa rules, do's and don'ts when in Vietnam and Cambodia?
The visa processing is very simple to handle. You can apply online before your travel and no need to send your passport to the concerned authorities.  On your arrival at the airport, the visa will be stamping on your passport based on your entry permit approval.  All visa-related information, including fees, are available on relevant country websites, and you can get the information from your trusted travel partner Indochinavalue.

Online visa will be processing in 24-48 hours, which will be an entry permit and visa will be stamping after arrival at the airports. All information furnished at the time applying online visa submission must be genuine, authentic and verifiable. Before applying for the visa, read the visa procedures and follow the instructions. Your visa can be extendable before the expiry of the visa during your stay in the country.

How can you deal with the locals?
In Vietnam and Cambodia, people are very particular about customary practices. The war has only made them stronger and increased their faith in their culture and religion. If you want to wish or say hello, then do not touch them, instead say ‘Sour Sdey’ with your palms folded, similar to the gesture ‘Namaste.’

Etiquettes, do’s and don’ts:
Touching the head is an impolite practice in most of the southeastern countries.  Therefore, avoid touching anybody’s head.  Dress moderately while outing, over exposed dressings are unwelcome and desist from wearing seductive styles. Always remove your footwear before entering somebody’s house. You will also want to ensure that you talk politely and not to yell.

When visiting temples, remember not to touch the sacred items and enter these places without permission. You will want to avoid taking drugs, alcohol or any such forms in public. You will want to make sure to bring along water bottles, a mosquito repellent, sleeping bag when trekking in remote forested areas.

While exploring caves or visiting temples, it is better to use flashlights because the lighting conditions will be very poor in most of these places. If you are under any medication, then consult with your tour guide when opting for temple trips, trekking, because these will be extremely strenuous, and tiring. Instead, you can opt for cruise rides and elephant rides, which are relaxing and enjoyable during your holidays to Cambodia and Vietnam.

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Benefits of using services Indochinavalue
Your Vietnam and Cambodia tour can convert to a delightful experience if you can select an experienced tour operator like Indochinavalue.  Because, they have years of experience in tourism industry, exclusive knowledge about Southeast Asian tour packages and can meet your personal preferences. Though there are many tour packages offered by different tour operators, you need to know that not all of them are reliable and may be some of them are unscrupulous.

The best way to select a tour operator is going through their profile and by reading reviews written by tourists who had their services. A good tour operator is responsible for planning the tour, supported by private travel consultant, use of excellent local guides, use of well-selected hotels, use of comfortable vehicles, and reliable payment methods.

Indochinavalue offers inboard and outboard transport services and transfers in a private vehicle with a driver.  You will have decent accommodation in twin/ double/sharing (interconnecting room, extra bed, triple room, meals as per the tour packages without any compromise. Another tip of the ice service is experienced tour guide disposal, most of them multilingual of either sex and can handle English (Spanish, French, Italian, Russian speaking guides are also available upon request). The entry fees for the given activities as stated and sights, boat trips train tickets (if mentioned), and mineral water, etc., will be provided by the tour operator.

Some of the packages offered by Indochinavalue can be viewed here

Each of these trips come with their own specialties and is suited based on your budget and requirements.  In addition to the above, you can ask for a tailor made packages, suitable to your budget. Cruising and boating are some of the finest experiences you can have during Cambodia and Vietnam tour, so do not miss it, they are unique, and you will have everlasting memories. Apart from that, visits to the temples in both the countries are unique because they really give you the inner peace of mind.   

Choosing good holidays to Cambodia and Vietnam tour package from a reliable guide can ensure that you and your family have a great time in Vietnam and Cambodia. The temples, people, food, the natural beauty, and sightseeing spots can really impress you. Vietnam and Cambodia nestled on the shore of South China Sea, and the Gulf of Thailand offers sheer tranquility, rich biodiversity, helps you to have a relaxed holiday.

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